Weird Stuff Found in Bogs

Ransom Riggs

For my money, whether you call 'em bogs, tarns, mires or moors, bogs are one of the strangest ecosystems on earth.

How Did You Know? - {day 1}

David K. Israel

We're back with another 5-day trivia hunt! Again, the rules: Every remaining day this week, I'll be presenting a specific challenge.

Nuclear Bomb vs. Dirty Nuclear Bomb: What's the Difference?

Floss books

The Dilemma: What Just Happened?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Trebuchet Toaster

Miss Cellania

A trebuchet is a medieval machine used to fling objects, such as globs of burning pitch, over the ramparts and into the strongholds of the enemy. The modern version will fling toasted bread.

Brain Game: Always Tip Pizza Guy

If you ever lived with a roommate in college, you've been one of the three guys mentioned in this story. Admit it. Go on. Pizza Guy just arrived, and you're broke.

Morning Cup of Links: Sexy Panda

Miss Cellania

Slice has a descriptive List of Regional Pizza Styles. In some places they consider it normal to put the sauce on last!

We Owe People Books!

Jason English

I'll be honest: I'd rather skip this round-up of winners from last Friday and instead post some of your photos taken with random celebrities.

12 College Classes We Wish Our Schools Had Offered

Stacy Conradt

Editor's Note: The deadline for our $50,000 Tuition Giveaway is January 31.

10 Places You've Heard the Wilhelm Scream

Stacy Conradt

No one knows who recorded the Wilhelm scream, but sound designer Ben Burtt coined its name based on the 1953 Charge at Feather River - the character Private Wilhelm is hit with an arrow and screams t

How to Sell a Car

Ransom Riggs

I wandered into a car dealership yesterday with a few innocent questions and about twenty minutes to spare ... big mistake.

Carl Sagan Explains the Fourth Dimension

Chris Higgins

We're all pretty familiar with the first three dimensions -- after all, we experience those dimensions daily as we move about our world.

Football's Most Painful Injuries

Chris Weber

This season, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has set out to make his league a kinder, gentler place.

The Million-dollar Office Redecoration: It Could've Been Worse

Miss Cellania

Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain spent $1.22 million in company dollars to redecorate his office in early 2008. The Daily Beast has a list of all the items on which he spent all that money.

Big T-Shirt Sale Ends Tonight at 11:59pm!

Mangesh & Jason

Our big t-shirt sale continues until one minute before midnight. All mental_floss t-shirts are $14.90.

Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #6

What better way to start your Monday than with a Really, Really Bad Rebus puzzle (and a strong cup of coffee to spit out when you've solved it)?