The Long Arm of the Law

Jason English

For our first Christmas as a couple, my future wife gave me this sign. She and her brother had it engraved. I found this incredibly funny.

Urban spelunking with famous authors

Ransom Riggs

In which former flosser-turned-famous-author John Green and National Book Award winner MT Anderson explore some of the hauntingly beautiful and strange abandoned buildings of Detroit.

It's QUIZ time again

David K. Israel

You guys liked last week's soundbite quiz so much, we decided to do another with a different approach. CALLING ALL MOVIE BUFFS: turn your speakers up and have fun!

Ransom Riggs

Y'all may remember some exceedingly funny movies we posted a few months back, in an ersatz retrospective of the Los Angeles-based

MIT OpenCourseWare - Free College Courses Online

Chris Higgins

Ever wanted to audit a college course online, without having to pay for it? With MIT OpenCourseWare, you can access 1,550 courses on topics ranging from History to Physics and Women's Studies.

Weekend Word Wrap: Your Default Song

David K. Israel

I'm nearly certain I've invented something original here and wanted to share it for two reasons: a) how many times do you really get to be self-congratulatory in life, eh?

A Better Kind of War


The pet project of David Humphries is finally starting to come out of the underground.

Let's get animal: movies with misleading titles

Ransom Riggs

What's with all the movies whose titles make them seem like kid-friendly animal flicks (you know, like Snakes on a Plane) until you plunk down your $12.50 only to discover that you've been f

Signs of Life

Chris Higgins

The Signs of Life blog is a community art project documenting unusual signs from around the world.

His & Her bedrooms... zzzzz

David K. Israel

One thing we love to do here at the _floss is drop historical perspective. It's something that separates us a bit from all the other smart websites out there.

A few of our favorite trees

Ransom Riggs

There are plenty of notable trees out there -- both real and fictional, historic and living -- and in honor of Arbor Day (just five weeks away!) we wanted to share a few of our favorites.

The 5 Strangest Stories in Vice and Sports

Mangesh Hattikudur

No one's saying that drinking, smoking or drugs does an athlete any good, but it sure makes explaining their antics a whole lot

You play a what?

Miss Cellania

If you can't afford a violin or a piano, there are cheaper alternatives. And there are more expensive alternatives.

Go Outside and Play Video Games

Jason English

After a recent cold spell across the Middle Atlantic states, today's high of 59 feels like summer "“ too nice to stay indoors. You know what would be fun today? Tennis.

So You Want to Be a Storm Chaser


The only storm I ever chased was by accident--zipping through the Texas Panhandle one time.