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World War I Centennial: The Fall of Adrianople

Erik Sass

5 Questions: Types of Wood

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How Mondo Posters Get Made

Erin McCarthy

If you're a fan of movies, you've probably heard of Mondo, the Austin, Texas-based shop that creates incredibly artistic posters for movies that make typical one-sheets look like child'

The Missing Links: The Art of Movie Opening Titles

Colin Patrick

What the Internet Looked Like in 1995

Chris Higgins

The Longest Baseball Game Ever Played

Mark Mancini

Major League Baseball’s opening day, March 31, is approaching fast—but it’s the oft-overlooked minor leagues which witnessed one of the most improbable and historical games of all time.

10 Extreme Easter Eggs

Miss Cellania

11 Brilliant Scientist Tattoos

Jill Harness

We’ve brought you literary tattoos, math tattoos and librarian tattoos, but now it’s time to take a look at the tattoos of scientists.

Happy T-Shirt Tuesday!

Erin McCarthy

How Did "Jones" Come to Mean "Craving"?

Kara Kovalchik

Have you ever had a "Love Jones," or even a "Basketball Jones"? Do you occasionally jones for a “hot now” Krispy Kreme donut (only to find that store closed)?

Watch 24 Hours of Internet Activity Around the World in 8 Seconds

The Week

The animated map, from an anonymous researcher, is beautiful, mesmerizing — and made using highly illegal means

The Late Movies: Revisiting "The Voyage of the Mimi"

Erin McCarthy

Long before he was an Academy Award-winning screenwriter and producer, Ben Affleck played C.T.

Unlawful Knowledge: How Innocent People Know Details of a Crime

Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know ("Learn Something New Every Day, By Email"). We've invited him to share some of his stories on mental_floss this week.

5 Questions: Happy Passover

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Roy Chapman Andrews: A Real Life Indiana Jones

Kaitlyn Boettcher

Since the '80s, one name has been synonymous with adventure: Indiana Jones.