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The Late Movies: Johnny Castaway

Chris Higgins

Last week I posted a roundup of classic screensavers, but many commenters pointed out a big one that I missed: Johnny Castaway. Somehow, I had never seen Johnny!

Is it Capitalized?

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It's a simple game: We'll give you a brand name or title and pick out a letter, you choose whether its capitalized or lowercase. The answers may not be as obvious as you think. We're basing this off the official brand name or title, so be sure to think about that, not any place you've seen it printed elsewhere.

Andrew Stanton on Storytelling: "Make Me Care"

Chris Higgins

In a new TED Talk from last week, director Andrew Stanton (Toy Story, WALL•E) tells some stories...including a famously profane story, that includes a single, deliciously well-placed f-bomb (in the fi

6 Fictional Fighting Styles (and How to Fake Them)

Benjamin Smith

1. Fighting style: Venusian

Dietribes: Lima Beans

Allison Keene

• Though we have come to pronounce them differently, Lima beans were indeed named for the capital of Peru where they have been growing for over 7,500 years.

Right? Face (Vol. 2)

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This is the second quiz in a series featuring some of the planet's most famous logos. We've flipped some of the logos so that they're facing the wrong way. All you have to do is identify whether or not the logo is correct when compared to the original. A score of 6 or better is a win. Good luck!

All original form logos are copyright their respective owners.

What Is Point Blank Range?

Matt Soniak

Gun image via ShutterstockProbably not what you think.

Brain Game: Short Spell #8

Yes, today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game asks you to put on your spelling shoes. Good luck! Just ONE of the five words in the following list is misspelled.

Morning Cup of Links: Oreo Centennial

Miss Cellania

Oreos are 100 years old now!

5 Questions: March "Mad"ness

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9 Regular People Who Became Memes

Adrienne Crezo

We may never know the true identities of Annoying Facebook Girl and Good Guy Greg, but we do know a little bit more about the people who inspired these memes. 1. College

The Late Movies: Walter Cronkite's Biggest News Stories

Erica Palan

On this day in 1981, acclaimed broadcaster Walter Cronkite retired from anchoring the CBS Evening News.

On This Date in 1975, Geraldo Aired the Zapruder Film for the First Time

Jason English

We all know John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, and we've all seen the Zapruder Film. But what you might not know is that the film didn't air on U.S.

I Wonder How a Blind Person...

Colin Patrick

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what the dreams of blind people are like, Tommy Edison (AKA The Blind Film Critic), offers some insight in this video: On his YouTube page, Edison also o

Do Immigrants Still Come Through Ellis Island?

Matt Soniak

Nope. The last immigrant to come through Ellis Island was Arne Peterssen, a 48-year-old merchant seaman from Narvik, Norway, and he did so in