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Brain Game: C is for Commander-in-Chief

Sandy Wood

Stephen Merchant Ponders, What if the Brits Won?

Brought to you by Newcastle Brown Ale

The Missing Links: Triumph Takes on Soccer

Colin Patrick

Rise in the U.S. Obesity Rate Since 1985

Alvin Ward

Watch the obesity epidemic unfold, state by state.

11 Facts About Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"

Erin McCarthy

“It was not my first published story, nor my last,” the writer recounted in a 1960 lecture, “but I have been assured over and over that if it had been the only story I ever wrote and published, there

30 Vintage Photos of People in Libraries

Jill Harness Rebecca OConnell

Frogs Use Storm Drains for Better Mating Calls

Matt Soniak

As humans take up ever more space and urbanize the untamed wilderness, the animals that call these places home have a tough choice to make: move on to someplace else or adapt to their new surroundings

How Family Trees Work

Chris Higgins

Beautiful Visualization Shows 24 Hours of Flights Over the North Atlantic

Erin McCarthy

Morning Cup of Links: The Pugs of Westeros

Miss Cellania

"I'll Bite Every German Player if I Have To"

Nick Greene

Will Ferrell's World Cup pep talk.

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

Hannah Keyser

The best medicine? No. Any sort of medicine at all? Well, that one is at least debatable.

It Is Balloon!

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8 Items from the 1985 Montgomery Ward’s Catalog We Wish Were Still for Sale

Therese Oneill

It is true that some of these things can still be found, either old and faded on eBay or earnestly reproduced on specialty sites like The Vermont Country Store.

George Takei Reviews 20 Totally Random Products on Amazon

Hannah Keyser

Somehow, one of Mental Floss' favorite Star Trek alums-turned-internet-sensations, George Takei, finds time to write Amazon reviews for products you never knew existed.