Watercooler chat in honor of Alexander the Great

Will Pearson

Alex died on this day in 323 B.C. We've got lots of interesting bits on Alex in our new Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets book.

More Gore

David K. Israel

While on the Gorey train, here's a curious fact I discovered on The Progressive Review's site: In college, Gore's roommate was future actor Tommy Lee Jones and the two became great fri

Those Wacky Germans


One of my favorite leisure activities is watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which admittedly aired like two weeks ago but in my defense I've been getting married and moving and weeping v

Reason #564 why I'd fail the "So You Wanna Be a Buddhist Monk?" test

Will Pearson

According to a Reuters article, "Phnom Penh patriarch Non Nget has told Cambodia's 40,000 Buddhist monks to remain passive while watching World Cup soccer games or be defrocked."

Why You Can't Hear Me Now

Mangesh Hattikudur

I've seen this home-made iPod charger all over the place today (I first saw it posted at Popgadget).

A rare moment of seriousness


The January/February issue of mental_floss featured an unusually sober, and sobering, article -- the second in a series on global conflicts -- that explained the reasons for the Rwandan massacres of 1

Green Gore

David K. Israel

Paramount Pictures has announced that Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, is the first carbon-neutral picture to come out of Hollywood. So what does that mean, exactly? According

Yet another thing teenagers and dogs have in common

Will Pearson

Apparently teenagers have discovered a ring tone that adults can't hear. This is true. The ringtone has a very high pitch.

Toniiiiiight, I celebrate my looooove for yoooooou


Today is Tim's and my second wedding anniversary (cue the oohs and aahs), so over the weekend I was scrambling to come up with a gift made of cotton.

Because Elvis loves you (and you'd like to prove it to the world)

Mangesh Hattikudur

If you've been hunting for the top of the line, Rolls Royce of disposable cameras, this probably isn't it.

Get your ideas, fully baked!


Speaking of cars, I found myself thinking all weekend about David's idea for "McFuel" made from leftover french fry grease.

Can Disney-Pixar do no wrong?

Will Pearson

Disney-Pixar hit another homerun over the weekend weekend with the opening of "Cars." Can a cartoon about cars really be that good? The animated flick was #1 with $62 million. And a

I'd bet this drive-in doesn't smell so great...

Will Pearson

  Our buddy Alex over at Neatorama showed us yesterday's the Image of the Day at The Cellar. This is Thailand, where a Thai animated movie called "Kan Kluay" has been released, a

Monkey, Noooo!


If you were thinking of taking a nice road trip this weekend, perhaps to enjoy the good weather or to forget briefly that your life is little more than a neverending series of disappointments, one wor

Will we need Dramamine for the skyscrapers of the future?

Will Pearson

Check out the blog of this team of MIT students.