Yet More "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

Chris Higgins

June brought us the classic Gallery of "Misused" Quotation Marks, September was full of More "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, and now "unnecessary" quotation marks are goin

How Climate Change is Messing with Sports

Jason Plautz

We've all heard about the dangers of global warming and climate change.

Last Call with Michael Stusser

Mangesh Hattikudur

Hello again! Michael Stusser, here, with my final day of Blogstery! Several notables bit the dust on this day in history: Robert E.

What I've Seen On My Commute

Jason English

This is why I take the bus. The money's on sale! You can't afford not to withdraw

Friday Happy Hour: Inheritances

Jason English

Today's topic is a morbid one: inheritances. Over the summer, I read an article in USA Today about the "Giving While Living" phenomenon.

This really happens

Ransom Riggs

Cars and gas stations and gas pumps have all been around for plenty of years, but for some reason, lately, I've been hearing an awful lot about one particular kind of disaster involving the unfor

Seven Places To Stay In Dubai (If You Stay In Dubai Seven Times)


The city of Dubai is poised to become the millionaire playground of the 2010s, with its economy crafted to accommodate businesses and other tourism-specific developments.

Weekend Word Wrap: Pittsburghese

David K. Israel

Lots of cities can boast funny accents and unique, geographic-specific words.

October 12, 2007

Miss Cellania

Nature's Great Survivors: Water Bears. I had never heard of this animal that can survive being frozen, boiled, dehydrated, and irradiated. The 5 Most Terrifying Foods in the World.

Around the world in a few good garage sales, Part II


NAME: Lucy Cousins OCCUPATION: Director, South American Explorers, Buenos Aires LOCATION OF GARAGE SALE: The clubhouse of SAE in Buenos Aires PURPOSE OF SALE: To raise money for our non-profit FAV

The Best of TV on DVD

Chris Higgins

In recent years, I've spent countless hours watching serial TV shows on DVD, devouring episode after episode.

Things Nobody Told Me: Boy Scout Fashion

Mangesh Hattikudur

This is a new idea I'm trying out where I talk about something trivial I just learned about and then act outraged about how nobody told me.

Seven Curses That Seem To Be Doing Their Jobs (plus that Billy Goat one)

Stacy Conradt

Looks like the Curse of the Billy Goat has struck again, and with the Cubs' loss last weekend, it will be at least one more year until the curse is lifted.

You know him, you love him... Michael Stusser!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Good day!

Feel Art Again: The Persistence of Memory

Andréa Fernandes

Salvador Dali's La persistencia de la memoria (The Persistence of Memory), like the Mona Lisa, is one of the most famous and most referenced paintings of all time.