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8 Obscure Twists on Monopoly

Eric Johnson

In the nearly 75 years since it was first released by Parker Brothers, Monopoly has inspired hundreds of spinoffs.

Brain Game: Zero Hour

I couldn't determine the original source of today's math puzzle chestnut; I've seen it in a few places, so suffice to say that it's several years old.

Morning Cup of Links: Innovative Ice Cream Flavors

Mario Marsicano

Yesterday, we studied the origins of certain sitcom theme songs.

The Late Movies: Everyone's a Critic

Mark Arminio

Everyone's been around that one annoying guy spoiling your favorite movie by mouthing backhanded digs to his date in the vain hope of impressing her in a dark theater.

Why I Sneeze in Sunlight

Chris Higgins

Growing up in Florida, I had a weird allergy: the sun. Walking outside, coming from from a typically cool, dark indoor place, I'd invariably sneeze -- sometimes twice.

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrities Named in the Communist Scare

Stacy Conradt

It was 60 years ago -June 8, 1949- that the FBI named a slew of celebrities as members of the Communist Party.

Tube Strike! Londoners Keep Calm & Carry On "“ Again

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Tuesday night, in a scene that could not have been more dramatic had it been scripted, Rail Maritime and Transport union boss Bob Crow walked out of talks with Transport for London and city officials.

6 Historical Events People Love to Reenact

Sara Newton

Their fans get up at the crack of dawn and drive, sometimes hundreds of miles, to empty fields where they put on an army uniform, pick up a bayonet, and faithfully reenact battles from the Revolutiona

Lunchtime Quiz: Dropping Bombs Part II

Jason Plautz

Last month we featured Dropping Bombs, a quiz celebrating (sometimes) terrible movies and the wonderful reviews that accompanied them.

The Beat-y-ful World of Beatboxing

Ransom Riggs

People have been making musical sounds with their mouths for thousands of years: it's thought that the ancient Indians and Chinese did it, and people in Africa have traditionally used stomping, c

The High Line

Jason English

"The idea of a park on a railbed in the sky can be a little hard to get your head around, especially if your only vantage point is looking up from street level at its rusted, pigeon-shit-scarred

Brain Game: Tom the Carpenter

Tom's a carpenter from the Bay Area of California. His dad and uncle are carpenters, too. In today's Brain Game, we reveal three things that Tom likes, along with three he dislikes.

Top 10 Black Search Engines

David K. Israel

In 2007, Mark Ontkush, the brain behind ecoIron, wrote an interesting post suggesting that Google could save tens of thousands a year, along with hundreds of Megawatt-hours a year, if they changed the

Morning Cup of Links: Severed Heads from Mars Attacks

Mario Marsicano

If I told you an upcoming exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art would include severed heads from Mars Attacks, would you believe me?

The Late Movies: Optical Illusions

Chris Higgins

I love optical illusions and weird visual tricks. So I've collect some fun ones here, for your Late Movies enjoyment!