The 5pm Quiz: Presidential Firsts

Brett Savage

You know the first president. You know the first black president. But do you know the first president born in a hospital? The first president to sport a beard?

Washington's Shaky Search for a Second Chief Justice

Ethan Trex

The media is abuzz with speculation about who will get the call from President Obama to fill the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter.

Kerouac's Fantasy Baseball Obsession

Chris Higgins

So this is surprising: beat writer Jack Kerouac was way into fantasy baseball, and invented a detailed fantasy baseball game which he played -- by himself -- unbeknownst to his friends and colleagues

The Questionable Parenting Behind 5 Child Stars

Kara Kovalchik

This week's edition of TV-Holic highlights some child stars who, in one way or another, had serious parental problems. 1. Taran Noah

Tweeting Too Hard: a Gallery of Self-Important Tweets

Ransom Riggs

It's hard enough navigating the ins and outs of all this rapidly-changing social media technology: Friendster was popular just a few years ago but it seems like decades past now; MySpace has beco

8 Virtual Tours You Can Take at Your Desk

Miss Cellania

Lots of folks are cutting back on vacations this summer, and some are staying home completely to save money.

15 Super Expensive Secondary Schools

Scott Allen

We decided to put a price on education with the following look at of some of the most expensive secondary schools in the county.

Brain Game: You Jane

I spent way too long putting this puzzle together... and if you're daring, you'll spend way too long trying to solve it. But hey, it's Thursday, and the weekend is on the horizon.

I mean - the new like

David K. Israel

Those who've been following this blog for a long time probably remember my old Weekend Word Wraps, and all the complaining I used to do about expressions like, like.

Morning Cup of Links: SPAM Cans

Miss Cellania

The High Cost of Poverty. Wealthy people don't realize that the poorer you are, the more you pay for just the basics. * The Amazing Spider Cat!

The Late Movies: Newsroom Bloopers

Mario Marsicano

Tonight we take a look at one of the reasons YouTube was invented in the first place...newsroom bloopers. Did you know Tony Danza isn't the biggest fan of local

The World's Thickest Book

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

It's official "“ at 4,032 pages, all resting on a spine over a foot thick, the world's thickest book is The Complete Miss Marple.

The Quick 10: 10 Deadly Landmarks and Monuments

Stacy Conradt

I realize this is a pretty morbid subject, but when I was researching the Statue of Liberty for Monday's article I came across a list of people who have jumped off of Lady Liberty.

Rules for Time Travelers

Chris Higgins

Discover Magazine's Cosmic Variance blog brings us Rules for Time Travelers, a set of eleven rules that help to explain (or contradict) various time-travel scenarios in pop culture.

Amazing Facts, 140 Characters at a Time

Jason English

Our growing posse hit 4,000 last night. I'd like to see us get over 5,000 by the end of the month.