How Do You Renounce Your Citizenship?

Matt Soniak

Renouncing your citizenship involves a little more than just saying you’re doing it.

Super Mario Bros. Villain or Obscure Dinosaur?

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Can you tell your Super Mario Brothers villains from your lesser-known dinosaurs? Let's find out.

The Incredibly Important Statistic That Keeps Getting Better

Chris Higgins

Twenty years ago, children born in Ethiopia were at terrible risk of dying.

15 International Banknotes That Show Queen Elizabeth’s Aging Process

Arika Okrent

With such a long reign and so many nations issuing money with her image on it, there are enough banknote portraits to construct an aging timeline for the Queen.

How to Send Smoke Signals

Not getting any bars on your phone? That doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with faraway friends.

Morning Cup of Links: Double the Zombies

Miss Cellania

5 Questions: "Parker" Bench

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The Late Movies: Sesame Street's First Days of School

Erica Palan

8 Battles Fought After the War Ended

Laura Steadham Smith

Before the technological revolution and the modern ease of instant communication, news of an armistice didn’t always travel as quickly as needed.

7 Things You Should Know About Bourbon

Matt Soniak

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, a celebration of America’s “native spirit.” Here’s a few things to catch you up to speed.

The Missing Links: Jeopardy's Weirdest Moments

Colin Patrick

20 Board Games Based on ’70s and ’80s Television Shows

Kate Erbland

Back during the golden age of serial television, a surprising number of shows got the board game treatment.

Super Bowl I Tickets Cost $12 and Still Didn't Sell Out

Jason English

The NFL has come a long way since the first Super Bowl in 1967, when the league charged $6, $10, and $12—and couldn't even sell out.

Nellie Bly's 72 Day Trip Around the World

Roma Panganiban

Around the World in 80 Days, a fictional account of one man's trip around the globe, wasn’t sci-fi by any means, since those means of traveling—steam ships, omnibuses, and railroads—did exist at

The First Handheld Cell Phone Call

Chris Higgins