Amazing things removed from the human body

Ransom Riggs

I'm not a big reality-show guy, but I just couldn't resist a show called 101 Things Removed from the Human Body, a one-off program so nasty that Wikipedia refers to it as a "Shockumenta

George Orwell - Why I Write

Chris Higgins

I recently stumbled across an essay from 1946, by George Orwell. It describes his motives, and the motives he suspects are universal, in writing books.

On This Date (but not today)

Jason English

Today is not my birthday. No, I was born on the 30th of July. But a co-worker recently informed me her planned c-section would be that day.

Terrible band names: real or fake?

Ransom Riggs

Lord knows there are a ton of terrible band names out there.

A Dog's Tail

Jason English

This is Bailey. You may remember her from such posts as "Man vs.

Graffiti Art

Miss Cellania

A couple of weeks ago, cleaners painted over this Banksy mural worth an estimated

This won't happen for another 100 years

David K. Israel

For all you number nuts in the house, in case you haven't seen this circulating around the web: At 3 minutes and 4 seconds after 2 AM (and PM, if you're using a 12-hour clock) this Sunday, t

Roller Coasters...Vis-à-Vis Relationship Psychology


Sometimes there's nothing more apt or consoling than a monstrous cliché. So, uh, life is like a roller

Colony collapse disorder

Ransom Riggs

Wither thou goest, bees? So far, it's a mystery for the ages: in territories across Canada, Europe and more than 25 states in the U.S., around 40% of bees have simply disappeared.

"A Starry Night" on Jupiter

Ransom Riggs

What does legendary, long-dead painter Vincent Van Gogh have to do with an Earth-sized storm whose whipping winds top 400 mph?

Gay Hobbits and Middle-Earth Matrimony?

Mangesh Hattikudur

I'm not sure if you've been following the recent controversy in Middle Earth, but the video game company behind Lord of the Rings Online has recently decided not to allow players to get marr

600-Year-Old Music Found Encoded in Chapel Walls

Chris Higgins

Reuters reports that father-and-son team Thomas and Stuart Mitchell have unlocked a coded music system present in decorations of the Rosslyn Chapel.

Gone with the Schwinn

Mangesh Hattikudur

While there had been doubts about whether this briefcase bicycle would ever go into production, Treehugger's reporting that thing should be on the market in the US by next year.


David K. Israel

Perhaps the brass over at Sony saw the big response to our second TV theme song quiz, featuring the old classic from Charlie's Angels.

Patrick Blanc's Vertical Gardens

Chris Higgins

Patrick Blanc embeds building surfaces with a form of ecological art: huge swaths of plants.