How the Obama Campaign Makes "Two Minute Volunteers"

Chris Higgins

The Obama presidential campaign made waves last week when it announced Obama '08: The Official iPhone Application.

The Quick 10: The Untimely Deaths of 10 Ben & Jerry's Flavors

Stacy Conradt

As promised, today's list is Ben & Jerry's flavors that have kicked the bucket. Maybe for good reason... but I'd sure be intrigued to try them.

Dirty Secrets Under the Bleachers: When Landfills Become Sports Arenas

Chris Weber

You know what they say: you can take the stadium out of the trash, but you can't take the trash out of the stadium.

7 Athletes Who Went Directly To Jail

Ethan Trex

It's been a rough week for former NFL players on the judicial circuit. O.J. Simpson couldn't beat a robbery and kidnapping charge and now faces life in prison.

History of the World: Four Goofy Things About the Crusades

Stacy Conradt

Coming soon, to a bookstore or online retailer near you: the Mental Floss History of the World: An Irreverent Romp Through Civilization's Best Bits.

Think Different: Musicians' Brains

Ransom Riggs

I'm always fascinated by brain studies that confirm long-held (but previously unprovable) hunches, like the idea that musicians' brains are different than regular folks'.

Do-It-Yourself Molded Pumpkins

Miss Cellania

Those of you who have been around the mental_floss blog for a while know I grow pumpkins in my garden.

Brain Game: Aw, Shucks

An old riddle, but still a good one: First, you discard my outside And cook my inside. Then, you eat my outside and discard my inside. What am I? HERE is the answer. ANSWER: an ear of

Creatively Speaking: Henry Jaglom

David K. Israel

Our Creatively Speaking interview series continues today with acclaimed film writer/director/actor, Henry Jaglom.

Morning Cup of Links: Real Life Frankensteins

Miss Cellania

Eight Real-Life Doctor Frankensteins Who Pushed the Boundaries of Life and Death.

More Tuition Giveaway Supporters

Jason English

Last month, we asked for help promoting our $50,000 Tuition Giveaway. A bunch of you kindly posted about the scholarship on your personal plots of internet real estate.

The Quick 10: 10 Famous Cemeteries

Stacy Conradt

Welcome to part two of my somewhat random Halloween Series! I love old cemeteries (which apparently makes me a taphophile, which I just learned today).

7 Quick Facts About G.E. Smith

Jason English

When it came to preserving early-1990s TV history, I was rather overzealous.

Evolving New Ways to Walk

Chris Higgins

Darwin@Home is a computer program created by Gerald de Jong to model evolution.

History of the World: Famous Fires

Stacy Conradt

If you're a good sleuth—I mean, if you could really give Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew a run for their money—then you might have noticed that the _floss has a book coming out