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11 Incredible Facts About Venus Flytraps

Mark Mancini

Some of the most influential people who ever lived have had a fascination with Dionaea muscipula. Here are 11 facts guaranteed to inspire one of your own.

The Mysterious Case of Santa Claus's Leaking Bones

Joy Lanzendorfer

The body of St. Nicholas—the man Santa Claus is based on—resides in Bari, Italy. The church claims that the bones of the saint are secreting a sweet-smelling water called manna.

10 Attempts to Thwart Christmas Tree Thieves

Kim Kankiewicz

Cindy Lou Who proved that being cute won't stop the Grinch from stealing your Christmas tree. Luckily, Santa's posse has other strategies up their fuzzy red sleeves.

Why Are Eggs Egg-Shaped?

DeAnna Kerley

There’s only one thing in this world shaped like an egg. Not exactly spherical, not exactly an oval, it’s kind of hard to describe what an egg looks like. “Asymmetric tapered oval”? Sure, why not.

6 Ways Cell Phones Are Changing the World (Beyond the Ways You're Probably Thinking)

Chris Higgins

More people have access to a cell phone than a toilet. What are all those phones doing?

Where Are the Best Places in the World to Stargaze?

If you want to get away from all the light pollution, put these places on your to-visit list.

5 Questions: Christmas Tree Decorations

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11 Weird Artistic Tributes to Mr. Spock

Therese Oneill

Live long and prosper, and check out these delightfully weird tributes to Leonard Nimoy's best known character, Mister Spock.

11 Times the Holidays Resulted in a Fa-La-La-La-Lawsuit

Stacy Conradt

Not everyone thinks ‘tis the season to be jolly. These 11 litigious people almost certainly ended up on Santa’s naughty list, if not the judge’s.

Remembering 11 Classic Holiday Commercials

Jennifer M Wood

Looking for a bright and colorful gift to put under the tree? How about 200 Lucky Strike cigarettes?

11 Wonderful Winter Weather Terms

Arallyn Primm

When winter bears down, it can be hard to think of anything outside of how much you hate (or love!) the snow and ice. But there’s more to winter weather than you might think!

The Missing Links: The NYC Cabbie Calendar

Colin Patrick

26 Interesting Facts About Beer

Jason English

John Green serves up a little beer history that you can share at this year's holiday party.

11 Unexpected Musical Collaborations

Rudie Obias

When two musically disparate acts collaborate, the end results can be ... interesting.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

Darwyn Cooke returns with a new Parker installment; a new spin on the Hulk; and the Warren Publishing Archives are online and free