Smile, perverts -- you're on the internet

Ransom Riggs

Hollaback, y'all!

Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

It's time for another whimsical Tuesday Turnip search wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting factoids "turn-up." As my wife and I are considering buying a

Show Off Your Smarts!

Will Pearson

It's been a while since I challenged you to show off your brain power but here's a new one.

Wonderful things from the Times book review section, #2


There are three reasons I love this review of P.J.

Say it, don't spray it

Ransom Riggs

Is he the next Jackson Pollock, or an artist whose legacy will prove as ephemeral as his liquid "paintings"? Only time will tell.

You buy a car and this guy will swallow a sword. That makes sense.

Will Pearson

Travel about an hour and a half north of the mental_floss editorial office in Birmingham, AL to Decatur, AL and you can find one of the few sword swallowers in the world.

Rabbit Run

Mangesh Hattikudur

The Cellar posted these crazy photos last week, and I couldn't help but put "˜em up.

No one spoils fun like the IRS

Ransom Riggs

A few moons ago, we blogged about the strange development of virtual economies in massively multiplayer online games -- which are, it turns out, becoming real economies.

The Dr. is IN: error-management theory

David K. Israel

Relationships: they're always a bit sticky, sort of like the outside of a honey jar. Even more sticky than an actual relationship can be the getting INTO a relationship. Does she like me?

Wonderful things from the Times book review section, #1


The novelist Richard Powers had an article this weekend about dictating, rather than writing, literary works.

More things to feel guilty about buying


If you're still smarting that your significant other didn't present you with (a snazzy new cell phone, a big box of chocolates, five golden rings) for the holidays, take comfort: Foreign Pol

Do your worst -- it'll still look great

Ransom Riggs

Self-healing paint jobs: sounds like something straight from the fantasy worlds of Philip K. Dick or Knight Rider.

Friday Reading Material

Jason English

Before joining forces with the mental_floss gang, my blogging career started at YesButNoButYes. It's been a big week for them, with several fascinating entries.

She never remembers a face

Ransom Riggs

We love strange psychological disorders here at mental_floss. Refer to past blogs regarding Proprioception Deficit Disorder and extreme narcissism, among others.

Weekend Word Wrap: junctural metanalysis

David K. Israel

Junctural metanalysis: sounds like a Jungian term, eh?