Extra Icing on Top

Mangesh Hattikudur

The always amazing Neatorama tipped me off on these gorgeous photos of ice caves from glaciologist Jason Gulley.

Four Pieces of Land Not Worth Fighting Over (But That Never Stopped Anyone)

Jason Plautz

The Falkland

Behind the Scenes at Indie Shirt Stores

Chris Higgins

I've long been a shopper at Woot!, so finding Shirt.Woot! was welcome news. The business model is simple: one day, one shirt.

More Than Meets the Eye: The Coolest CD/MP3 Player We'll Never Own

Mangesh Hattikudur

Check out the clever Transforming music player from design genius Yong-Seong Kim.

Amazing maps

Ransom Riggs

Assuming they're accurate, maps are usually the most literal and straightforward way to interpret the world around us possible: in terms of distances and terrain.

The mini-pencil phenomenon

David K. Israel

Having spent the better part of last week in the hospital with my newborn son, who we (finally!) officially named Jack Nathaniel Israel (thanks everyone for your help on that!), I can report the follo

Left-Handers Day

David K. Israel

Happy Left-handers Day to 10% of our readers!

Paying photographic tribute to customers


Wallpapering one's place of business with headshots is not uncommon in LA.

My Credit Card Experiment

Chris Higgins

I've been conducting a credit card experiment over the last year and a half.

Shoo, mechanical fly, shoo

Ransom Riggs

What's next -- robotic wasps and parasites? Don't scientists at Harvard have better things to spend their time on?

Friday Happy Hour Buffet

Jason English

Our Friday series continues, buffet style. Here are six possible topics for your consideration. Respond to one, answer all, whatever.

Weekend Word Wrap: lyrics that don't make sense

David K. Israel

I've written about mondegreens, or misheard lyrics, and I've also posted on misheard words - (where you guys had some fun with "Blinded by the Light") and somewhere I wrote a post

More on the nomenclature of babes...


First of all, hooray for the new baby Israel! So wonderful. Also wanted to throw out that I wasn't named at first, either.

Office Spaces

Jason English

After hearing about our search for office space, Michael Surtees of DesignNotes fame sent me a link to Office Snapshots, a blog that shows off the workspaces of notable companies.

Rephotographs - Third View Project

Chris Higgins

While I am definitely into photography, I only recently learned about rephotography -- the practice of returning to the site of a previous photograph and taking a new image, then comparing them.