New Shirts are Here! New Shirts are Here!

Mangesh & Jason

OK, so the shirts aren't exactly new (they've been here for a week), but the discount does end tomorrow at midnight.

NCAA Tournament Pitfalls to Avoid

Ethan Trex

At this point, many of you have already filled out your NCAA March Madness brackets for a pool with coworkers or classmates.

LOLcat Caption Contest!!!

Ransom Riggs

(Ahem.) Forgive my enthusiasm. But we loved the entries from this week's pet photo challenge so much, we thought the best way to honor the six silliest kitty pictures was to LOL them ...

The Many Views of Abbey Road

Miss Cellania

The Iain MacMillan photograph gracing the 1969 Beatles album Abbey Road made it one of the most famous album covers ever.

3 Curious Things I Didn't Know about the Aphid

David K. Israel

Last year I was walking on the beach here in L.A. and I saw a gal wearing this Aphids Suck tee. I remember thinking: if there isn't a t-shirt for everything now! Man-o-man. Poor

March 20th, 2008

Miss Cellania

Fred Rogers would have been 80 years old today. In honor of the occasion, Mr McFeely asks you to wear your favorite sweater on March 20th. * In Most Species, Faithfulness Is a Fantasy.

5 Reasons We'll Miss Arthur C. Clarke

Chris Higgins

The late Sir Arthur C. Clarke was loved by nerds and normals alike for his contributions to literature, film, and technology.

Holy Kitsch! 5 Campy Facts About TV's Batman

Kara Kovalchik

The live-action Superman had had a decent run on network television, so in 1966, ABC pondered the ratings potential of another comic book hero: Batman.

The Best Pun IN THE WORLD!! Finalists

David K. Israel

We've narrowed down all the punny entries from last week's Best Pun IN THE WORLD!! Competition and settled on the following 10.

Seventh Caption Contest Winner!

David K. Israel

The results have been tallied from our 7th caption contest and we have our winner!

Newest Member of the Staff

Jason English

It's my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the mental_floss team.

My Favorite Monsters: the Thing Without a Name

Ransom Riggs

We've talked about several different archetypes of monster here thus far -- the zombie, which includes other mute, lumbering killing machines like Jason and Michael Myers, and the vampire, who if

And We're Back

Jason English

You may now resume your normal quiz taking. Thanks for your

Technical Difficulties

Jason English

Right now we've got a problem with our quizzes. Our best men (not pictured) are on the case. If you need me, I'll be mindlessly hitting the refresh button until the quizzes magically

Dietribes: Cookies

Allison Keene

From the Dutch koekje (diminutive of koek, "cake") we have what we know so fondly as the cookie.