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Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #7

The number seven is known for being lucky, but not when it's attached to a Really, Really Bad Rebus. I'm a bit proud of this one, which may frighten some of you.

Extreme expedition: Anthrax Island

Ransom Riggs

At the center of one of the world's worst man-made ecological disasters -- the now almost nonexistent Aral Sea, a dusty, forbidding graveyard for beached ships -- is one of the world's deadl

Morning Cup of Links: Biomimicry

Miss Cellania

Academic Earth has thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars. This is like attending Ivy League classes without that annoying tuition.

The Hermit of Holland Park: Lucian Freud

Andréa Fernandes

At the request of reader Lauren, today's "Feel Art Again" post features the famous—and infamous—grandson of Sigmund Freud, the 86-year-old British painter Lucian Fr

Another Book Giveaway: Casino Confidential

Jason English

Today's book is Casino Confidential: A Pit Boss's Guide To Beating The House. Let's stick with the gambling theme and play a little roulette.

The Quick 10: How 10 Famous People Were Rejected

Stacy Conradt

As a writer, I have definitely gotten my share of rejection letters. It's a bit disheartening, to be sure.

How Nate Silver Predicted Obama's Win

Chris Higgins

Throughout last year's election, Nate Silver ran a fascinating website called FiveThirtyEight, named after the number of electors in the United States electoral college.

8 Successful People Grateful They Got Canned

Ethan Trex

In our tough economic climate, it's worth reminding ourselves that losing a job might not be the end of the world.

5 New short story formats exploding on the web

David K. Israel

As you recall, we've started a new feature on this blog called No Small Tales. The idea is to publish one short story a month by and up-and-coming author.

Angels of Death: 6 More Medical Murderers

Miss Cellania

In this third installment of Angels of Death, we'll take a look at several serial medical murderers you may have never heard of.

Brain Game: I Heart Huxtables

At the Huxtable household, Valentine's Day is a special day.

Poems from Beneath the Mire

Ransom Riggs

We don't write much about poetry here at the floss, which is something I'm considering changing, since it's so easy to post, talk about and enjoy.

Morning Cup of Links: 50-foot Snake

Miss Cellania

Titanoboa cerrejonensis was a prehistoric snake that grew up to 15 meters long and could swallow crocodiles whole! Luckily, it would never be able to hide on a plane.

9 Pixar References in Other Pixar Movies

Stacy Conradt

In every Pixar film, you'll find at least one reference to another Pixar movie, but usually there are a whole lot more.

Atop the World's Tallest Trees

Chris Higgins

Richard Preston is best known for his book The Hot Zone, a thriller about the Ebola virus.