Homing Pigeons

Chris Higgins

I invested a pleasant hour today learning about Homing Pigeons from Wikipedia. Herein I share the fruits of my clicking: Cher Ami was a French homing pigeon and a war hero.

Who wants jellyfish for dinner?

Ransom Riggs

It's been said that as wild and readily-available supplies of everyday market fish like salmon, cod and halibut are depleted -- and the upper reaches of the marine food chain is removed -- we

Weekend Word Wrap

David K. Israel

Today's Word Wrap keeps on with our tradition of bringing you the hippest, most happening new words and phrases being coined, as they're coined...

Quiz: Showtune time!

David K. Israel

Time to turn those speakers up once more and test your knowledge of showtunes! Here's 16 classics, at least one of which is sure to stump even the most erudite Great White Way enthusiast.

The Hands of Dexter Pecan

Ransom Riggs

It may be the weirdest narrative ever committed to hi-8 videotape, but if you can get past the stilted acting and dreamlike repetitions, The Hands of Dexter Pecan is a visually compelling little piece

Book burning


Ever since bookmarking the ALA book burning page, I've been traumatized.

Unconventional Warfare

Jason English

What if you heard the U.S.

Are You Tone Deaf?

Chris Higgins

Researcher Jake Mandell has created an online test which measures pitch perception as well as musical memory.

The uncanny valley

Ransom Riggs

The robotics field undoubtedly has some major challenges to face before any Ray Bradbury visions of our android-filled future are to be realized.

The Outer Banks

Miss Cellania

Listen, kids, we're going on an educational vacation this year! Now, before you moan and groan, we are going to learn about pirates, and airplanes, and Indians, and ... it's at the

The drought in Philly

David K. Israel

Despite that I spent almost 15 years in New York City, despite that I've now lived in Los Angeles for nearly two years, despite that I spent four years in New England, my sports allegiances are s

Pizza and your face: is there a connection?

Ransom Riggs

Hey, Pizzaface! You've heard it before, though it's long been assumed to be an urban legend: junk food makes your face break out.

Mr. Wizard


Very sad to learn about the passing of Don Herbert, most famously known as Mr. Wizard. He died yesterday at the age of 89. He was part Mr.

Spare Change

Jason English

Here's something random for you. I've been tossing my change into this old pretzel container for years. On Saturday, I will head to the bank for the official counting.

Photosynth Demo: the Future of Pictures?

Chris Higgins

We've mentioned TED Talks before, and a new video from TED 2007 has surfaced, showing Blaise Aguera y Arcas giving a demo of Sea Dragon and Photosynth technology recently acquired by Microsoft.