Found Objects

David K. Israel

The idea of Found Objects is pretty simple: I post some sort of visual representation of an object, equation, theory or idea that inspired or made its way into a book, film, song, poem, or painting.

Teacher Appreciation Week: That Guy from Fast Times At Ridgemont High


Perhaps you know and love him as Mr.

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist: Californium-ication!


A team of Russian and American physicists has taken a mommy element (calcium) and a daddy element (Californium) and made a brand-new baby element -- as in, so brand-new that it's never existed be

Humanity: the missing years

Ransom Riggs

There are two ways to become famous as an academic. One is to do great work, revolutionize your field and gain the respect and admiration of your colleagues. The other, exemplified by Dr.

DJ Spooky's "Rebirth of a Nation"


I've never seen "Birth of a Nation" -- a fact I'm not too troubled by -- but at the Idea Festival I did take in "Rebirth of a Nation." It's a fascinating remix by DJ

IQ-tips: Bed Bugs

David K. Israel

The New York Times had a long, interesting story on the resurgence of bed bugs in NYC earlier this week.

World Series history made via eBay

David K. Israel

It was up, but now it's down"¦ so you'll have to take my word for it, but an actual eBay listing yesterday read as follows: "My name is Christina.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Bob Powers

Jason English

As Mary announced on Monday, it's mental_floss Teacher Appreciation Week. As part of the festivities, we'll be honoring educators who personally inspired

Teacher Appreciation Week: John Scopes


Our first honoree for mental_floss Teacher Appreciation Week -- don't forget to submit your own stories and win a fabulous prize!

Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: 4 Triumphs, a Borat, and a Goulet... Oh My!


Sometimes I dig so deep for you.

The itsy bitsy spider

Mangesh Hattikudur

Who knew heavy dew on a spiderweb could look so elegant? Amazing photos brought to you by one of my daily fixes,

"Iron" Mike ready to fight women?

Mangesh Hattikudur

Despite years of perfecting my Nintendo jabs and uppercuts on Mike Tyson's Punchout!, I never made it to the level where you get to box a woman.

Who's Jonny? Or should we say, where's Jonny?


I was ruminating over what to do with the dirt I'd gathered on our least-favorite comment spammer, "Jonny," when our research editor Sandy sent over an email with an intriguing observat

A brief history of Borat

Ransom Riggs

For those of you who haven't caught a snippet of Borat yet, take it from us -- you're missing out.

Vote for the World's Ugliest Animal

Will Pearson

The Matamata Turtle (translation from Spanish: "I kill, I kill") Russian wheat aphid Almiqui - believed to be extinct until 2003     Check out the LiveScience piece