David K. Israel

Not sure if you all heard the news yesterday that the F.D.A. is forcing sleeping pill manufacturers of Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata, etc.

The Many Uses for Gummi Bears

Miss Cellania

Last week, a chandelier made of Gummi Bears made the rounds on the "˜net. I was inspired to look up the history of the Gummi Bear. Did you know Gummi Bears were first produced in 1922?!

The entropy of household objects...


Always leads so ineluctably to the junk drawer.

Everybody's pillow fighting

Ransom Riggs

It all started in one of the most proper -- and some might say repressed -- cities in Europe: London.

The Beer Launcher

Jason English

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe Have you seen this? Created by recent Duke grad John Cornwell, the Beer Launcher became something of an internet phenomenon last week.

An Eye-Opening New Feature

Jason English

I once got a call at 2:15am. A friend needed a ride home from Charlotte, over two hours away.

Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: It's Springtime, B*tch


It officially feels like spring in New York, and naturally my mind has filled itself with the standard vernal fare: watching boiling water turn instantly to snow, contemplating the delicious gayness o

Trippy slo-mo fun

Ransom Riggs

It's true: everything seems weirder in slow-motion.

Happy Pi Day!

Chris Higgins

So it's March 14 again, and that means it's time to celebrate everyone's favorite irrational real number, Pi.

Even houses are on diets these days

David K. Israel

Lately I've had skinny houses on the brain. My wife's an architect and we're in the process of getting bids for a renovation of a house we're in the process of buying.

This week's worksheet for geniuses: Under the Sea

Will Pearson

It's time for all you geniuses to tackle this week's mental_floss

Frozen Waves. Or Maybe Not Waves. But Frozen Something.

Jason English

Do we have any native Newfoundlanders in the audience? Anyone want to impress us with an explanation? My father-in-law passed along this clip, which reminded me of the game Don't Break the

Hi...yeah...I'd like to make a report


Nothing to look forward to now that we've sprung ahead? I'm thinking about perhaps getting some new plates.

Dispatches from a radioactive wasteland

Ransom Riggs

Forget about a ghost town -- this is a ghost country.

How To: Not Buy Land In the Yukon

Maggie Koerth-Baker

Step 1: Use a Cereal Company as Your Realtor Back in the Golden Days of Radio, the Quaker Oats Company sponsored a program called "The Challenge of the Yukon." Essentially the sort of stor