Welcome, or something like that.

Miss Cellania

Once upon a time, just about all doormats came in three varieties. There were plain mats, mats that said "welcome", and the fancy kind that had your family name on it.

Bacon is bad for you

Ransom Riggs

You schizophrenic scientists ... make up your minds!

Is Your Baby Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Jason English

We have smart readers. It stands to reason some of you are raising smart kids. I've come for parental advice. Not for me "“ not yet, at least.

How To: Be Invisible

Maggie Koerth-Baker

If you have several billion dollars and a defense department contract: You may be able to get invisible thanks to a new technology based off the Fantastic Four.

Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

It's time for another whimsical Tuesday Turnip search wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting factoids "turn-up." Today I typed in "U.S.

While You File That Extension: Eggs Benedict


It's National Eggs Benedict Day.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's WiFi

Ransom Riggs

Most laptop junkies have done it at one time or another: opened up the laptop in a high-density, well-to-do-neighborhood, and found unencrypted networks just waiting to be surfed.

Image Macros: Intro to LOL Cats

Chris Higgins

I've long been interested in Image Macros, which are best described as web based images with text superimposed on them. Okay, that's a poor description. Here's an

Name That Guy Playing That Tune

Jason English

I find myself in New York's Port Authority twice daily. Escape is always my only goal.

A little better ... but how much?

Ransom Riggs

I drove by it three or four times before I realized what it was: a gas station.

A Naming Exercise

Jason English

We've done this before, deciphering famous people's famous initials. My lasting memory from round one? Receiving angry emails about how I capitalized edward estlin cummings.

Book Corner: the end of dog-ears?

David K. Israel

There was an interesting piece in The Economist a couple weeks back about digitized books. As you probably know, Google has been scanning books and putting them on this corner of their site.

Up Against the History of Luck...


I don't know about you, but my day's been awesome. But maybe that's just because I'm not suffering from paraskavedekatriaphobia and I'm not living in a Norse myth.

Your door is a jar. My mother is a chair.

Ransom Riggs

Check out this turn of the century tintype, posted by Swapatorium, in which this baby's mother is actually disguised as the "chair" he's sitting in.

Friday Fun - Photographing Squirrels

Chris Higgins

Nature Photographer Scott Alan Johnson has crossed a photographic fourth wall, involving squirrels as photographers in his photographs of squirrels.