Geoengineering: playing God?

Ransom Riggs

Problem: the Earth is getting warmer. Other problem: even if we stopped producing C02 completely tomorrow, the Earth would still continue to warm -- for years -- before it started to cool again.

The _floss on Facebook

Jason English

Last week, I became the 25,000,000th person to join Facebook (give or take). I'm slowly stockpiling friends, co-workers and former classmates. Photos have been posted.

Lamps with Personality

Miss Cellania

We all need light in the darkness, but the variety of lamps available can boggle the mind. Anything can be made into a lamp, if you can attach a battery or run an electrical cord through it.

Sleep deprived?

David K. Israel

Not sure how many of you heard the news last month, but a 43-year-old sleep deprivation record was broken by one Tony Wright, in London.

Hairshirts: who's wearing them, who's not


Hairshirts used to be the clothing article de rigueur for penance and mortification.


Chris Higgins

In researching (ahem, yeah, I call my surfing research) an entry on Image Macros, I came across a category of phrases that use the format: "I'm in Your X, Y'ing Your Z." It turns


David K. Israel

Who doesn't love a good flip book? Eh?

How I will be spending the rest of the morning

Mangesh Hattikudur

My friend Dave pointed me to this brilliant weirdconverter. When people used to ask me my weight I used to reply 137 pounds. That's all in the past, though (the English system is so last year.

So it's not the end of the world

Ransom Riggs

Over the years, a lot of people have predicted the end of the world, and thus far, a lot of people have had egg on their faces.

Fishing Made Easy

Mangesh Hattikudur

Pretty disturbing photo from a pond near Wuhan, China. TheCellar is reporting that 275,000 pounds of fish died in three days due to the extreme water pollution. Insane. Photo via the always intriguing

How Much They Would Make If They Weren't Make Believe

Jason English

Ever wonder how much today's most popular TV characters make? Regardless, Kate Lorenz of did the math. Dunder Miflin receptionist Pam Beesley pulls in roughly $23,000. Dr.

Some ice for your tube ride


While we're on the subject of international mass transit, if you frequent the London Underground, you might soon be benefiting from a cooling system that's more rudimentary than you'

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interviewed Together

Chris Higgins

Last week, the D "All Things Digital" conference played host to a variety of interesting events (including Microsoft's introduction of a new digital table).

Make your own wind

Ransom Riggs

Yesterday I poked my head into the American Wind Energy Association's national conference in Los Angeles, which was not only well-attended by wind energy enthusiasts and industry manufacturers bu

The Most Dazzling Camouflage Ever

Mangesh Hattikudur

I love history, but I've never been into military history. Battles seem to get muddled in my mind, and I have no real interest in specific campaigns nor the weapons used.