Surreal, silent raves sweeping the world

Ransom Riggs

They're called "flash mobs," and they started popping up in the U.S. a few years ago. Coordinated via the internet, large groups converge at a particular place, where they do ...

Giant crystals explained!

Ransom Riggs

You've probably seen the pictures: Mexican miners dwarfed by enormous gypsum crystals more than thrice their size.

Men Who Knit


Oh, they do. And here's proof:, where there are forums, insightful polls (e.g.

Chris Higgins is a highly functional web site with a single purpose: "Because people have a need to glue things to other things." You select the two things to glue and the site recommends

Modest Mouse's fish tale fantasy

Ransom Riggs

It takes a lot to catch my jaded attention these days, especially in a music video.

On Music: thievery

David K. Israel

Call it inspiration, call it thievery, call it the ultimate form of flattery, or homage "“ but composers have been lifting or borrowing tunes from each other since before they were even putting t

The Lure of Fishing

Miss Cellania

Now that the daylight lasts longer and the weather is more pleasant, it's time to confront the big decision: should I mow the lawn or go fishing? Field and Stream published a list of the 50 Be

Is That A Bird in Your Mouth, or Are You Just That Good?


Now that Peter, Bjorn and John are bringing whistling back, I've started to notice other young folks brushing up on their whistling.

How we learned to stop having fun

Ransom Riggs

In a recent, fascinating piece in the Guardian, acclaimed author Barbara Ehrenreich explores the roots of modern depression, and tracks it very specifically to Europe in the early 17th century.

If You're Not Watching...

Chris Higgins

Taking the Movie-a-Minute idea a step further, today I present you: If You're Not Watching..., a blog featuring fictionalized "recaps" of popular TV shows. From one of my favorites,

McAmazing Commercial

Jason English

I was working on a post about past McDonald's slogans when I found this video. Never mind the old taglines, just

Evolution of a toilet

David K. Israel

Here's a first: I was doing the weekly Turnip yesterday and came across a bunch of dates so fascinating, I thought they deserved their own post.

Are most geeks atheists?

Ransom Riggs

No one would suggest that most atheists are geeks; that would be a dangerous generalization.

Missing Persons Alert

Will Pearson

mental_floss is seeking information that will lead to the discovery of eight prominent people who have vanished in the annals of history.

Disambiguation time: Lizzie Borden

Ransom Riggs

We Flossers love us some Wikipedia, and not just because it makes our fact-finding missions easier and may be frequently and disastrously incorrect.