On Music: iStill enjoy the radio

David K. Israel

I'm old, but not so old that I remember the radio's Golden Age. For me, The Lone Ranger and Tarzan were TV shows, not radio programs. But I did grow up with Dr.

Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Surprisingly Smart

Jason English

Danica McKellar of Wonder Years fame has written a textbook. Math Doesn't Suck encourages middle school girls to master mathematics.



I've been thinking about lycanthropy--maybe because we're just that much closer to Halloween, maybe because the "Back to the Future" ride is closing down (I just can't choose

Internship Update

Jason English

We've gotten a great response to our call for interns. We'll be reaching out to all the candidates next week, with details on your auditions.

The Forgotten Lens: 50mm

Chris Higgins

When my fifteenth birthday came around, I wanted just one thing: a real camera. My father gave me his treasured Minolta 201 camera body, a handful of filters, and three lenses.

The trouble with Edward Gorey

Ransom Riggs

In the brief-but-grand mental_floss tradition of superimposing one great artist's work on another's (see our piece "If Prokofiev Wrote Death Metal"), we bring to your kind attentio

Friday Happy Hour: Retrobituaries Launch Party

Jason English

Two years ago, on YesButNoButYes, I ran a series of Retrobituaries "“ belated remembrances of barely acknowledged celebrity deaths. This series included Mr.

Weekend Word Wrap: the fewer words, the better

David K. Israel

I think it's high time I incorporated a little Shakespeare into these Word Wrap posts.

When HBO wants your avatar's avail


If you haven't been discovered on YouTube (whether or not you already had a major label), maybe you can score a deal via your Second Life: "My Second Life: The video diaries of Molotov Alta

The Analogist: Back in Session

Jason English

After a healthy break, I'm happy to say The Analogist is in "“ with a backlog of reader-submitted situations to be Analogized. Does this remind you of anything or anybody?

More "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

Chris Higgins

I've blogged about the good old Gallery of "Misused" Quotation Marks before, but sadly, the gallery is pretty much defunct -- no new entries in years.

Seven Things I Didn't Know Were Illegal

Jason English

China's recent ban on reincarnation without government permission "“ "an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation" "“ inspired our research editor extrao

Crazy Bus Ads

Ransom Riggs

Bus ads are big business in LA: "wrap" ads, as they call them, often cover every available inch of surface save the windshield.

Sitcom Aliens

Miss Cellania

The bedrock of comedy is an aberration of the normal. There's a reason we say "that's funny..." when something is odd, even if it's not really comical.

Office Rat-A-Tat: America's 10 Worst-Paying Jobs

David K. Israel

In my last Office Rat-A-Tat, I looked at America's most dangerous jobs.