Face Tattoo

Mangesh Hattikudur

Check out this amazing photo from the Daily Mail. According to the site, this woman is from the ethnic minority group known as the Chin, who reside in Myanmar.

Halloweek: Zombies terrorize Haiti's neighborhood


LiveScience, having already announced that vampires are a mathematical impossibility, is now telling us that zombies are (in some sense) real: Kings of the b-movie industry, zombies are individuals w

Teacher Appreciation Week: The Valedictorian


And finally, our top choice, partially because we have a deep and abiding affection for Weber State and partially because we absolutely adore the idea of anatomy-centric Christmas carols: My best tea

Book Corner: What They Didn't Say

David K. Israel

There's a new book coming out that seems right up our alley and it's all about how some of the more famous one-liners are actually erroneous.

Weekend Word Wrap: eponyms

David K. Israel

Some of you might recall the Weekend Word Wrap from some moons ago on malapropisms. A malapropism, of course, is an eponym first and foremost as it takes its name from a person.

Cinema stumper: Match the movie with its gory death scene

Ransom Riggs

It seems that humans are rarely more ingenious than when they're devising new ways to torture and kill one another, as detailed in yesterday's post on ancient methods of execution.

Paging All Linguists for a Caesarean Dissection

Jason English

While enjoying a Bloomin' Onion at our neighborhood Outback Steakhouse, my wife and I were discussing the origin of the term "caesarean section." (Shockingly, we were dining alone.) W

Vampires Are Mathematically Impossible

Will Pearson

Costas Efthimiou, a researcher at the University of Central Florida, has the very cool job of debunking pseudoscientific myths.

The art of the eggshell


Continuing with my theme of art made from round carbon-based lifeforms, check out these amazing carved eggshells -- as someone who's barely capable of properly cracking an egg, I'm impressed

Teacher Appreciation Week: Our Salutatorian


Here's our first runner up: We were two weeks into our sixth grade class when our teacher died. Our substitute teacher, Miss Hanson, had been a Spanish missionary to South America.

Bulletproof Textbooks

Mangesh Hattikudur

I know I just posted on how people have made weapons from LEGOS (with both a bit of awe and apprehension), but how unbelievably sad is it that this idea of bulletproof textbooks actually makes sense i

LEGO, weapons of moderate destruction

Mangesh Hattikudur

There are two types of kids in this world: those who spend their time building towns and castles and LEGO cities on a hill, and those who spend their time trying to figure out how best to tear down th

Which ancient form of execution would you least prefer?

Ransom Riggs

Having touched briefly upon the lamentable scouring-to-death of Bibiana, patron saint of hangover cures, we promised to elaborate further on this method of execution, and famous folk who have endured

Two TV Facts You Must Know

Will Pearson

1) On February 28, 1983, at exactly 11:03pm, water use in NYC jumped by several million gallons. Why? The final episode of "M*A*S*H" had just ended.

Halloweek on mental_floss: Great Pumpkins


I swung by the Life is Good Pumpkin Festival last weekend and thought I'd share some photos. Also, I'll be carving my own pumpkin tonight, and I need some more inspiration. Ideas? Pics?