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12 Ice Cream Secrets From Ben & Jerry's Flavor Gurus

Jennifer M Wood the mag

Including the one flavor they'll never make.

The Secrets Issue is On Sale Now!

Jessanne Collins

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,” Roald Dahl wrote, “because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” He was a wartime spy–turned author who wrote ab

Weekend Links: Manhole Cover Art

Roma Panganiban

Two More Casualties of World War I in Belgium

Erik Sass

The Great War never really ended, in the sense that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of tons of unexploded munitions buried across Europe.

Are You Smarter Than an Eighth Grader? 1912 Edition

Lucas Reilly

Travel back to 1912 and pretend this is your exit exam to the real world.

Our Interview with Hellboy Creator Mike Mignola

Rich Barrett

Weekend Links: Pasta Behind the Scenes

Roma Panganiban

Watch the Watson "Jeopardy!" Match

Chris Higgins

9 Birds Caught Using Some Very Naughty Language

Mark Mancini

If you’re going to teach Polly how to talk, you’d better watch what you say! Here are nine of the world’s most “fowl”-mouthed avians.

Here's What the First-Ever NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Looked Like

Nick Greene

This wasn't exactly Showtime Lakers vs. Jordan's Bulls.

Why Does Booze Make You Gain Weight?

Clair McLafferty

A Likely Excuse: Missing A Date In The Pre-Cellphone Era

Hannah Keyser

Poor George P. Keyes of Stapleton, Staten Island.

The Missing Links: Unbelievable Underground

Colin Patrick

15 Delightful and Delicious Muppet Cakes

Jill Harness

Muppets Most Wanted is finally out! That’s something worth celebrating—and any good celebration needs cake.

12 Chinese Travel Tips for Visiting America

Therese Oneill

Advice the Chinese give their own countrymen on how to handle the peculiarities of American culture.