Not feeling well? Maybe this'll help. That didn't do it? Okay, put a walnut on your eye...

Will Pearson

The Cellar had an interesting image of the day yesterday. I've been looking around the office all day for the right supplies to give this a shot.

A Wilde way to go


As Slate points out today, the rich are different from you and me: They die more glamorously. If you survive paycheck-to-paycheck, you can also rest easy about dying while fleeing paparazzi (Princess

More cowbell!


Over on The Morning News, there's an article on how music soothes the savage beasts -- okay, not really savage. The author likes to sing to cows, and they like it right back.

What to say when Ted brings up the Magna Carta at the watercooler

Will Pearson

Get ready because Ted (or whatever your office know-it-all is named) is going to mention that it was today in 1215 that the Magna Carta was sealed.

My goooooal: A day without a World Cup post on this blog


Sadly, that day will not be today, because I have stumbled across the best World Cup coverage on the planet, by writer Austin Kelley. A sample: Legendary French midfielder Zinedine Zidane retired fr

Why Cambodian Power Companies Need More Cats

Mangesh Hattikudur

While the list of suspects behind this week's power outage in Cambodia could have included anyone from savvy South Asian hackers to Mrs.

Joined at the hip. Really.


In a development that will delight John to no end, doctors in L.A. are currently working to separate a set of conjoined twins: The complex surgery on Regina and Renata Salinas Fierros began at ab

And I am the queen of Roumania


The folks at Gawker are aping a Dorothy Parker poem today (how long before this becomes a regular segment? "Gawker Parker?").

Pimp My Segway

Mangesh Hattikudur

While I have yet to see any tricked out rims or bumper stickers specifically marketed to Segway users ("I just ran over your honor student's foot" perhaps?), I did stumble into this in

Pediculus Capitis

David K. Israel

Interesting article in the Daily Mail today about head lice, which are apprantly mutating and becoming indestructible.



Every time scientists try to pin human uniqueness on a particular behavior, they turn out to be wrong. We have culture; so do orangutans. We give ourselves names; so do dolphins.

Back to the Future. No, seriously.

Will Pearson

Neatorama links to a really interesting article about the Aymara people of the Andes in South America.

Life in the Fast Lane

David K. Israel

According to an article in this week's The Economist, "...large telecom firms, such as AT&T and Verizon, are proposing to build internet 'fast lanes,' which would allow the

Sounds like a few new vaccines are on the way

Will Pearson

Vaccines have been in the news quite a bit recently, with the FDA approving a cervical cancer vaccine and now there are reports of promising news on an Alzheimer's Vaccine.

The Beautiful Game


I presume that everyone in America has quit their jobs in order to watch every game of the World Cup (I can't confirm this on account of how I haven't left my apartment since the tournament