A Slow Death for the iPod?

Mangesh Hattikudur

I've seen a lot of stuff over the past few months about Microsoft's new Zune being dubbed the iPod killer, and a David of sorts in training for his debut against the mp3 Goliath.

Baby, you can buy my car

Mangesh Hattikudur

The BBC is reporting that a 3-year old kid got on his mother's computer and won an e-Bay auction for a Barbie pink Nissan Figaro?!

Weekend Word Wrap: Reversibles

David K. Israel

In doing some research for today's Word Wrap, I learned in addition to reversible quilts and jackets, there's a big market in children's reversible clothing.

Solve 'em, Smarty!

Will Pearson

    First person to correctly answer all 5 puzzles in the Comments below receives a virtual high-five from our virtual high-five giver, Jason. Thanks to Alan from OutsidetheBoxPuzzles.

Idiot of the Day: This one's not too swift


The most remarkable thing about this anecdote, from reader Dan, is that the idiot in question actually got into college: This wasn't recently, but when I was taking a physics class in college, w

Celluloid-stumper: 6 Degrees

David K. Israel

Today's stumper is a bit different than the usual.

All the presidents' hairstyles


First we were all about executive-branch doodles; now it's about the hair.

Durham, N.C. is smokin' -- no bull!


Here's another fantastic item from an unlikely source -- the DukeMedAlumniNews bulletin.

Thingamajig Thursday: audio plugs

David K. Israel

Whelp, it's Thursday folks. And you know what that means! One more day until the weekend? Nahhh. Try time for another Thingamajig Thursday.

Don't Shoot the Messenger (he just wants to be friends)

Mangesh Hattikudur

According to the BBC, a 52-year old German man named Bernd Dressler has started a "separation agency" to help make breaking up easier.


Mangesh Hattikudur

I stumbled across "The Twisted Films of PES" yesterday, and I was completely mesmerized.

Weird city rankings

Ransom Riggs

Inspired by David's (admittedly bizarre) claim that Missouri is "the" place to live, I decided to get to the bottom of this.

Use the Force "¦ (and also, the soap and washcloth)

Mangesh Hattikudur

I'm not sure which demographic this appeals to, but has the perfect gift for people who a) love Star Wars knock-offs, b) love taking baths, and c) love thinking about their St

I feel so unclean


I've been looking into hospital hygiene for a freelance article I'm working on, and this article from the Times magazine had a doozy of a historical anecdote on the topic.

Idiot of the Day: I spy with my orbicularis oculi...


Oh, how I chortled when I read this submission to our Reduce Idiocy campaign!