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The Missing Links: 30 Essential Cult Films

Colin Patrick

11 Air Fresheners That Smell Like Food

Mark Mancini

Bored with the scent of pine? How about giving your car the heavenly aroma of pizza? Air fresheners are available that smell like many of the world’s most beloved entrees.

11 Epic Rickrolls

Chris Higgins

11 Facts About the Iditarod

Arika Okrent

The mushers are crossing the finish line today in the Iditarod! The annual dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome began on March 2nd, and the winner, Dallas Seavey, crossed the finish line at 4:04 a.m.

16 Spooky-as-Hell Photos From Inside Chernobyl

Robin Esrock

With a Geiger counter and the right permits, visitors can enter the 18-mile Zone of Exclusion. What you’ll encounter is straight out of a horror movie.

How the Fort Wayne TinCaps Got Their Name

Hannah Keyser

Through Opening Day, we'll be looking at the stories behind the greatest team names in Minor League Baseball.

11 Delicious Food Museums

Arallyn Primm

There are culinary and agricultural museums around the world that celebrate the finer points of food, its production, and the people involved in growing and making it.

5 Questions: Observing "Lent"

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11 Magnified Photos of Creepy Crawlies

Erin McCarthy

Thanks to electron microscopes, we can get an extremely close-up view of the wonder—or the horror—of the world around us.

11 Stops on the Ultimate American Dinosaur Tour

10 Proven Ways to Become a Movie Star

Mark Juddery

It's not easy to become a star, but here are some proven short cuts from the past 100 years of movie stardom.

11 Quirky Hidden Gem Food Festivals Worthy of a Drive

The Missing Links: Build Lines, Lose Weight

Colin Patrick

The Most Popular TV Show Set in Each State

Alvin Ward

Did they get your state right?

10 Awesome 100-Year-Old Crafts for Kids

Therese Oneill

A guide to keeping kids busy in the early 20th century.