Awards Ceremony

Jason English

Wow, what a response. Congratulations to Kami, who with the 109th comment correctly guessed Singapore.

Vehicular graveyards of the world

Ransom Riggs

Nuclear subs Yesterday, we showed you where submarines go to play (underwater ... with rich people), and today we'll show you where they go to die.

Ridiculous Board Games! (Win yourself a t-shirt already)

Jason English

We're going to use the whiteboard hanging in our office "“ OK, leaning against our cubicle wall "“ to give away some t-shirts.

IQ-tips: help save our fern!

David K. Israel

In the past, I've dropped a lot of useful tips in this feature.

A Disturbingly Long List of Celebrity Motorbike Crash-ups

While I've never had any real interest in riding a motorcycle (I feel a heck of a lot safer in my van!), all the recent press over George Clooney's accident made me wonder how many celebs ha

Question of the Day: Can Spicy Foods Kill You?

Jason Plautz

I'm learning how to cook, which has been an adventure.

Six Famous Walls

Miss Cellania

Sometimes it's hard to come up something to write about. But when you stare at the wall to think of a subject, it seems natural to write about walls. Here are six of the most notable.

September 27, 2007

Miss Cellania

Ten Tips for a Slightly Less Awful Resume.

The saddest objects


Something else to file under garage sales: the woman who accidentally sold the ashes of her husband's first wife.

The Best ________ Songs Of All Time

Jason English

I'm about to rip off two of David Israel's popular running features, On Music and Tuesday Turnip.

Armchair Field Trip: The Corn Palace

Stacy Conradt

At this time, we'd like to introduce you to the other new member of this ensemble, InternStacy Conradt, who's currently a graduate student at Iowa State University.

Writers' Favorite Fonts

Chris Higgins

Following up on yesterday's post about how you learned to type, I stumbled across a Slate article called My Favorite Font, which surveys various authors about what font they use to compose new wo

Your own personal yellow submarine

Ransom Riggs

If Elvis' infamous air-conditioned doghouse was considered the height of excess in the 1960s, the insane luxuries we have at our fingertips today make Elvis look like nothin' but a hound dog

Feel Art Again (A New Regular Feature)

Andréa Fernandes

"Feel Art Again" is something we've done before in the magazine. To make sure you're getting a steady diet of art education, we're reviving it here on the blog.

On Music: 5 other composers who went deaf

David K. Israel

Everyone knows that Beethoven wrote some of his most famous music after he'd already gone deaf. But guess what? He wasn't the only one.