Weekend Word Wrap: obscure and obsolete words

David K. Israel

Though today's Word Wrap is on obscure or obsolete words, I have to start by sending you over to a related site called, created by Jonathan Harris in conjunction with the FABRICA st

Quiz of the Day: Friday the Thirteenth

Quiz for Friday, October 13, 2006: Friday the Thirteenth 1. True or False: Every calendar year contains at least one Friday the 13th. a. true   b. false 2.

These legs were made for walking... or not


Will! Mangesh!

This post was not brought to you by the letter E


I guarantee you that the post you're reading (the part I wrote, anyway) does not contain the letters B, Z, or Q. Not an awesome feat of writing, I admit.

Who's Jonny? The anti-spam campaign is on!


Alright, folks, listen up.

Figure this one out"¦

Mangesh Hattikudur

Reuters is reporting that a death-row inmate, who's been held in solitary confinement in Vietnam for the last year, is pregnant?!

Robot easily solves Rubik's cube

Will Pearson

Have you guys seen this Rubik's cube-solving robot? RuBot II is pretty amazing.

Jean Nicot: one smokin' dude

David K. Israel

I love it when reporters do our job here at the _floss.

Dust in the wind

Ransom Riggs

"You could kind of hear a faint roar, and it would get real quiet," a 76-year-old Texas woman said as she described one of the many dust storms she witnessed as a youngster.

Another other thing about SPAM


Yesterday, we explored the origins of spam (the email annoyance); today, let's focus on the potted meat. First, let's get the ingredients out of the way.

Thingamajig Thursday: ????

David K. Israel

It's Thursday folks, and you know what that means!

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist: Eve Abe


Here's yet another scientific idea that sounds crazy until you consider it seriously: after years of watching their family members get killed by poachers, elephants across Asia and Africa are suf

Turnpike Trivia

Jason English

I recently cruised down the New Jersey Turnpike for a weekend in Philadelphia.

Pamela: One small step for mankind?

David K. Israel

I know, you see the word Pamela and immediately think Tommy Lee and sex tapes. It's okay, we all go there from time to time.

And another thing about spam


I've been reading about spam a lot lately -- also, about SPAM, which is how Hormel capitalizes it -- because I'm writing about the origins of both for one of our upcoming books.