The Road to Paved with Wild Boars


I'm in Maui right now--a first-timer to the islands--and wishing I could go back in time & add my name to the list of Punahou alums (but then I'd no longer be in the company of

How to see into the 6th dimension

Ransom Riggs

The trouble with string theory, physicists will tell you, is that it's just that: an elegant and compelling theory.

For People Who Hate Waiting Rooms

Jason English

Remember when doctors made house calls? I don't. During infirmities such as scarlet fever, pneumonia, concussions and stepped-on-broken-glass, no doctor ever came to me.

Gasoline Powered Boots

Chris Higgins

In order to make running laps in phys-ed class easier, Viktor Gordeyev invented gasoline-powered boots. These super-boots are capable of propelling the wearer at upwards of 20 miles per hour.

A car made from water bottles

Ransom Riggs

Hyundai isn't exactly a company know for its eco-friendly innovations, but their new concept SUV, the QarmaQ, definitely pushes the eco envelope.

It's Baseball Season 2007: Hats Off!

David K. Israel

As another baseball season gets underway, I thought I'd let you all in on a very important change this year: NEW CAPS!

Notable Alumni from Hawaii's Punahou School

Jason English

The Times recently wrote about Barack Obama's time at Punahou School in Hawaii. The article mentioned that AOL founder Steve Case was also a graduate.

Hoover IB partners with mental_floss to raise funds

Brad Coltrane

Dear Hoover IB Supporter, Today's challenging economy has made it harder than ever for us to raise funds, but we think we've found a fun, smart solution that's going to make everyone

Lay down your weekday armor, then lay down some commas...


If you need, on some level, to be praised in bold fonts today, check out this grammar quiz, penned by language maven Lynne Truss.

Learn Via Podcast

Chris Higgins

We've covered free stuff on the iTunes Store before, including some higher education content. But did you know there's a whole directory of educational podcasts, including higher education

Genius video mashups

Ransom Riggs

"Mashup" is a Jamaican Creole term meaning to destroy. The world's first mashup-based artform was hip-hop music, which combined pieces of pre-existing music with an MC's rap.

St. Patrick vs. Samuel L. Jackson

Will Pearson

With St. Paddy celebrations coming up this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the work of history's two most legendary snake annihilators, St.

No more siestas for you, Greece

Ransom Riggs

In Greece, parents have long urged their children to find careers as civil servants.

Hounds, Fevers & Fish-oil...Not a Country Song


...but the latest agents that keep infant allergies at bay. Babies fare better against allergens, apparently, when they're burning up.

Breaking Down The Tourney

Jason English

I will be using my free time today to watch hours and hours of college basketball and curse my predictive powers.