Crazy Incan suspension bridges

Ransom Riggs

In Tuesday's Science Times there was a feature on Incan suspension bridges, which we also cover in an upcoming mental_floss book called Origins: the Beginning of Everything: Incas in the Andes

The Internet Archive Part 4 - Audio Archive

Chris Higgins

Heading into the fourth day of our Internet Archive series, it's time to look at the treasure trove that is their audio archive. There's a ton of material here.

A Postal Post: 6 Crazy Stories of Mail Bonding

Miss Cellania

The postal service, both in the US and elsewhere, makes their best effort to deliver mail, despite how difficult we make it. Some deliveries are just short of miraculous! 1.

Daft Dave: A concise history of computers

David K. Israel

Hello. It's Daft Dave here again. If you don't recall, I'm the blogger who screws up his facts, the one whose posts are filled with all sorts of egregious errors.

Weird Laws


Some laws I get. Others seem like edicts drafted during some legislative mad-libs session.

Leading causes of death in America

Ransom Riggs

Sandow Birk is one of my favorite modern artists, and not just because he's an Angeleno like me, or that his drawings and paintings are full of fascinating anachronisms.

Match the Political Scandal to the City it Rocked

Jason English

All politics is local. And a lot of local politics is ridden with scandal. Read my lips: this quiz is a hard one.

David Blaine to work magic on the NBA Audience

Mangesh Hattikudur

According to this link, master illusionist and stuntman David Blaine has been tapped to be an NBA pitchman in a new series of ads.

Guess the Belarusian Movie Posters

Mangesh Hattikudur

Oh, man! For some reason when the movies go to Minsk, the poster art gets lost in translation. The first one's for Scooby Doo (Shaggy's such a giveaway), but can you ID the others?

6 Ways to Clean Up Space

David K. Israel

A fascinating article in this month's Wired magazine says we're not only screwing up our own environment, we're also polluting space (big surprise, right?).

The Internet Archive Part 3 - The Prelinger Archive

Chris Higgins

Continuing our Internet Archive series, today we'll look at the Prelinger Archive, part of which lives on the Internet Archive among its many collections.

Ice: nature's perfect snack?

Ransom Riggs

Well ... not really.

Toothpaste fetish?


People keep calling our office and offering free dental appointments, and we were finally so sick of taking their calls that I threw myself under the bus and agreed: fine--shower me with your comped

The scientific skinny on "gut feelings"

Ransom Riggs

People talk a lot about "going with their gut" when it comes to making big decisions, from sports heroes and military commanders to the President.

Three Things I Didn't Know About Yahoo!

Jason English

All the talk about a merger with Microsoft inspired me to read up on Yahoo!