Sarasota sea life massacre


According to this story, the red tide currently floating off the coast of Sarasota "has not killed fish or caused respiratory problems on Siesta Public Beach, Sarasota County's biggest touri

IQ-tips: Free 411 calls?

David K. Israel

Before I cough up the IQ-tip, I thought I'd pass this along first: According to an item over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Drivers who cause a wreck while yakking on a cellphone will face

How Fiber Works its Magic

Will Pearson

Nothing makes good morning office chat like fiber talk.

The Weighing Game

Jason English

During a bleak period in the summer of 2001, I ballooned to 227 pounds before swearing off weighing myself. An era of minimal exercise.

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist: Tom Lehrer


This week we've got another mad scientist who isn't really mad, although, if you go around singing some of his lesser-known songs, people might think you are.

Colorful blob #3 (and an early contest favorite)


You know what to do. By the way, we'd like to challenge Jarred: we'll buy that this is the Predator checking his wristwatch, but what's he doing here? For everybody else: we all k

Moving car, no driver, what could go wrong?


Apparently what all the kids are doing now is ghostriding. I am stunned that no one entered this in our stupid-sports

Dark side of the moon landing


Since we seem to be on a rock n' roll kick today, I thought I should share this, via YesButNoButYes: A reel of film held for 20 years in a Sydney vault could unlock the mystery of what happene

On That Date

Jason English

The Yankees completed the rare five-game sweep in Boston yesterday, giving the Bronx Bombers a 6.5 game lead over their longtime rivals.

Tattoo you

David K. Israel

When tearing into a box of Crackerjacks as a child, who wasn't disappointed if the toy surprise didn't contain a tattoo?

Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: 3 Rock-Star Interviews that Turned into Train Wrecks


As a journalist -- okay, a "journalist" -- I take great schadenfreudic glee in seeing a peer get eaten alive by his interview subject.

The world's sharpest man-made object

Will Pearson

Okay, that looks like a rasberry and the last time I checked, rasberries are not sharp.

'Cause you see, he's on a losin' streak


Our friends at the Huffington Post recently turned us on to Smith magazine, where we found the following anecdote that was too good not to

Signs of the apocalypse, #2

Jason English

"An incident involving a player swearing and a coach slapping the player has resulted in reprimands, apologies and a five-second delay for broadcasts of the Little League World

Colorful blob #2


This one's a little less colorful but equally blobby, and we still want to know what you think it depicts. We like the answers we've gotten so far; keep 'em