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How Do Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning?

Hannah Keyser

Having to come to the surface regularly for oxygen makes dolphins great for reliable viewing. But doesn't it sound a little exhausting?

Morning Cup of Links: Ranking the Ghosts in Ghostbusters

Miss Cellania

10 Facts About the Eiffel Tower for Its 125th Birthday

the mag

On this date 125 years ago, the Eiffel Tower opened at the Universal Exposition in Paris. Tourists may adore the landmark today, but Parisians didn’t want anything to do with it at the start.

Meet the Nightmare-Inducing Goblin Shark

Erin McCarthy

Mitsukurina owstoni, also known as the goblin shark, doesn't look like any shark you've seen before.

5 Questions: Among My Souvenirs

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13 Common Travel Scams—And How to Avoid Them

Robin Esrock

While the vast majority of travelers return home without incident, there’s no denying we make easy targets. Excited, disorientated, and unaware of local customs, petty scams play you for a fool.

Relive Alan Shepard's Harrowing Trip to Space With a View From His Cockpit

Nick Greene

What Is a Photocopier?

Chris Higgins

7 Movie Monsters That Allegedly Represent Communism

Mark Mancini

Whether by design or the result of over-analyzation, these sci-fi creatures were cited as physical manifestations of communism’s “evil empire” during the Cold War.

The Missing Links: Grilled Cheese Delivered By Parachute

Colin Patrick

11 Beautiful Alphabets from Ancient and Medieval Times

Arika Okrent

8 How-To Books From 100 Years Ago That Are Still (Sort of) Useful

Therese Oneill The Week

19th and early 20th century authors knew a thing or two about baby-naming, football-watching, drink-making, and more.

Q&A: Pun-Off Champion Benjamin Ziek

Erin McCarthy

Each May since 1978, some very punny people gather in Austin, Texas, to participate in the O. Henry Pun-Off.

7 Art Forgers Who Made a Fortune From Knock-Offs

Brooks Hays

Pablo Picasso said, "Good artists copy but great artists steal." He probably wasn't talking about these people.

What Made Nellie Bly Decide to Go Around the World?

Nellie Bly was born 150 years ago today. Here's how she described her decision to take her famous journey.