Turnpike Trivia

Jason English

I recently cruised down the New Jersey Turnpike for a weekend in Philadelphia.

Pamela: One small step for mankind?

David K. Israel

I know, you see the word Pamela and immediately think Tommy Lee and sex tapes. It's okay, we all go there from time to time.

And another thing about spam


I've been reading about spam a lot lately -- also, about SPAM, which is how Hormel capitalizes it -- because I'm writing about the origins of both for one of our upcoming books.

Famous assassins: where are they now?

Ransom Riggs

Name: Mark David Chapman Crime: Video didn't kill this radio star; Mark David Chapman did.

Solve 'em, Smarty!

Will Pearson

As always, first one to solve all 4 in the comments section gets a virtual high-five from Jason.

Better than a Band-aid

Mangesh Hattikudur

NewScientist, my favorite source for science, is reporting on their inventions blog that MIT scientists have come up with a gel that can be swabbed onto massive wounds to stop the bleeding. Insane!

Beat up from the feet up

Mangesh Hattikudur

The website gets all the attention. It's oozing with pictures of puppies and butterflies dwessed up to look like bunny wabbits.

Book Corner: What We Believe But Cannot Prove

David K. Israel

We spend so much time plugging our own smart books here at mental_floss (did you get a copy of our latest yet?), sometimes we neglect to tell you about some others you might want to wrap your eyes aro

Who's Jonny? The comment-spam campaign, part 1


We've been getting an enormous amount of "comment spam" lately, about half of it from variations on the email address and linking to

The Cotton Anniversary

Jason English

Speaking of not getting divorced, my wife and I celebrated our second anniversary on Monday.

The Ex Factor

Jason English

Featured in this month's Fast Company, "The Ex" is a brilliant combination of knife holder and voodoo doll. Get your own at Shop With Bob & Joyce.

Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: 4 International Superstars (and 1 Drunk Orson Welles)


Gladsome times here at YouTube Hunter HQ! And how could we be wearing anything but a frown turned upside down after the recent YouTube/Google merger worth $1.65 billion in stock?

How To Drive A Tank

Maggie Koerth-Baker

Driving a tank is every destructive little child's personal goal.

What not to wear: Zouave pants


And you thought mental_floss Fashion Week was over!

Getting the Led out: First rap ever?

David K. Israel

Most folk agree that hip hop or rap music grew up in New York, during the early 1970s, when MCs improvised on the mic, entertaining the crowd as they waited for the next DJ to take over the booth.