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Sesame Street + Philip Glass = Crazy Brain Explosion

Chris Higgins

In 1979, Philip Glass composed some music for Sesame Street; the music was used to back geometric animations showing how a simple circle could be subdivided and repeated to make more complex shapes an

Sneak Peek #3: My LOVE Don't Cost a Thing

Mangesh Hattikudur

The new Jan/Feb issue hits newsstands this week, and we've got another preview for you.

6 Christmas Firsts

Kara Kovalchik

Do you know which president put up the first White House Christmas Tree? Ever wonder which department store hosted the first department store Santa?

Menorah or Chanukiyah?

David K. Israel

Most people are familiar with the Chanukah menorah's nine branches—one for each night, plus the tall, center branch for the shamash (literally "the attendant").

Tata Swach

Miss Cellania

Ratan Tata was once inspired to build a cheap car when he saw a family of four balanced on a bicycle in his native India.

Internet Addiction in Asia

Ransom Riggs

There's some debate over whether "internet addiction" is even properly classifiable as a behavioral disorder, but if it is, there's certainly a not-insignificant percentage of folk

Brain Game: The Ponders

The Ponders are a five-on-five intramural basketball team. Last week, they won a game 87-83. All five of their starters scored, and none of the bench players saw any action.

Love Notes From A Dying Child

Jill Harness

When five year old Elana Desserich was diagnosed with brain cancer, she wanted to leave her parents something special.

Morning Cup of Links: Eigenharp Music

Miss Cellania

Keeping in mind that colonies of people may be traveling together for hundreds of years,  what sort of governance should we carry to other planets?

Last Chance for Free Shipping! (Ends at Midnight)

Mangesh & Jason

You don't want any part of the mall this time of year.

Sneak Peek #2: Animals at War

Mangesh Hattikudur

The countdown continues! The new Jan/Feb issue is just a few days from hitting newsstands, and we're eager to give you a glimpse of some more content.

The rebirth of the book?

David K. Israel

We've been hearing it for the last decade: technology is killing traditional publishing.  And, indeed, if you ask my book agent, it's getting harder and harder to sell a traditional print b

22 Great Photos Found in Presidential Libraries

Jason English

A few weeks ago, after stumbling across this photo of John Travolta and Princess Diana dancing at the White House, I sent our readers on a Presidential Library scavenger hunt.

Sneak Peek #1: The Benefits of Global Warming?!

Mangesh Hattikudur

The new Jan/Feb issue of mental_floss magazine is just about to hit newsstands, and we're eager to give you a glimpse of some of the great content!

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

Through the years Santa has taken on many forms, but a biker? A penguin? These are just a few of the more recent incarnations of the man we called Claus. * Vanity thy name is ...