Our New Isms

David K. Israel

When it comes to isms, Ferris Bueller, not Trotsky, probably has the most memorable line: "-Ism's in my opinion," he said, "are not good.

Morning Cup of Links: LED Sheep

Miss Cellania

North America's newest dinosaur had the makings of a monster: razor-sharp claws, a runner's body, and similarities with the Velociraptor of Jurassic Park infamy.

The Accidental Leftie: Sir Frederick Burton

Andréa Fernandes

Yesterday marked the 109th anniversary of the death of Sir Frederick William Burton (1816-1900).

(2) William Shakespeare vs. (15) Matt Drudge

Tournament of Genius

(2) William Shakespeare You may remember Shakespeare as arguably the greatest and most influential author. That should about do it. What, you want more?

(7) General MacArthur vs. (10) Colonel Sanders

Tournament of Genius

(7) General Douglas MacArthur MacArthur had the sort of brilliant military career new recruits can only dream of.

The 5pm Quiz: The Not-So-Fine Print

Jason English

When it comes to medication, what you don't know could kill you. Or cause eyelid droop, amnesia and decreased sweating. We've scoured the warning labels for possible side effects.

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrities Who Didn't Go from Rags to Riches

Stacy Conradt

While a fair number of celebrities come from classic rags-to-riches stories, or at least Gap-to-Gucci stories, there are also some who were born into wealth and success.

Clay Shirky on Newspapers: How the Unthinkable Happened

Chris Higgins

Clay Shirky is an adjunct professor of New Media at NYU. He writes about technology (okay, pretty much just the internet) and its effects on relationships and culture.

(6) Walt Disney vs. (11) Hugh Hefner

Tournament of Genius

(6) Walt Disney Disney turned an animated steamboat-driving mouse into an industry that completely legitimized cartoons and gave him a massive fortune.

5 Rules from my Semester at America's Holiest University

Special Guest Star

We're so excited to have author, journalist, and Brown University senior (he's still a senior!) Kevin Roose blogging with us this week.

(3) Louis Pasteur vs. (14) John Hodgman

Tournament of Genius

(3) Louis Pasteur Pasteur was microbiology's one-man wrecking crew.

The Casual Fan's Guide to 7 Tournament-Bound Schools

Scott Allen

Every year, the NCAA men's basketball tournament field features at least a handful of teams that leaves casual fans puzzled as they start to fill out their brackets.

(5) James Joyce vs. (12) Bill Simmons

Tournament of Genius

(5) James Joyce Joyce's mastery of language and inventiveness with new literary forms made him possibly the most critically acclaimed and influential novelist of the 20th century.

The Adventures of St. Patrick

Miss Cellania

Slave, traveler, evangelist, abolitionist, and saint.

(4) Beethoven vs. (13) The RZA

Tournament of Genius

(4) Beethoven We'll yield the floor to the Encyclopedia Britannica on this one: "Widely regarded as the greatest composer who ever lived, Ludwig van Beethoven dominates a period of musical