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12 Wonderful Homemade Christmas Cards

Miss Cellania

15 Delightful Cat Breeds’ Origins

GEICO’s delightful customer service is really the cat’s meow, and here are the stories of how 15 delightful breeds started meowing.

The Time Boston Banned Christmas

Erik van Rheenen

In 17th-century Boston, wishing a fellow colonist so much as a "Merry Christmas" meant shelling out five shillings for flaunting the Yuletide spirit.

10 Great Discoveries of “Lost” Movies and TV Shows

Mark Juddery

A number of films and television shows once thought lost have been rediscovered, quite unexpectedly, in many unusual ways.

Why Can We Sometimes See the Moon During the Day?

Alex Watt

Good morning, moon. Didn’t realize you decided to stick around after we bid farewell last night.

What Are the Most Important Libraries in the World?

Wonderful libraries are everywhere, each one home to a unique collection of the world’s knowledge and history. The collections in these libraries, though, top the charts.

5 Questions: Just "Vent"ing

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The Missing Links: NASA's Latest Projectile

Colin Patrick

The Missing Links: Santa's Expanding... Gift List

Colin Patrick

Ten Neat Things to Do With Apples

Miss Cellania

12 Cakes That Look Like Fast Food Specialties

Jill Harness

These cakes look they should be served out of a drive-through window.

How the Führer Stole Christmas

Matt Soniak

Christmastime in Nazi Germany.

11 Actors You May Have Forgotten Were in Band of Brothers

Kate Erbland

You’ve probably forgotten many of the men who made the series so great.

How Are Speed Limits Enforced by Aircraft?

Matt Soniak

Durian, the World's Smelliest Fruit

Chris Higgins