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Ransom Riggs

Small, apparently, is in.

Name That School

Jason English

School names generally fall into four categories. They

Rubber Ducky Flotilla Nearing Britain

Chris Higgins

In 1992, a cargo of 29,000 plastic (not rubber) ducks, turtles, and frogs was swept overboard from a container ship. The ship was bound for Seattle, carrying a cargo of toys manufactured in China.

Intrauterine sounds


If you're feeling an urge to regress--past latency, even!--perhaps you should consider a system called BabyPlus, where you can hear what babies hear during varying stages of development.

Computer Trap Shoot

Miss Cellania

If you've ever felt that shooting your computer would be the only way to totally vent your frustrations, be assured that you aren't the first to feel that way.

The Worst Internship Possible

Jason Plautz

As my byline suggests, I am an intern here at mental_floss.

Now that's a significant amount of calamari

Ransom Riggs

I really hate to rain on the parade of the fishermen who caught that 20-foot-long colossal squid in 2003, but the record's been broken -- by a whopping 13 feet.

Stuck In My Head: The Theme From Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Jason English

I woke up with the Pee-Wee's Playhouse theme stuck in my head. On repeat. This seems crazy to me, since I haven't watched an episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse in over a decade.

Coinage contest

David K. Israel

You've waited long enough!

Fourth of July Fireworks

Miss Cellania

The celebration of American Independence Day has never been small, subdued, or quiet.

Obligatory iPhone Post

Chris Higgins

Well, I've got an iPhone.

More meditations on: Pepto-Bismol


I'm visiting my parents, so naturally if I feel ill I must turn to the apothecary products that have lurked in their cupboard since I graduated high school.

Show Off Your Smarts!

Jason English

In yesterday's new feature The Analogist, I mentioned Luna 15, the Soviet spacecraft which crashed into the Moon while Neil & Buzz were there.

If Prokofiev wrote death metal

Ransom Riggs

There have been some great modern reinterpretations of classical music over the years -- I'm sure David could chime in here with some pertinent examples, but Wendy Carlos' Mooged-out version

Weekend Word Wrap: British Words/Spellings

David K. Israel

Regarding the coinage contest from last week: I promise to pick 3 winners really, really soon! Just give me a couple days to catch up after jury duty.