Teach a bird to fish...

Mangesh Hattikudur

I couldn't resist posting this pic from TheCellar, just because the fish's expression is too funny. Click the link above to scan more great

Video games at school cure fatness

Ransom Riggs

Sound like a foolhardy idea? Sure, until you realize they're not talking about Ms.

Weekend Word Wrap: mnemonics

David K. Israel

First I want to congratulate Bill "T" on his winning entry from last week's Word Wrap.

Selling out: great actors in terrible movies

Ransom Riggs

Any b-lister can make a bad movie just for the paycheck. But it takes real talent to achieve true sell-out status -- as some of our best actors have demonstrated.

That's One Big Baby...

Mangesh Hattikudur

Yahoo News is reporting that a newborn baby from Cancun called "Super Tonio" is causing quite the stir in the resort town.

Where unlikely superheroes go to die

Ransom Riggs

Yes, it's the internet.

Thingamajig Thursday: tub trip levers and such

David K. Israel

Welcome to yet another Thingamajig Thursday.

Crazy laws #312: Canada

Ransom Riggs

"We wish to inform new immigrant arrivals that the way of life which they abandoned when they left their countries of origin cannot be recreated here," a declaration on the Canadian village

Welcome to the Gun Show

Mangesh Hattikudur

Let me start off by saying that I'm terrified of guns. On my list of fears, number 1 is snakes (obviously) and number 2, guns.

Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: Free Kobe!


Editor's Note: This YouTube Tuesday post was sent in shortly before game time, but due to computer problems, didn't make it up in time for tipoff.

Can carbon monoxide stop MS?

Mangesh Hattikudur

New Scientist is reporting that Portuguese researchers have discovered that small doses of carbon monoxide may hinder multiple sclerosis in mice.

Happy birthday, world's coolest savant

Ransom Riggs

Today, British autistic savant Daniel Tammet is 10,220 days, or 245,280 hours old (that's 28 years for you non-savants out there).

Judgment of Paris?

David K. Israel

So you might recall the quasi-controversial post I threw up last year about super-skinny models and how Spain had barred models below a certain weight from fashion shows.

It's a peripheral smile

Ransom Riggs

We've blogged about the Mona Lisa before. Who can blame us; some 500 years after she was painted, they're still uncovering the secrets Da Vinci embedded in his masterpiece.


Mangesh Hattikudur

I just spotted these photos on TheCellar, and the things were too cuddly not to post about.