Weekend Word Wrap: the origin of a phrase

David K. Israel

When I was a kid, my parents had a few different rituals they employed before it was time for me to go to bed. Sometimes the ritual involved reading a book.

Expensively wrapped cats...& a little about incense


ScienceDaily reported this week on the TLC ancient Egyptians applied to the mummification of certain favored animals, including cats and crocodiles: "Mummification of animals has been thought of

HELP!!! (That third exclamation point means we're desperate)

Mangesh Hattikudur

mental_floss is running a feature on election topics that we (as a staff) pretend to know about, but really don't.

Gotta Read 'Em All

Chris Higgins

I've been mildly obsessed with the novels of Nevil Shute for the past three years, and have finally completed my collection of his books -- 25 volumes in all, including an autobiography.

Famous corpses we have known

Ransom Riggs

When yer dead, yer gone and that's it -- or so they say. Ashes to ashes, right?

Sports' Most Miserable Fans

Jason Plautz

Every sports fan has their share of misery, but I think mine takes the cake.

Animals that only bite tourists.

Miss Cellania

It's not always fun to introduce visitors to your local flora and fauna. Dealing with tourists can be a real chore. So the habit of pulling their legs a bit can be a welcome bit of fun.

Office Rat-A-Tat: when typos get in the way

David K. Israel

I thought we'd take a break from the most dangerous and worst-paying type job posts and delve into something that has followed me around my office career like the boogieman on an unlit street in

Ghost riding the hyphy press wave


We reported on ghost riding last year, when the hyphy-ghost riding movement seemed to be building; however, the viability of that wave has been debated a lot lately.

Five Great Prison Escapes

Jason English

"Killer Escapes from Psych Hospital with Survival Gear," read the headline in our local newspaper.

Advanced Tetris Gameplay

Chris Higgins

We've covered Tetris Shelving and Tetris Shower Stalls, but I think it's time to share some hardcore Tetris knowledge and killer gameplay. The only resource you need is,

Take Survey, Win Shirt*

Jason English

We've got a favor to ask, and a t-shirt to offer. Could you complete our quick and painless mental_floss web survey? Nine easy questions.

The year 2000 that never was

Ransom Riggs

We Westerners seem to spend an awful lot of time dreaming about the future -- and we always have.

Mad men, vagrants and secret symbols

David K. Israel

I'm the type of person who doesn't like to come into a new TV series in the middle.

Vices, paychecks, fate


Last year the Reason Foundation published a study arguing that drinkers earn more than non-drinkers (stressing that drinkers "who tipped a glass at home" earned less--and probably cried and