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U.S. Population Distribution by Race

Randy Olson

Devinn Jani used 2010 Census data to paint the racial map of the United States.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Plateosaurus

Mark Mancini

The word “dinosaur” wasn’t invented until 1842, but people have been stumbling across their bones for centuries, and possibly even millennia!

The Missing Links: Rock Bands Illustrated

Colin Patrick

6 Products That Were Ahead of Their Time

Therese Oneill

Not even early adopters were ready for the initial versions of these products.

9 Bizarre Weapons That Failed Spectacularly

Judy Dutton

Sometimes military research and development pays off. And sometimes you end up running from a flaming pig.

6 Complicated Concepts Explained Using Kitchen Items

Adam Raymond

The Big Bang Theory is much easier to swallow when it's explained with a muffin.

Brain Game: Moving Out

Sandy Wood

7 Super-Sized (And Somewhat Insane) Soviet Projects

Floss books

The Soviet Union decided the best way to show up the West was to build the biggest version of any given object.

Morning Cup of Links: The Music Journalism Debate

Hannah Keyser

Birds Steer Clear of Invisible Roads

Matt Soniak

Forget about whether the chicken crossed the road or not. The question for some scientists is why other birds won’t even come near a roadway.

Why Do Some Pitchers Throw Submarine Style? Why Don't More?

Hannah Keyser

If you're even a casual baseball fan, that second question—why don't more pitchers throw submarine style?—might seem preposterous.

Name That Commencement Speaker

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We've pulled ten quotes from past commencement speeches—can you figure out who delivered the remarks?

5 Questions: Isn't It a P"ity"?

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10 Crazy Ways People Amused Themselves Before Television

Kathy Benjamin

Before people had hundreds of channels, if they wanted to watch surgery or gawk at celebrity babies, they had to actually leave the house.

10 Interesting Things About Great Britain

the mag