a mental_floss worksheet: Reverse the Curse

Will Pearson

It's Opening Day! Time to buy some peanuts and Cracker Jack (or at least some soy nuts and rice cakes). Baseball is full of legends, and plenty of legend. But can you tell truth from fiction?

Ohio's Serpent Mound: a mystery for the ages

Ransom Riggs

I am reminded of Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel's remarks during the break of their heavy-metal anthem "Stonehenge": "No one knows who they were ...

A Very Special Large Prokaryote


Meet the beggiatoa.

Three Things I Didn't Know About eBay

Jason English

"¢ Lumberton, NJ, (population 12,000) is the most active community of eBay buyers and sellers, per capita. "¢ Items banned for sale include ammunition, used underwear and teacher's e


Chris Higgins

Following up on yesterday's Movie-a-Minute post, we present: Book-a-Minute, which comes in three flavors: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Bedtime, and Classics.

Presidential "Affairs"

Mangesh Hattikudur

If you thought Bill Clinton's tryst was bad, check out some of the salacious dirt haunting our other famous Presidents... Warren Harding had a 15-year long affair with Carrie Phillips and over

Why I get nothing done

Ransom Riggs

It's funny -- and a little sad -- because it's true. Via

Daft Dave Debut

David K. Israel

I'm sooOOOoooo excited to introduce you all to Daft Dave, a new feature I've been thinking about for some time.

Alarming Situations

Miss Cellania

I am both a night owl and a morning person (which means I'm an insomniac). The only reason I use an alarm clock is to pick the kids up at school on time.

"Neon is wonderful, but it's old school."


Indeed, it is. Maybe you've heard of MJ's plans to memorialize himself in the sands of outer Vegas. Rush & Molloy confirmed yesterday

The Incas' downfall, interpreted via poop

Ransom Riggs

Though they left few written records and began to disappear in the 15th century, scientists have found an unlikely new way to chart the downfall of the once-mighty Incas: by studying the mites which t


Chris Higgins

Don't have time to sit through a whole movie? Don't even have time to read a review? You need Movie-a-Minute, a brilliant web site that reduces movies to their brief, hilarious essence.

Act III: Retirement

Jason English

It's never too early to start planning for retirement. And I don't just mean 401(k) and IRA and ATOFA (All Those Other Financial Acronyms).

Attack of the killer toads

Ransom Riggs

"Huge poisonous monster" -- it's Australian for "toad." Coming to a Downunder metro area near you: poison-skinned toads that weigh nearly two pounds and are as big as a small

No Photoshop Necessary

David K. Israel

Honestly people, the only thing I added are the highlighter boxes! Now tell me: who in their right mind would want to rent from these loons living down the block from