The Evolution of the Inaugural Ball

Miss Cellania

On January 20th, a new president will take office in Washington, DC. There will be a big parade, a swearing-in ceremony, and boxes moving in and out of the White House. Then the balls begin at night.

Brain Game: Wally's, 9pm, Bring Cake

When the evenings are slow in the town of Mayberry (which is most of the time), the locals occasionally get together to play cards.

Morning Cup of Links: Frozen Bubbles

Miss Cellania

How to convert your car to run on trash with a homemade biomass converter. Just like Doc Brown in Back to the Future! (via Gizmodo) * How cool would it be to be a buyer for Think Geek?

Executive Orders: The Famous, The Infamous & The Ridiculous

Chris DesBarres

Critics call them "legislation by other means." Supporters defend them as a necessary tool for leading the country "“ especially in the face of a Congress unwilling or unable to make

The Bedroom Quirks of 10 Great Authors

Stacy Conradt

You know that Shakespeare, James Joyce and Lord Byron were geniuses when it came to their ways with words, but as anyone who knows a writer can tell you, scribes frequently come with some serious quir

We're Giving Away A Book A Day (Starting...Now!)

Jason English

From time to time, publishers will send books to our business office in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Since we don't typically run book reviews, we're never exactly sure what to do with them.

Secrets of Past Elections Revealed! (1984)

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

After every presidential election since 1984, Newsweek has printed the best gossipy stories, revealing all the whining and backbiting of America's greatest spectacle.

Surprising Dr. Seuss Trivia

Chris Higgins

My father went to Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and he recently came across a nice article in Haverford's alumni magazine about Theodor Geisel.

How Was Australia Populated?

Ransom Riggs

It's one of anthropology's most enduring and controversial mysteries "“ no one is quite certain just how or when the indigenous peoples of Australia (also known as "aboriginals&quo

3 Big Cheeses in American Politics (and the Commotion They Caused)

David Clark

Ed note: This week we're proud to have cheese expert and historian David Clark guest blogging with us.

Vote for the next two mental_floss shirts!

Mangesh & Jason

The reader-submitted t-shirt ideas have been pouring in, and our designer Terri Dann has made some pretty pictures to go along with some of our favorites.

25 Self Made Men

Mangesh Hattikudur

Art of Manliness has a terrific post up on 25 Self-Made Men, from Ralph Lauren (who definitely didn't grow up playing polo) to Clarence Thomas to Larry Ellison to P. Diddy.

Brain Game: IMMIX for MMIX

Six years in, and Kara and I are proud to still be doing our daily Web quiz, now known as 5 Questions. It's part of the site's Daily Flossings section, which includes som

Stiletto Potato Peeler

Miss Cellania

A couple of events have occurred recently that illustrate the difference in the way men and women look at life -and gadgets. My new boyfriend is such a guy.

Anyone Can Play Guitar - Lesson No. 10

David K. Israel

[Lesson No. 10 was originally posted last week. But because of the holidays, we're re-running it today.