Are you ready for some jail time?


What is in the water in Cincinnati, other than boats driven by allegedy drunk football players?

2,218 years later, another "Eureka!" moment


You probably know the Greek mathematician Archimedes as the guy who figured out how buoyancy worked, leapt from his bath yelling "Eureka!," and ran through the streets of Syracuse as naked a

Watercooler Ammo: The Manhattan Manatee


Perhaps inspired by its hapless British counterpart, a manatee from Florida appears to have swum upstream -- way upstream, past Manhattan and several miles north into the Hudson River.

Seems just a little crowded

Will Pearson

In case you ever wondered what it looks like when 200,000 people head to the beach -- this is a picture of the Chinese resort of Quindao. Link via

Susan Butcher, Queen of the Mush


No matter how you feel about the Iditarod, the annual Alaskan dog-and-driver race that covers more than 1,000 miles, you've got to admire Susan Butcher, arguably its greatest champion.

Will Celibacy Turn Paris Into a Genius?

Mangesh Hattikudur

With CNN reporting that Paris Hilton has apparently sworn off boys and taken some sort of vow of celibacy (that's hot!), it strikes me that Paris might be blossoming into the genius we always kne

I'm Lovin' this Oven!

Mangesh Hattikudur

I saw this MSN article via our good friends at Neatorama, and found it hilarious. I've often thought that my tiny Toyota could double as a sauna, but never an cooking device! Ingenious.

Life-saving invention idea

Will Pearson

New Scientist has a cool piece on an invention idea from an Israeli inventor, Eliyahu Nir.

Stormy weather


A reader named Susan, perhaps anticipating the anniversary of Katrina, wrote us wanting to know: Why are they called hurricanes over here and typhoons in China? Can a typhoon happen here?

YouTube Tuesday from Greg Veis: YouTube Hunter


Denizens of the Floss, Welcome to the first ever YouTube Tuesday. Let me just out and say it: this is a milestone.

IQ-tips: Beat the heat with... cabbage?

David K. Israel

As the year's worst heat wave continues to cook our readers in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, I thought I'd bring the following sizzling facts to the floor, courtesy of &

Was it a car or a cat I saw?


Ishmael of the amusing word blog Everyone Is Jumping Off the Brooklyn Bridge noticed our post on the Anagram Hall of Fame from last week and dredged up a few more, including this gem: To be or not

Learning from termites

Will Pearson

When architects in Harare, Zimbabwe were planning to build the Eastgate shopping centre, they looked to termites for guidance on building their cooling systems.

The 11th plague was "Piranha 2: The Spawning"


James Cameron's post-Titanic life is just getting weirder and weirder: In The Exodus Decoded, a 90-minute documentary that will be shown in America this month, Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici, the

Watercooler Ammo: Too-Much-Fun with Photoshop


Reuters has suspended Lebanese photographer Adnan Hajj for turning in the following picture, which features cotton-ball clouds obviously faker than a portrait of Pam