Out of Commission

Jason English

Major technological problems here today. The site's been down for hours. Sorry, everybody. If you're reading this, I have no idea whether that means we're back up for good.

5 Famous Missing Fingers

Chris Higgins

You can do a lot with less than the normal complement of fingers -- including becoming a guitar legend! Here are five famous examples of people achieving fame despite missing some digits! 1.

The Weird Week ending February 1st

Miss Cellania

Man Sets Station On Fire Over Playlist 24-year-old Paul Webster Feinstein has been charged with arson in the case of the February 5th fire at radio station KOOP in Austin, Texas.

7 February Holidays

Miss Cellania

February is a tough month. We're in the final stretch of winter, and spring seems like a long way off. Maybe that's why they made it the shortest month. But that wasn't enough!

8 Unique Newspapers

Andréa Fernandes

Since newspapers are generally intended for geographic areas, not to cover specific topics, finding newspapers that are unusual for one reason or another can be tricky.

9 Bizarre But Entertaining Card Games

Stacy Conradt

When my cousins and I were younger, we would play this card game called "Spit" for hours and hours on end (when we weren't playing Paperboy on the Nintendo or watching Rock 'n'

10 Landmark Moments in Animation History

David K. Israel

1. 1914: A Prehistoric Dinosaur Leads the Wave of the

February 1st, 2008

Miss Cellania

Inside the Navy's Armed-Robot Labs. A gallery of the mechanized soldiers of the future. Like in the Terminator movies. * Does online match-making really work?

Blog of Glory


Was it a sign that while flossing last night, my gums started bleeding?

Plane vs. Conveyer Belt: Hell Yeah the Plane Takes Off

Chris Higgins

UPDATE: Well, that'll teach me to blog about physics I don't fully understand!

Classic Quizzes

Jason English

By "classic," I mean "not new." But while you wait for the Monday launch of our new daily lunchtime quiz, here are three from the archives you might

The (Scientific) Truth about Double Dipping

Mangesh Hattikudur

If you're curious whether or not you should be indulging in the communal cheese dip at this year's Super Bowl party, one scientist has some answers for you. Whether or not the infamous Ge

Weekend Genius Challenge #17A: Like Sandwiches through the Hourglass...

Kara and I have had an impossible time picking a winner for our most recent Weekend Genius Challenge, where we asked you to chime in with your more unusual (but easy-to-make) sandwich concoctions.

Thank God It's Friday: 7 Reasons to Love Dragnet

Kara Kovalchik

Many of today's crime dramas owe a debt to Dragnet and its creator, Jack Webb. This week, let's take a closer look at the man, the legend. 1.

The Sine Wave of Funny

Ransom Riggs

Have you ever heard a super-repetitive joke that seemed kinda funny at first, but the longer you watched it, the funnier it got?