The Madden Curse strikes again


You've probably heard of the Sports Illustrated Curse, which hangs over the heads of many pro athletes featured on the mag's cover -- but if you aren't completely obsessed with sports-r

Pimp My Casket

Mangesh Hattikudur

The Cellar's Image of the Day has another pic I simply had to share with you guys.

One more thing you might not know about death


This article on 20 Things You Didn't Know About Death (woo hoo!

Popcorn Secret

Jason English

Dog ownership has taught me many lessons, most of them profound. But not all of them. Soon after we brought Bailey home, I started to notice a distinct popcorn aroma.


David K. Israel

What's the coolest thing about the Internet? Ask ten people and you're likely to get ten different answers.

Hitler's Paintings for Sale

Mangesh Hattikudur

Speaking of strange art happenings, I saw this on CNN, and was kind of amazed/disturbed.

Oh, baby: Mona Lisa's Smirk Revealed!

Mangesh Hattikudur

While I can't claim to understand the technology, CNN is reporting that French and Canadian art experts have uncovered the reason for the Mona Lisa's half-smile"¦ apparently, she'd

Happy birthday, "E = mc²!"


101 years ago today, Albert Einstein published the paper "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?" in Annalen der Physik, forever imprinting into the minds of physics buff

Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: The NFL's most punitive punishers


Included among the various oddities of a childhood spent in Pacific Palisades, California, are as follows: 1) Michael Keaton was my flag football coach; 2) I was big enough to start on the offensive l

More absurd place names: Towns named for animals


I never thought I'd say this, but I saw something amusing in an airline magazine recently and wanted to share -- a list of American cities named after various animals, ranging from the obvious (B

Idiot of the Day: Wait, then where is Prime Meridia?


Reader Deborah provides today's tale of stupidity: Once when I was on a flight to Nairobi, Kenya from Paris, France, I got up to stretch my legs and ended up in conversation with someone I knew

Where Ships Go To Die

Mangesh Hattikudur

I saw this link to a Foreign Policy photo essay, and thought that the photos were both too startling and amazing to ignore.

DIY Nuke Detector

Ransom Riggs

if your only source of news is the Daily Show or the occasional CNN bottom-of-screen headline crawl, you're probably aware that terrorists want to kill you, your grandpa and quite possibly

The return of the slideshow!

Mangesh Hattikudur

The Raw Feed is reporting today that German researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden have figured out a way to turn your phone into a projector, meaning you'll

Public Service Announcement


The toupees are coming! The toupees are coming!