The Height Gap

Chris Higgins

We've blogged about the relationship between height and pay before, as well as height and electability, but I've just come across a four-year-old New Yorker article on height and how it'

5 Cults We Feel OK With

Ransom Riggs

Maybe it's all the news of "Anonymous" protests against Scientology that have been dominating the blogs lately, but it seems the word "cult" is on a lot of people's minds

The Surprising Source of New York's First Environmental Problem

Diana Wolf

Was it the automobile? Was it lead from paint? Was it poor water conditions? No — it was horse pollution.

Brain Game: Hardware Wars

I visited a local hardware store today and bough popcorn and diet soda... not typical hardware store purchases.

The 10 Richest Classical Composers

David K. Israel

My local public radio station KUSC ran a feature not too long ago naming the 10 composers who banked the most money over the course of their careers.

Swimming Without Legs: 3 Inspiring Athletes

Miss Cellania

I remind my children to stretch out their arms and legs to move as much water as they can while swimming. That's the easy way.

Morning Cup of Links: Scientists Killed by Their Experiments

Miss Cellania

Top 10 Scientists Killed or Injured by Their Experiments (plus one). These stories are cautionary, inspiring, and bizarre at the same time. * The History of Guerrilla Marketing.

Richard Feynman and the Connection Machine

Chris Higgins

Danny Hillis is best known for his Connection Machine, a massively parallel supercomputer that led to breakthroughs in computational science and parallel computing.

The Quick 10: How 10 Bands Got Their Names

Stacy Conradt

I'm obsessed with Flight of the Conchords right now. I just got the series on DVD and have been trying to limit myself to a couple of episodes every night to stretch out the delightfulness.

Speedy Facts About Speeding Tickets

Ransom Riggs

It always amazes me when I hear someone say they've never been pulled over for speeding. My reaction is usually wow, I'd never want to be stuck behind you in traffic.

3 Really Annoying TV Clutterers

David K. Israel

I'm not a big TV watcher.

How Chuck Berry Became a Beach Boy (and other copyright infringement cases)

Ethan Trex

A copyright is supposed to protect a creator's intellectual property and ensure that the copyright holder's work isn't nefariously misappropriated.

Brain Game: Head Hoops

Living in Michigan, I'm still smarting a bit from the Pistons' recent loss to the Celtics in the NBA Eastern Finals.

Morning Cup of Links: The American Cannibal

Miss Cellania

Alferd G. Packer is the only U.S. citizen ever charged, tried, and convicted for the crime of murder and cannibalism.

Smell the Roses: Louis Marie de Schryver

Andréa Fernandes

As June is National Rose Month, the perfect artist to kick off this month is Louis Marie de Schryver, famous for his paintings of flower vendors on the streets of Paris.