Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

The Turnip is back! And with a new look, no less.

Let Them Look At Pictures Of Cake

Jason English

I work in a building called Chelsea Market, which also is home to Food Network. Because of this, I am subjected to a disproportionate amount of advertising for Food Network programs.

A Brief History of Dental Floss

Chris Higgins

Let's talk about floss of another variety:

Gravity in Canada: Solved


For years, the low gravity of Canada seemed just another benefit of its hard-to-pinpoint, happy-go-lucky image; however, scientists have recently gone public with an explanation of why, why Canada, do

The "New" Wonders of the World

Ransom Riggs

Ever wonder what all the fuss about these "seven wonders" is over?

Bear Naked

Mangesh Hattikudur

Our friends and The Morning News have done a lovely interview with Kent Rogowski, an artist who's taken a bunch of thrift store teddy bears, gutted them, then photographed them inside out.

Do Blind People Dream?

Jason English

I've previously mentioned our semi-thriving Facebook Group.

Cell phone # madness!

David K. Israel

When I was living in NYC, I had a cell phone for a few years before I decided to switch carriers.

Vibration Machines


I'm currently proximal to cherry orchards--and all the wondrous equipment therein, including the cherry-shaking machines. It's riveting to watch: trees shedding their fruit via whiplash.

Friday Happy Hour (formerly 'Show Off Your Smarts!')

Jason English

Back in November, a reader named Allison left this comment under one of Will's early 'Show Off Your Smarts!' posts: "I love this feature!

America's annual pretend war

Ransom Riggs

Writer, blogger and Flosser-for-life John Green has a few things to say about this little holiday we just celebrated on the 4th.

Saturn's icy sponge

Ransom Riggs

It's well-established by now that we're absolute suckers for weird and/or mysterious things floating around in space, and so far -- in terms of our little solar system, at least -- Saturn an

Inbox Zero: Inbox Currently at 100

Chris Higgins

Two weeks ago I started on a journey to Inbox Zero, using Merlin Mann's tips for managing your email. After living with the tips in practice, I'm...getting there.

Update: Lake Case Closed

Jason Plautz

In last week's science wrap-up, I relayed a story about a lake in the Andes that had gone missing.

Peanut Butter Diamonds, Air-Conditioned Shirts and On-Demand Amnesia

Jason Plautz

Tiffany's? More like Jif-any's!: Researchers at Edinburgh University have created a way to make diamonds out of most carbon-based materials, including peanut butter.