'Cause you see, he's on a losin' streak


Our friends at the Huffington Post recently turned us on to Smith magazine, where we found the following anecdote that was too good not to

Signs of the apocalypse, #2

Jason English

"An incident involving a player swearing and a coach slapping the player has resulted in reprimands, apologies and a five-second delay for broadcasts of the Little League World

Colorful blob #2


This one's a little less colorful but equally blobby, and we still want to know what you think it depicts. We like the answers we've gotten so far; keep 'em

Apocalypse: then and now

Ransom Riggs

"I was walking along a path with two friends when suddenly the sky turned blood-red "“ there were tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city "“ I stood there trembling wit

Signs of the apocalypse, #1


Spotted in a Sarasota grocery

It's not easy being green, especially if you're French


According to Time's European edition, the Frogs are taking on the frogs -- armed men are slipping through the night, hunting the not-nearly- elusive-enough North American bullfrog: [The species

244 earthquakes in one week

Will Pearson

Want to know where last week's 244 earthquakes took place? Check out this site, put together by Dawn Endico, using Google Maps and data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

IQ-tips: The Good Search

David K. Israel

A mental_floss reader named Roxie recently suggested we do a post about a search enginey type site called GoodSearch, which helps support your favorite charities. Here's how it works: Inste

Contest: "A colorful blob" is not the right answer


This week, we'll be giving out two prizes in our contest -- one to the first person to supply the correct answer, and one for the most creative (and wrong) answer.

Very cool infographics

Will Pearson

These infographics are a few years old but still very interesting. Neatorama linked to one about the number of people employed by the U.S. government (1% of the U.S. population).

Regicidal Maniacs

Jason English

Many people believe the John Hinckley verdict showed our judicial system at its most impartial. Others feel the verdict was the product of an anti-Reagan jury.

Contest winners: Your song, but butter (er, better)


Last week's contest, in which we challenged you to tweak and improve the lyrics of your favorite songs, had a surprising but delightful side effect: a boatload of new mondegreens.

Another stick on the wall

Ransom Riggs

Imagine every nasty, chewed-up wad of gum you've ever had the misfortune of discovering on the bottom of your shoe or the underside of a desk, times 10,000, magically transposed to one

Week in Review: That's sooooo cliche.


Rather than shoehorn my review into poetic form this week, I decided to take a cue from David and go with cliches. There's always another fish in the sea, especially if you're an oranguta

Straight to Blu-ray?

Jason English

Just as you're putting the finishing touches on your DVD collection, another format war is heating up.