How To: Use All Of Your Brain

Maggie Koerth-Baker

Tip #1: Be Alive Actually, that's pretty much all you have to do. Despite what the Uri Gellars of the world would have you believe, you're already using all of your brain.

Safety first?

Ransom Riggs

"Wear your helmet!" Moms are obligated to say it, and in many American cities, riders are obligated by law to do it.

Armchair Field Trip to Grenada: Parang!


In Europe they have the Eurovision Song Contest; in Carriacou, there's Parang, which features slightly less ridiculous outfits but has all sorts of other elements of competitive showmanship:

Night owls supposedly more creative

Mangesh Hattikudur

Discovery News is reporting that after analyzing 120 men and women of varying ages, an Italian study out of Milan has concluded that "nocturnal types" are more likely to find creative soluti

These legs were made for walking

Mangesh Hattikudur

Check out the video for this walking table, which apparently debuted at the Dutch Desgin Week in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Radioactive sandwiches and the laws of physics


As a science writer, I occasionally get random unsolicited pitches, announcements, and deep thoughts from scientists and science buffs.

A Zune ad worth seeing (...and one that isn't)

Mangesh Hattikudur

While I'm a true and tried Apple user, I've been eyeing the Microsoft Zune with curiosity—not so much because I want one, but because I'm dying to know how the supposed "

Back to the Future: The Trivia

Jason English

The last few days, Bravo has been giving viewers a heavy dose of Back to the Future, the first VHS tape I ever bought.

Not So Useless Facts

Will Pearson

Sometimes our staff likes to sit around and challenge our brilliant research editors, Sandy Wood and Kara Kovalchik, by throwing out a topic and seeing how many interesting related facts they can come

No wine before its time?

Ransom Riggs

Good news for you oenophiles out there. That bottle of young Vino Novello you just bought that won't be great for 10 or 20 years?

From the Archives: Kama Chameleon


Today's archival tidbit is the last one from Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets: The Kama Sutra includes 40 kinds of kissing and 64 sexual positions—but the dirty-dirty only comprises about

'Tis What Season?

Jason English

While driving through my hometown of Denville, New Jersey (The Hub of Morris County), my wife pointed out this sign.

Even after cancer scare, temptation to smoke is too much

Will Pearson

A new study finds that even after having surgery to remove early stage lung cancer, almost half of those who smoked before surgery eventually start smoking again.

The NBA's got balls but what they really need is moisturizer

David K. Israel

Every now and then a major piece of news trivia slips through our posts and we feel shameful, remiss, careless, negligent, embarrassed.

Mayan body modifications

Ransom Riggs

Those of you who've seen Apocalypto may find yourselves wondering why a number of its characters sport funny-shaped heads and jewels embedded in their teeth.