A hairy finale: pigs, a lovely neo-Itt, and hair poachers


A while back, Neatorama featured this picture of Xia Aifeng, a Chinese woman who hasn't had a haircut--good or otherwise--in 16 years.

23 Album Covers that Changed Everything!

Mangesh Hattikudur

There are several reasons I loved working on the Saints and Sinners Issue.

The Envelope Please

Jason English

I'm here to announce the winners of yesterday's eBay scavenger hunt, "What Will You Find For A T-Shirt?" First of all, give yourselves a round of applause.

C-SPAN Uncensored: Washington's Dirty Mouths and Minds

Jason Plautz

This whole Larry Craig sex sting story, followed by the one about federal prosecutor trying to have sex with a five-year-old got me to thinking about depravity in Washington.

Archives: The New York Times and Siskel, Ebert, and Roeper

Chris Higgins

Great news for, well, pretty much everyone with a web browser -- two archives are now available for free via the web.

Sketch comedy, Elizabethan-style

Ransom Riggs

Following on the heels of yesterday's post on language (repetitive phraseology to be exact -- guess we touched a nerve!), I thought I'd offer up a comedy sketch I wrote back in college in wh

Friday Happy Hour

Jason English

Higgins has been on fire lately. First he sparked an engrossing conversation about which authors inspired you to read all their books.

Weekend Word Wrap: litotes

David K. Israel

Today's Wrap was going to be on hyperbole, but then I thought, nahhhh, litotes, sorta the opposite of hyperbole, would probably be much more interesting. So if hyperbole is emphasis by exagger

September 21, 2007

Miss Cellania

  Professor Randy Pausch makes his last lecture one to remember.

Please let me have: your worst haircuts


Ok, so we've asked you about the most expensive haircut you've ever received. But what about the worst?

The '_flossy Stuff on eBay' Challenge

Jason English

So far, so great. Lots of fun connections, too, like handcuffed orange juice and O.J.'s helmet.

Visualizing Movie Dialogue

Chris Higgins

Designer/programmer Eva Schindling has posted Cinematic Particles, an online applet that creates art based on the dialogue in popular movies. Cinematic Particles creates smoky, abstract images base

What Will You Find For A T-Shirt?

Jason English

A while back, mental_floss research editor Sandy Wood stumbled across our first ten issues for sale on eBay.

Repetitive redundancies and other ridiculous nonsense

Ransom Riggs

The English language, as commonly spoken in this country, is full of excessive verbiage and unnecessary phraselogical redundancy -- in other words, tautology. Taut "¢ ol "¢ o "¢ gy:

Where Are They Now, And Who Were They Then?—Advertising Icons Edition

Jason English

Our fabulous research editor Kara Kovalchik has been catching up with the previous generation of advertising icons. Here's what she learned. 1. Crazy