The Lost "Star Wars" Opening Scenes

Chris Higgins

Okay, so I'm as big a Star Wars fan as the next guy, but this really threw me. This YouTube video shows a "lost" beginning to the original Star Wars movie, and it's terrible.

3 Bizarre Wedding Customs Nobody Questioned (Until Now!)

Mangesh & Jason

1. Why Do People Tie Cans to the Back of the Married Couple's

Feel Art Again: "Joan of Arc at Coronation of Charles VII"

Andréa Fernandes

On this date 576 years ago, Joan of Arc was handed over to Bishop Pierre Cauchon for interrogation.

8 Historical Crossdressers: Women in a Man's World

Miss Cellania

You may be familiar with the stories of Joan of Arc and Hua Mulan, but they are far from the only women who crossdressed in order to fill roles historically reserved for men. 1. Ann Bonny and 2.

January 3rd, 2008

Miss Cellania

Top 15 Amazing Coincidences. As luck would have it, I was looking for this when I found it! * What's really going on when we dream?

Four Ways Technology is Changing Sports Officiating

Jason Plautz


Richard Nixon and 12 Other Celebrity Quakers

Mangesh Hattikudur

Being a product of the Delaware school system, I can't help but love Quakers. My middle and junior high schools were located on a Meeting House Lane.

Weekend Genius Challenge #13 Winner!

In our Nifty, Nifty, Look Who's Fifty contest, we asked readers to come up with the best 50th anniversary event that will occur in 2008.

On Beards and Their Circumstances

Chris Higgins

A recent New Yorker article on Strike Beards suggests a broad spectrum of circumstantial beardification -- the article is primarily about beards grown in response to the writers' strike, but it a

Come On Down!: 4 Great Moments in The Price is Right

Kara Kovalchik

When I was growing up, part of the fun of Christmas vacation was being able to lounge around in my PJs and watch daytime game shows on TV.

Local Eyesores: the "Little Beirut" Building

Ransom Riggs

What's your town's most infamous local eyesore? More than any other place I've lived, Florida seems to be a magnet for weirdness.

Creatively Speaking: Isobella Jade's memoir

David K. Israel

It's a new year, so I thought I'd start by introducing a new feature I'm calling Creatively Speaking, in which I interview all sorts of artists for a first-hand look at how they go abou

January 2nd, 2008

Miss Cellania

The differences between a high acheiver, a gifted learner, and a creative thinker.

Feel Art Again: "Adoration of the Wise Men"

Andréa Fernandes

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo was born just in time to ring in the new year of 1618.

Greatest Hits of '07: What's the Oldest Thing You Own?

Chris Higgins

As we enter the new year, I'm re-posting one more favorite post from 2007. Here's a fun one from