Russian stamps depict the darndest things

Ransom Riggs

Some things just get lost in translation. That's my best explanation for the following head-scratcher, used widely across Russia in 1968 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army.

Photos Taken On The Way To Work

Jason English

I don't always carry a camera. Yesterday, I did. We've been receiving mail for my home's previous owners regularly for almost three years.

Wearing Your Lungs on Your Sleeve

Mangesh Hattikudur

NewScientist's Short Sharp Science blog had a plug for this newly designed Smoking Jacket.

Pac-Man Skull Re-created!

Mangesh Hattikudur

According to OhGizmo, an artist and a palaeontologist have created a breakthrough in video game sciences by combining forces and recreating Pac-Man's skull.

If I only had a (half a) brain

Ransom Riggs

As someone who's never even broken a bone -- not even as a kid when I used to climb (and fall out of) trees, jump off swing sets and wrestle viciously with my friends -- it's tough for me to

Scattered Ashes

Jason English

Yesterday, Tim Nudd of Adfreak mentioned Major League Baseball-branded urns (via Make The Logo Bigger).

Weekend Word Wrap: when words get in the way

David K. Israel

I know I have a problem with the incorrect use of certain words.

First Annual Flossy Awards

David K. Israel

There's a piece in the current (June) issue of the Harvard Business Review on the scarcity of exceptionally creative minds in which Daniel J.

Extreme Croquet


Yes, another extreme version of a sport or hobby (extreme ironing being my favorite).

Redesigning The Big Rig

Jason English

If tractor trailers were really designed like this, I would drive more. My friend Sonali sent these my way. We're not sure where they came from or who deserves credit.

Give us your best guess: more baffling signage

Ransom Riggs

Gadling picked this up via user Sel on Flickr, but no one on either of those sites has the foggiest idea what this sign means. I think our readers are smarter, however, so give it your best shot!

Bill Cosby, Dentists, and Sign Language

Chris Higgins

The other weekend (on Mother's Day, actually) I had the privilege of seeing Bill Cosby live in concert. It was a great show, and the audience was literally roaring for most of it.

Short Circuit Drum Circle

Mangesh Hattikudur

Check out this amazing, interactive drumming robot from Georgia Tech.

Finally, a water that works

Ransom Riggs

We've endured a lot of fad waters over the years, especially recently.

The top 15 most innovative countries in the world

David K. Israel

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company of my favorite mag The Economist, published a study last week rating 82 countries in terms of innovation.