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11 Great Gift Ideas From the mental_floss Store (and They're All 20% Off This Weekend!)

Jason English

There's a sale going on in the Home & Office aisle of the mental_floss store this weekend. Here are some of the great gift ideas that are 20% off — just use the coupon code HOMESALE.

11 Famous People Who Started as Lowly TV Writers

Colin Patrick

Becoming a comedic icon doesn't happen overnight. It takes years and years of hard work.

11 Reasons Athletes Change Their Names

Jason Plautz

Lakers star Ron Artest made waves this summer when he announce he was changing his name to Metta World Peace.

11 Public Art Projects You Might Have Missed

Rob Lammle

For more than a decade, cities all over the world have been regularly invaded during the height of the tourist season by colorfully painted statues of animals or objects, all in an effort to raise mon

11 Artistic Renderings of Pee-wee Herman

Hillary Buckholtz

This past summer, Gallery1988 held a collaborative art show called "I Know You Art, But What Am I?", a tribute to Pee-wee Herman.

11 Wars That Led to Natural Disasters

Erik Sass

We've discussed 11 Natural Disasters That Led to Wars. Let's switch that around.

11 Natural Disasters That Led to Wars

Erik Sass

11 Things You Can Take on a Plane

Lauren Harrell

Carolina K. Smith, M.D.

Here's a Question

Jason English

It's a crazy day around here with all the 11 lists, so this week I only have one question for you: do you have any Friday Happy Hour questions you'd like to see asked?

11 Child Prodigies and the Amazing Things They'd Done by Age 11

Jamie Spatola

Enjoy being humbled (humiliated?) by these 11 amazing child prodigies – some from history and some doing their prodigy thing in the here and

11 Elevens Worth Remembering

Adam Raymond

On 11/11/11, here are 11 of the most important 11s to ever 11. 1. The maple leaf on the Canadian flag has 11

Pictures at 11: 11 Photojournalism Classics

David K. Israel

1. Into the Jaws of Death by Robert F.

Free Tote Bag With Orders of $50

Jason English

11 Classic Songs That Were Banned

Mark Juddery

Radio stations have censored or banned records for almost as long as they have been playing them.

11 Antiquated "P" Words From the American Slang Dictionary

Ethan Trex

As you might guess, we’ve got a lot of books here at the mental_floss New York office.