100 Greatest Catchphrases in TV History

Will Pearson

    TV Land recently released its list of the 100 greatest catchphrases in TV history. A few observations: 6 are from Saturday Night Live "Hey Hey Hey!" is on the list twice.

Hummer vs Schoolbus?

Mangesh Hattikudur

Wow. I thought Volvos from the '80s were safe vehicles, but check out the unbelievably minor damage this school bus took when a Hummer careened into it.

Self-Erasing Paper?

Mangesh Hattikudur

In an effort to reduce the amount of paper offices go through every day, the folks at Xerox have come up with a novel printing technique that seems fascinating.

I always feel like somebody's watching me


Take that, Google Earth! See ya, Microsoft Virtual Earth!

Casting Literary Pitchmen (and Pitchwomen)

Jason English

Ever wanted to turn a famous work of art into a print ad? Well, you just missed your chance.

How to tell when a blog is automated


The Babystuff blog is apparently dedicated to bringing you all things baby.

Contest: We'll never eat turkey again, until next year


Perhaps, in retrospect, an 11-pound turkey was a bit excessive for two people.

It happened in Florida


Whenever I see a truly bizarre crime story, I immediately think "Pasco County, Florida." This is partly because I once worked as a crime reporter in Pasco -- where I reported on, among other

Saddest shipwreck ever

Ransom Riggs

Divers in Lake Michigan recently discovered something that could cast a pall over anyone's holiday season: a 94-year-old shipwreck, complete with the personal effects of the 17 men who went down

The Most Overrated Movies of All Time

Will Pearson

Premiere recently published its list of the 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time and the list is sure to tick some folks off.

What to wear with your Baby Toupee


My mother-in-law saw this in a magazine she was given on the Tokyo subway and sent it over. If she's trying to arouse a maternal instinct in me, it's

Using a credit card to buy one Atomic Fireball? Priceless.

Jason English

The night before any holiday where greeting cards are involved, I wind up at the stationery store. My goal is always to spend $1.99 (plus tax).

Special of the Day for Blog Readers

Will Pearson

We've added yet another t-shirt to our quirky collection. And you can buy the new Alfred Nobel (He's DY-NO-MITE!) shirt or any other mental_floss shirt at 10% off.

What up with Illinois, guys?

David K. Israel

I was visiting my folks in Philadelphia over Thanksgiving and noticed something odd: it seemed to me there were many more men walking the street than women.

What a catch!

Mangesh Hattikudur

You can keep telling yourself there are other fish in the sea (or lake, or whatever); but they're probably not as big as this one.