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The Quick 10: 10 Mascots You Didn't Know the Names Of

Stacy Conradt

We see them day in and day out and often bring them into our homes to hang out with our families... but we don't even know their real names. Tsk.

Fantastically Imaginative Playhouses

Jill Harness

When I was a kid, I longed for a simple treehouse to play in. But the playhouses featured on Web Urbanist put my childhood fantasies to shame.

11 Famous Roommates From the World of Sports

Ethan Trex

Most of us remember our college roommates as partners in crime who ate all our Easy Mac.

Portion Distortion: 10 Food Servings, Now Vs. Then

David K. Israel

Ever wonder who decides how many Gummy Bears = 1 serving? (18) Or that one cup of Wheaties = 1 serving?

Bizarre But Clever Christmas Decorations

Miss Cellania

I knew a family once that had several mounted deer heads on their walls. At Christmas time, they would put a red clown nose on one of the trophies, which I though was rather clever.

Brain Game: Number Block Puzzle #3

Here's the third entry in our Brain Game number block puzzle series.

Makin' Copies: the Complete History

Ransom Riggs

My friend Diana Rooks wrote this fun piece on the history of carbon copies, which originally appeared in History Magazine back in August '06.

Morning Cup of Links: 8-bit Christmas

Miss Cellania

Seven Psychological Principles Con Artists Exploit. Now, are you going to use this knowledge to protect yourself or to set up shop? (via Kottke) * Have an 8-bit Christmas!

The Late Movies: Rock On, Wesley Willis

Chris Higgins

"I make music, I sing my ass off." With these words, Wesley Willis opens a short documentary shown below.

6 David & Goliath Trademark Disputes

Rob Lammle

Every businessperson would agree that trademark infringement is a serious issue.

Pee-Wee Herman's 1988 Christmas Special: Streaming Online!

Chris Higgins

Remember Pee-Wee Herman's 1988 Christmas Special? It featured an insanely long list of guest-stars, including: Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Grace Jones, k.d.

The Quick 10: 10 of the Longest Movie Titles

Stacy Conradt

Need I say more? I think this one speaks for itself! 1. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? (11 words)2.

What Alyssa Milano Wants for Her 37th Birthday

Jason English

One of our most vocal and visible fans is actress Alyssa Milano, who has been spreading the word about mental_floss via Twitter to her 460,000 followers. Feels like we owe her something.

Raw Eggs: Delicious & Nutritious?

Jill Harness

Americans have been told their whole lives to avoid eating raw eggs for fear of salmonella poisoning, but in many other countries (including Japan), raw eggs are a common treat.

3 Unusual Twitter accounts worth following

David K. Israel

1. @Cookbook Maureen Evans is a 27-year-old from British Columbia who's studying for a master's in creative writing at Queen's University Belfast.