Camping vs. Glamping

Ransom Riggs

Glamor camping, or "glamping," as it's been dubbed, is on the rise in the U.S., even as the number of visits to national parks is declining.

Brain Game: Quarter Hopping

By moving only ONE quarter to a different location, how can you create TWO crossing rows of quarters with FOUR coins each? Click here for the answer. Answer: Move coin #1 and place it di


Miss Cellania

The world was waiting for a contraption that addressed one of mankind's most pressing needs -how to drink beer faster. The wait is over, because Bierstick is

Five '70s & '80s TV Stars' Web Sites

David K. Israel

I was feeling nostalgic recently and decided to Google some of the TV stars I grew up watching. Turns out, many have their own Web sites, and one even has a blog. 1. Dick Van

Morning Cup of Links: What's a Plutoid?

Miss Cellania

America's Most Time-Draining Airports. You can't avoid them because they are major hubs. * The former planet Pluto's legacy lives on as a new word.

Lunchtime Quiz Leftovers

Jason English

If you weren't around last week and taking every single Lunchtime Quiz is important to you, here you go. And be sure to come back tomorrow, when Ethan Trex kicks off the week with a movie quiz.

How the World Celebrates Dad

Timothy Mercer

If you own a television or have walked by any store selling either hardware, sporting goods or electronics, then you know this Sunday is Father's Day.

The Pirate and His Sea of Glass: Dale Chihuly

Andréa Fernandes

Thanks to the overwhelming number of responses to our call for suggestions, "Feel Art Again" will now also be appearing on Saturdays (at least for the summer).

The Casual Fan's Guide to the College World Series

Scott Allen

For the next two weeks, the distinctive ping of aluminum bat meeting ball returns to the grand stage.

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

"¢ What if all the news headline hype was really true?

The Quick 10: The 10 Oldest, Still-Functioning Universities in the World

Stacy Conradt

My alma mater, Iowa State University, was founded in 1858... so that puts it waaaay out of the running for this list. In fact, all U.S.

The Electric Shock: Electric Cars Pre-Date the Civil War!

Diana Wolf

Talk about an old idea.

5 Terrible Movie Toy Tie-Ins

Ransom Riggs

With Indiana Jones and Narnia II, Revenge of the Chronic already in the can and Batman, Hulk, Hellboy and Mummy sequels coming up, 2008 is set to be not only the summer of the sequel, but the summer o

5 TV Dads Who Deserve a Mug

Kara Kovalchik

Loyal viewers are familiar with those stalwart TV dads like Cliff Huxtable and Ward Cleaver.

Required Viewing: The Machine That Changed the World

Chris Higgins

Andy Baio of has begun posting digitized versions of a 1992 documentary about personal computers entitled The Machine That Changed the World.