Born in the Louvre: Horace Vernet

Andréa Fernandes

Recently, I stumbled upon the French artist Horace Vernet (1789-1863), whose 219th birthday was yesterday.

The Whys of Middle-Aged Suicide

Ransom Riggs

When it comes to suicide, the young and the old get most of the attention; traditionally, they're regarded as the age groups most at risk, and preventing such tragedies has been the focus of a gr

Brain Game: First Things First

If I were going to post this Brain Game any day of the year, today would be the day.

10 Simple (and Fun) Image Generators

Miss Cellania

Last week my computer died. I have a new one, but I lost my work notes and bookmarks, so I've been looking through my online archives to get back up to speed.

IQ-tips: 9 Steps to Fixing a Scratched CD (with"¦ a banana!)

David K. Israel

If you're like me, your CDs get pretty scratched up.

8 Rejected Supreme Court Justices

David Holzel

With the Supreme Court ending its 2007-08 term, we thought this week was a good time to answer some questions you probably weren't asking (but will nonetheless find interesting).

Morning Cup of Links: Real-Life Super Powers

Miss Cellania

7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers. Put these folks together and you'd have a hero even better than Superman! * 30 Psychobabble Phrases - Which Do You Hate Most?

Ten Things You Should Know About the Dictionary

Chris Higgins

Erin McKean is an editor and lexicographer for the New Oxford American Dictionary.

The Quick 10: The 10 Biggest Job Irritations

Stacy Conradt

I have a feeling some of this might hit home with, I dunno, one or two of you. This was part of a survey conducted on behalf of an online learning company named SkillSoft.

Shorts That Don't Suck: Early Pixar

Ransom Riggs

If there's one company that knows how to make shorts that don't suck, it's Pixar.

Remote Buddy

Miss Cellania

Add a futuristic touch to your living room, if you think that will 1) make life easier or 2) impress your

Brain Game: You Nailed It!

Not a game per se, but an activity. It makes you think, nonetheless.

4 Other Artists Who Were Sued for Plagiarism

David K. Israel

Unless you've been living in a cave, you probably know by now that Coldplay has been accused of plagiarizing the tune used in the title track to their new album Viva La Vida.

Morning Cup of Links: The Bra that Brought Down a Plane

Miss Cellania

Top 10 Amazing Chemical Reactions. This is what made measuring moles in high school chemistry worth the effort. * Gay couples can't have biological kids together.

What Was Marbury v. Madison? Who Were Roe & Wade?

David Holzel

What was Marbury v. Madison? M. v. M.