Friday Fun - Photographing Squirrels

Chris Higgins

Nature Photographer Scott Alan Johnson has crossed a photographic fourth wall, involving squirrels as photographers in his photographs of squirrels.

Which came first, the chicken or the T-Rex?

Ransom Riggs

Okay, obviously the T-Rex. But as it turns out, they have much more in common than just a clever blog title.

Weekend Word Wrap: contronyms

David K. Israel

First coined by Richard Lederer in the late 80s, contronyms are a whole lotta fun. I've also read that they're called antagonyms, as well.

a mental_floss worksheet: Paint-By-Numbers Brain Anatomy

Will Pearson

As a wrinkly gray blob, the brain is a pretty funny-looking organ.

Coyotes: They're Just Like Us


I know this is an animal post, but it's not exactly ripped from the annals of Cute Overload.

The Human Clock

Chris Higgins

On the heels of yesterday's Yugo Nakamura Appreciation Day featuring interesting online clocks, I thought I'd share my favorite online timepiece: The Human Clockâ„¢ (view the clock here).

100-year-old photo blog

Ransom Riggs isn't just another photo blog: it's devoted to photos from the past, presented as simply and straightforwardly as modern blog-photos are.

Attention authors: please stop dying

Ransom Riggs

I could handle it -- just barely -- when we lost B.C. creator Johnny Hart earlier this week. But this is where I draw the line: yesterday, Kurt Vonnegut died at the age of 84.

IQ-tips: Putting the I'm in IM

David K. Israel

By now everyone's heard about Bill Gates' charitable endeavors and the enormous sums of money he's giving away. But did you know that you can get involved, too, now?

It Ain't Easy Being Geisha

Miss Cellania

Geisha are traditional female Japanese entertainers and social companions.

Bad Elf


RPGs have caused a lot of upset before--gamers are an easy target, surely--but if games get in the wrong (and perhaps improperly medicated?) hands, they get in the wrong hands.

1000 Blank White Cards

Chris Higgins

I like card games as much as the next guy, but it seems like half the fun must be in creating the cards and making up the rules. (Okay, maybe that's just one-third of the fun.

Ikea hacking

Ransom Riggs

Most hackers concentrate their efforts on computers, cell phones, important military mainframes, etc.

Yugo Nakamura Appreciation Day

David K. Israel

I know you're all going to love this clock by wunder-degi-designer/programmer/artist Yugo Nakamura. And when you're done, be sure to check out the rest of his highly interactive

A Film About A Font

Jason English

Back in February, we had a short discussion about the origin of famous font names.