Week in Review: Feeling a bit wordy


All week long you've been sending us great new neologisms (is that redundant?) for our coin-a-new-word contest. For today's Week in Review, I'm doing the

Attack of the giant paper bugs


Part of me feels like using a computer to generate complex origami patterns is cheating. For hundreds of years, origami's most complex patterns topped out at 20 steps.

"Beware of pludog" doesn't have the same ring


We know, we know. It's been a week since Pluto was demoted, and it's time to come back to Earth and get on with our lives.

Weekend Word Wrap: Tom Swifties

David K. Israel

Some years ago, I was reading a book of short stories called Birds of America, by one of my favorite authors, Lorrie Moore, and happened upon my first Tom Swifty.

How the FBI chooses its 10 Most Wanted

Will Pearson

 If you turned on CNN or picked up a newspaper this week, you probably learned about the capture of Warren Steed Jeffs, one America's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives.

Armchair Field Trip: Rhinebeck, NY

David K. Israel

Ah, historic Hudson Valley"¦ the place where allergy sufferers go this time of year to keep Kleenex in business.

Pop annotations: "London Bridge" by Fergie

Ransom Riggs

While all but the most adept geniuses need annotations to make heads or tails of James Joyce's Ulysses or a molecular biology textbook, most folks seem to do just fine without expertly-annotated

Stuff I want from the Museum of Science


I'm not suggesting that anyone actually break into Boston's Museum of Science to obtain these things for me -- you'd just get tracked down and I'd have to give them back -- but non

Starbucks Giveth...

Jason English

I don't particularly like iced coffee. More of a 44-ounce, 600-calorie smoothie kind of guy. But when this coupon found its way into my Gmail, I was willing to expand my beverage horizons.

To the South Pole! ... Er, make that Greenland.


We have quite a few readers in England, and I am intensely jealous of them, partly because of their access to ready-made scotch eggs and partly because they've had the chance over the last month

We're Screaming with delight!


The two Munch paintings that were stolen from a museum in Oslo two years ago have been found, and in pretty decent condition at that: "We are 100% certain they are the originals.

C'est la vie

David K. Israel

I've written about Bruno Bozzetto before, but with the passing of Pluto (didja see our nifty tee?), I thought it might be a good time to revisit the master, and check out his wonderful little pie

Famous people dying on toilets

Will Pearson

For some reason, one of the questions I'm asked most frequently in radio interviews is "So, your latest book claims the story about Catherine the Great dying while being a bit too intimate

Blogging about blogging about blogs


Today is International Navel-gazing Blog Day, and despite the current poetically sad state of the Blog Day

An Incredible Invention: The LifeStraw

Will Pearson

 The Wired NextFest is coming up September 29th and the current issue has bits on some of the featured inventions.