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Why Isn’t Fish Considered Meat During Lent?

Lucas Reilly

The past six Fridays, Catholics observing Lent have skipped sirloin in favor of fish sticks. Why?

Morning Cup of Links: Pizza in the Wild

Miss Cellania

7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Efficient

5 Questions: Va-"Moose"

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5 of Chemistry's Most Talented Elements

Judy Dutton

Kitchen pranks, bathroom alchemy, and the trick to killing Godzilla. Here are chemistry’s most talented elements.

10 Near-Trades That Would've Changed NBA History

Nick Greene

In an alternate dimension there's a Bulls team with Kobe, Bird was a Pacer, and Jordan revived the Clippers.

How Maple Syrup is Made

Chris Higgins

There's a series of tubes.

Gabo's Wild Ride: The Incredible Adventures of Gabriel García Márquez

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez has died at the age of 87. This profile originally appeared in mental_floss magazine in 2009.

What Do You Call Sweetened Carbonated Beverages?

Jason English

What do people call soft drinks in your neck of the woods?

The Missing Links: Rare Footage From Action Park

Colin Patrick

The Unauthorized Biography of the Easter Bunny

Ethan Trex

The Easter Bunny is a beloved springtime character, but look deeper and you’ll realize nobody gives away that much chocolate unless they’re hiding something.

Extreme Engineering: How to Land on Mars

David W Brown

In this series, Mental Floss will examine the engineering problems associated with humanity’s most extreme endeavors, from mining asteroids to colonizing the ocean, and explain how engineers plan to s

8 Memorable Rejection Letters

Jennifer M Wood

These letters may not have contained the responses the candidates were hoping for, but a memorable rejection is better than a cold form letter from human resources.

Morning Cup of Links: Scary Easter Bunnies

Miss Cellania

What Do The Girl Scouts Do With All That Cookie Money?

Hannah Keyser

Whether you prefer Thin Mints or Samoas, the pint-sized entrepreneurs peddling their sweet treats are making an awful lot of dough off of our national obsession with Girl Scout cookies.