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5 of the World's Unluckiest People

the mag Lucas Reilly

Some folks are lightning rods for success. Others are just lightning rods.

Do Big Cats Bury Their Poop?

Matt Soniak

8 Brilliant Tricks to Make Laundry Day Smarter and More Efficient

5 Questions: Railroad Cars

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That Horrible Star Wars Holiday Special

Chris Higgins

Most Star Wars fans are at least peripherally aware of the Star Wars Holiday special, but almost no one has seen it because it was never released on home video.

Weekend Links: Blue Sky Art

Roma Panganiban

Was There Really an Earl Grey?

Kara Kovalchik

As a matter of fact, there have been several.

John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" Rules

Chris Higgins

Star Wars Bloopers

Chris Higgins

Miscellaneous mishaps and oddities from all six films.

5 Notable Kentucky Derby Non-Winners

Miss Cellania

Horses like Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and Citation go down in history for winning the Kentucky Derby. You might also be interested in the stories of some horses that didn't win.1.

Weekend Links: One Weird Trick Used to Build the Pyramids

Roma Panganiban

The Greatest Infographic of All Time

Chris Higgins

How to Be Handsome: 11 Really Terrible 19th-Century Beauty Tips

Adrienne Crezo

"If women are to govern, control, manage, influence and retain the adoration of husbands, fathers, brothers, lovers or even cousins, they must look their prettiest at all times."

Don't Copy That Floppy: The Best Bad PSA Ever Is a Rap From '92

Adrienne Crezo

Did I hear you right? Did I hear you saying that you're going to make a copy of a game without paying?

4 Playing Card FAQs Answered

the mag

Use these facts at your next card game, and no one will be able to keep a poker face.