Armchair Field Trip: Gorging on Fried Foods at the State Fair of Texas

Stacy Conradt

Before this week, I would have told you that the Iowa State Fair is arguably the best State Fair in the U.S.

The Secret Life of Machines

Chris Higgins

I have fond memories of watching The Secret Life of Machines on The Discovery Channel in the early 90's -- back in the days when the channel was mostly about sharks and David Attenborough films.

For the felon in your life

Ransom Riggs

A new series of greeting cards have been getting rave reviews from prison officials: designed specifically for receipt by inmates, they don't fold up or have any pop-ups that could hide contraban

Friday Happy Hour: Technical Difficulties

Jason English

My computer died yesterday. My two-month-old MacBook. It was a hard drive crash, and it was sudden and demoralizing. At 9:30 this morning, a data recovery expert will attempt to resuscitate.

October 19, 2007

Miss Cellania

Top Ten Most Unusual College Degrees. I would like to go back and study Adventure Recreation, but I probably need Comedy: Writing and Performance more. The World as I See It, by Albert Einstein.

Weekend Word Wrap: lousy lyrics

David K. Israel

By my way of thinking, a lousy lyric isn't one that I can't immediately make sense of—I'm happy to use my imagination—but one that violates the simplest, most basic

Valley of the Ventriloquists


Recently, to feed my Gosling-film quota, I saw Lars and the Real Girl, in which a 27 year-old man presents a blow-up doll as his

Armchair Field Trip: The Grassy Knoll

Stacy Conradt

Whether you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or think that John F.

Feel Art Again: The Champion Single Sculls

Andréa Fernandes

October in Philadelphia is a beautiful time of year. Thomas Eakins' painting, The Champion Single Sculls (Max Schmitt in a Single Scull), perfectly captures a perfect Philadelphia October day.

Le Grand Content

Chris Higgins

On Tuesday we looked at Jessica Hagy's Indexed -- a blog in which diagrams are a source of humor.

Shorts that don't suck, vol. I

Ransom Riggs

Take it from me -- I've made lots of 'em, been to lots of short film festivals and waded through a seemingly endless number of cringe-inducing shorts as a screener for the LA Film Festival -

The 12 Days of "In the Beginning"

Mangesh Hattikudur

We've got another great excerpt from our latest effort In the Beginning for you. There are just 12 more days before it hits stands.

Gruesome Halloween Party Food

Miss Cellania

You can make food to look like anything, including things no one would ever eat. All these suggestions come with recipes and instructions. Remember, for a scary Halloween party, presentation is

Things considered a big deal in Europe but not in the States - Part 3: the Smart Car

David K. Israel

In case you've been asleep "˜til now, we've covered Nutella and Eurovision thus far in this feature. Today, I thought we'd explore another European fav, the Smart Car.

October 18, 2007

Miss Cellania

New record set for the "Cannonball Run", driving from New York to Los Angeles. They averaged over 90 miles per hour for 31 hours!