Jason English

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The "Oops" Heard 'Round the World (Or Not)

Matt Soniak

In the last week, I have managed to burn one knuckle on each finger, two fingertips, the palm of one hand and the back of the other. My hands, more or less, look like I washed them in napalm.

The mental_floss Interview: Grant Pace, One of the Visionaries Behind the Bud Bowl

Scott Allen

Grant Pace grew up in Kansas City, attended SMU, and later wrote the very first Bud Bowl ads. He is now the Executive Creative Director at Conover Tuttle Pace in

Shorts That Don't Suck, Vol. III: Arty Edition

Ransom Riggs

For those of you who've been waiting breathlessly for my third installment of "Shorts" (the first two are here and here), sorry it's been so long!

The Amateur New York Subway Riding Committee

Chris Higgins

During spring break at MIT in 1966, Peter R.

Dietribes: Strawberries

Allison Keene

A truly international fruit, the modern strawberries we feast upon today come from an accidental hybrid of North and South American species by way of Europe in the 18th century, although many varietie

Scour Archives, Win Book

Jason English

Who wouldn't want a Graceland-themed pop-up book? Even better, who wouldn't want the chance to tell your friends you won a Graceland-themed pop-up book in a slightly ridiculous mental_flo

January 30th, 2008

Miss Cellania

National Geographic has an interactive look at The Brain. You can study it, stimulate it, and scare yourself over its possible malfunctions. * Jabberwocky Daddy.

Impromtu jury duty


Judging from Maggie's How To Get Out of Jury Duty & David's dispatches from jury duty (maybe: "How to Get Into Jury Duty"?), we at mental_floss definitely haven't shied aw

The Bud Bowl: A Definitive History

Scott Allen

On the subject of the greatest football dynasties of all-time, the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers, 1980s San Francisco 49ers, 1990s Dallas Cowboys and 2000s New England Patriots likely all come to mind.

Bud Bowl: Game Recaps

Scott Allen

Bud Bowl I January 22, 1989: Budweiser 27, Bud Light

Feel Art Again: "In a Shoreham Garden"

Andréa Fernandes

This past Sunday marked the 203rd anniversary of Samuel Palmer's birth. The British Romantic painter had visionary experiences as a child, which influenced his works.

The New Shapes of Garden Produce

Miss Cellania

Last summer I found myself with a dozen pumpkins and no plans for what to do with them. I ended up giving some away, and using the rest for porch decorations.

Who Are the Top Amazon Reviewers?

Chris Higgins

Slate recently ran an article asking Who is Grady Harp? -- the short answer is, he's one of the top "customer reviewers" on Amazon. But the long answer is a good deal more complex.

The Bible According to Google Earth

Ransom Riggs

Here's a cool idea realized: a Sydney, Australia-based art collective called The Glue Society has re-created scenes from the Bible as if captured by Google Earth's ubiquitous satellites.