We hate to say we told you so


But, yeah, we told you so. There's a great story on false confessions over at Slate, by the way, which includes the following tidbit: Several hundred people claimed to have abducted the Lindb

Ceci n'est pas un colibri


Our buddy at Neatorama posted this over the weekend and I thought we'd add some factlets to

Geo-stumper: name that monolith!

Ransom Riggs

Unlike my science-fictional counterparts, I'm not one of those solar-system-wide computer network monoliths, planted by a superintelligent alien civilization and designed to shepherd humanity int

Contest: What's the good word?


Stephen Colbert continues his reign as King of Geeks this week; yesterday he took the title for coining the top television buzzwords of the year: "truthiness" and "wikiality." We a

Manual transmissions of the feeblest kind

David K. Israel

Ever get frustrated with the grammar found in operating manuals that come with imported electronic gear? Me shore does. In fact, I generally find them about as frustrating as those pesky salespe

Keep it in your pouch

Mangesh Hattikudur

CNN is reporting that Australia might put their kangaroos on the pill to keep numbers down. Apparently, the kanga population around the nation's capital has skyrocketed in recent years.

Hey environmentalists, this is how you make people listen...

Will Pearson

          I just read a story over at LiveScience about polar bears experiencing genital shrinkage because of industrial pollutants: Polar bears from northernmost Norway, western

We have not yet emerged from mourning


I've still got the ninth planet galaxy's most famous iceball on the brain today, partially because I can't stop thinking about our fabulous commemorative t-shirt (have you pre-ordered y

Just when you thought you were safe...Twenty years later, Pee-Wee returns!

Will Pearson

I noticed yesterday on IMDB that Paul Reubens (a.k.a.

His musical career is a crime already


People magazine is reporting that Kevin Federline, husband of Britney, has landed a small role on CSI: "It's the first time I've actually had a speaking role," he told the magazin

Fever Pitching

David K. Israel

Last week was an historic one for cricket enthusiasts around the world (I happen to be one of the three, by the way), as we discovered that a team can forfeit a game by sulking. According to a fasc


Jason English

Champagne. That's the word that spelled my downfall in the 1989 Lakeview Elementary Spelling Bee. Some say my ignorance of alcoholic beverages should have been celebrated, not punished.

Air Marshals to get Casual Fridays (and Mondays, and Tuesdays"¦)

Mangesh Hattikudur

Yahoo News is reporting that air marshals no longer have to wear suits to work.

Are tall people smarter than short people?

Mangesh Hattikudur

It's a sad fact that tall people make more money than their shorter colleagues.

The blob on the blog: We have a(nother) winner!


One of the amazing things about our "identify the colorful blob" contest was how many of you wrote in with answers that were technically wrong but scientifically feasible.