The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

"¢ In the dog days of summer, many of us are probably wishing we had automatic lawn mowers to keep us out of the heat. Well, the technology is at hand!

5 Things You Didn't Know About the NYC Subway (not relating to that mysterious smell)

College Weekend

by Tess Baldwin, Hunter College Ah, public transportation. In the wake of skyrocketing oil prices, it has become a welcome alternative for people across the world.

College Weekend: The Trilogy

Stacy Conradt

While most college students are relishing in the fact that finals are over, flossers have continued their researching, writing and editing efforts. Yup, it's time for another College Weekend!

7 of America's Quirkiest Food Festivals

Kristen Steagall

A typical summer for the average American consists of a picnic or two, some time at the beach, and of course a carnival or a food festival—especially if you are from a small town.

The Quick 10: 10 Incidents at the Bermuda Triangle

Stacy Conradt

I'm a sucker for supernatural stuff.

Friday Happy Hour: Your Best Field Trips

Jason English

Today's 'Friday Happy Hour' questions were deleted after some careless clicking on my part. Not saving my work also played a role.

CAPTCHA Variants: KittenAuth

Chris Higgins

Over the coming weeks, I'll highlight a few of the best (and weirdest) CAPTCHA systems available on the web.

He Inspired Jerry Springer (Plus 9 Other Stories About RFK)

Jason English

On June 8, 1968, the body of Robert Francis Kennedy was transported by train from New York to Washington.

Things Not to Name Your Pet

Ransom Riggs

I think I'm living in the cat Bermuda Triangle. It seems like every day, another one goes missing, and another 150 missing cat posters decorate the trees and phone poles in my neighborhood.

Brain Game: An E-Z One?

I've been on a riddle kick recently, so we'll close off the work week with a favorite: What starts with an E, ends with an E, usually contains one letter, but is NOT the letter E ? See

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

It's not a tumor, it's a towel! In 1983, surgeons at the Asahi General Hospital in Chiba prefecture near Tokyo performed ulcer surgery and unknowingly left a surgical towel inside the patie

Morning Cup of Links: The Idealism of the 1960s

Miss Cellania

40 years after he witnessed the assassination of RFK, David Steiner regains his idealism by teaching a new generation.

The Quick 10: 10 Uninhabited Spots in the U.S.

Stacy Conradt

Maybe you've noticed... there are a lot of people in the United States. But even with a population of 304,260,083 (so says the U.S.

7 Silly Civic Wagers on Sports

Scott Allen

Does ketchup go well with octopus? Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is about to find out.

Calling All Artophiles!

Andréa Fernandes

In the past, "Feel Art Again" has covered only pre-1900 artists and works of art.