Caption Contest No. 6 - Zach Kanin

David K. Israel

[There's still time to get your caption in!] As promised, today we have a very special guest cartoon kindly donated by Zach Kanin.

8 Underappreciated Undefeated Seasons

Scott Allen

By now, you're probably aware that the New England Patriots are one win away from knocking the 1972 Miami Dolphins from their perch as the only NFL team to finish a season undefeated.

6 Deaths That Were Greatly Exaggerated

Ransom Riggs

Will we ever know the secrets that death holds?

Weekend Genius Challenge #18: The Shadow Knows

UPDATE: We have a winner, whose name will be announced just prior to the next Weekend Genius Challenge on Saturday, February 9.

5 Things You Need to know about the Western Wall in Jerusalem

David K. Israel

1. When the Roman Emperor Titus pillaged the Holiest of Holies in 70 C.E.

4 of History's Greatest Hoaxes

Mangesh & Jason


3 Useless Facts About 3 Random Topics

Jason English

1. The Stereotypical Russian Soda Jerk Soda Popinski first appeared in Super Punch-Out!! in 1984, where he was known as Vodka Drunkenski. He was re-christened for Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

"¢ It's Super Bowl time! Here are some lamentably familiar personalities to avoid when sending invites for your party.

2 Rings That Make Super Bowl Bling Look Common

Ethan Trex

Every professional athlete longs to "get a ring" by winning a championship, and earning a Super Bowl ring is certainly a rare and amazing feat. However, it's not that rare.

2 Rather Curious Fad Diets


Weight loss is a common topic, as any number of ads, articles, news segments and infomercials are likely to let you know.

3 Famous Mustaches

Matt Soniak

It's said that the clothes make the man, but what about the mustache? Does it make the man, or does the man make it? Sort of a "chicken or the egg" question.

4 Great Wikipedia Variations

Jason Plautz

1. Wookieepedia Easily the best-named wikipedia variation, Wookieepedia caters to the geekiest of geeks "“ the Star Wars superfans.

Out of Commission

Jason English

Major technological problems here today. The site's been down for hours. Sorry, everybody. If you're reading this, I have no idea whether that means we're back up for good.

5 Famous Missing Fingers

Chris Higgins

You can do a lot with less than the normal complement of fingers -- including becoming a guitar legend! Here are five famous examples of people achieving fame despite missing some digits! 1.

The Weird Week ending February 1st

Miss Cellania

Man Sets Station On Fire Over Playlist 24-year-old Paul Webster Feinstein has been charged with arson in the case of the February 5th fire at radio station KOOP in Austin, Texas.