The Ed Wood of the 90s?

Ransom Riggs

That's what he calls himself, at least, himself being David "The Rock" Nelson, an ex-Golden-Gloves boxer turned B-movie-maker.

Free Stuff on the iTunes Store

Chris Higgins

If you use the iTunes Store, you may have noticed the occasional free song or TV show. Well, there's a blog that tracks free iTunes content.

Just in case we destroy civilization

Ransom Riggs

It's called the Svalbard International Seed Vault, and it is, officially, Plan B.

On Music: the strings in Symphonie Fantastique

David K. Israel

I'm thrilled at how you've already taken to the ON MUSIC feature!

The family that sticks together ...

Ransom Riggs

... sticks to metal objects? Such is the case with a unique family in Taiwan, who are literally magnetic.

Three Things I Didn't Know About Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Jason English

Like I said yesterday, my mind is overflowing with random facts. I'll be pouring some out here, subject by subject, three at a time.

Blood Diamonds, Croonchy Stars


 While we're talking diamonds...My sister works customer service for Tiffany & Co., and I'm always psyched to hear all the reasons people call to harangue a luxury marketer.

X Is the New Y

Chris Higgins

The "Is The New" image from DIAGRAM visualizes the common saying "[something] is the new [something else]" in a fun infographic. Examples include: "gin is the new vodka&qu

This Whole Internet Fad Might Stick Around

Jason English

My cell phone provider tacked on an extra $630 to this month's bill.

Math explains the "beer goggles" effect

Ransom Riggs

Yes, it seems there's a formula to explain everything nowadays -- including why we sometimes give people we wouldn't normally be attracted to our phone number in bars.

On Music: the use of brass in Scheherazade

David K. Israel

Today's an exciting day for me here at the _floss.

Destination Cemeteries

Miss Cellania

Would you consider traveling thousands of miles to visit a cemetery? Lots of people do, especially if the cemetery is full of famous people, or haunted, or even humorous.

Three Things I Didn't Know About Three's Company

Jason English

I just completed my first non-blog mental_floss project. I'll save the details for later, except to say it was a five-week accelerated PhD program in peripheral knowledge.

Night of The Mass Mailers


Any decent spammer is familiar with the sting of a blighted recipient list--there's the mourning that goes with bouncebacks, the chagrin over wrong pronouns, and over the "ie" vs.

Animal Magnetism: 9 Critters that owe their names to celebrities

Mangesh Hattikudur

Having a street or a college dorm named after you has never seemed that impressive to me. You simply drop an overflowing briefcase on the right desk, and it's basically a done deal.