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The Jetsons Premiered 50 Years Ago Today

Jason English

If you're wondering when we'll be getting flying cars and robot maids, the show was set in 2062.

12 Cat-Related Patents That Are Really Quite Bizarre

Erin McCarthy

To visit Google's patent website is to lose yourself in a black hole of totally weird wannabe inventions—a surprising number of which are for your feline friends.

Celebrating the Golden Lobes at IdeaFestival

Jason English

Greetings from Louisville! Will, Mangesh and I are here for IdeaFestival. Yesterday, Mangesh spoke to some of the nation's smartest middle schoolers, who grilled him in a lively Q&A.

The Early History of 5 Spy Agencies

David W Brown

Most intelligence agencies in the U.S. government were formed to solve specific problems, or evolved from preceding organizations. There wasn’t always an FBI, for example.

It's Really Loud With the Shop Vac On

Chris Higgins

It's Saturday. It's hot in my workshop. Let's enjoy an upbeat tune with a jaw-droppingly good fan video.

Weekend Links: Disgusting Cartoon-Themed Snacks

Allison Keene

From my friend Alexis, "a strange, well-written, utterly chilling story with a haunting central image: that of a Japanese prodigy performing to an American audience on Nov.

The Late Movies: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Miss Cellania

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a story by Robert Louis Stevenson, originally published in 1886. Dr. Jekyll developed a potion that turned him into an evil man named Mr. Hyde.

The Missing Links: Russia's Secret Diamond Stockpile

Colin Patrick

News From the Springfield Precincts The election is still several weeks away, but at least we know how Homer voted: * My Favorite Phrase of the Week: Diamond-Filled Asteroid Crater The Rus

What the Weather Is Like on Other Moons and Planets

Calli Arcale

On Earth, we get snow, rain, fog, hail, and sleet, and all of them are basically the same thing: water. For a true change of weather, you need to go to other worlds.

"Everybody Seems to Want It": Early Media Coverage of Apple Computer

David W Brown

Today, shoppers around the world are smearing fingerprints and oily faces against the glass walls of Apple stores, peering in, waiting for doors to open and iPhones to be sold.

How to Get on Saturday Night Live

Orrin Konheim

If comedy was like a run for president, then the hallowed halls of Saturday Night Live would be the White House.

7 Ingenious Hidden Spy Cameras

David W Brown

There may be no more important tool of espionage than the camera. It’s ideal for blackmail, collecting information, stealing documents, and reconnaissance.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Art "Restorer" Wants Royalties Remember Ecce Homo, the Spanish fresco of Christ that was made into a cartoon after an amateur restoration effort?

Join the mental_floss Reader Panel!

Jason English

We have big goals for mentalfloss.com. One way you guys can help—besides just showing up to read our stuff, of course—is to join the mental_floss Reader Panel!

Brain Game: Rebecca

Say hello to Rebecca, whose likes and dislikes will help you solve today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Free-for-all Friday challenge.