April 14th, 2008

Miss Cellania

Brain Scanners Can See Your Decisions Before You Make Them. Does one's subconscious override free will? Cue the Twilight Zone music. * Top 10 Most Tasty Cuisines in the World.

8 Songs Inspired By Real Women

the mag

Songwriters have found inspiration in all sorts of places, from transvestites to team tennis titans.

Pre-Contest T-Shirt Sale

Jason English

We're a week away from our second t-shirt slogan contest. Start brainstorming. In the meantime, check out the winners from the last round (above) and get 15% off all our shirts all weekend.

Weekend Genius Challenge #27: Another Dose of Riddlin'

I loved sorting through the solutions (and reading the related explanations) for Friday's riddle, so here's a new one for this weekend's Weekend Genius Challenge: Be it days or ni

Quiz Leftovers

Jason English

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

"¢ If you are one of those savvy TV viewers who gives a knowing nod when, say, Britney Spears or Cher suddenly shows up on your favorite network show ("sweeps!" says I), some of these r

Two Recent Winners

The winner of Weekend Genius Challenge #26 was Tom, who determined the correct (though unlikely) 2009 Super Bowl matchup.

"The Wire": A Panel Discussion at Harvard

Chris Higgins

Longtime _floss blog readers may recall my fanatical devotion to The Wire, an HBO show that recently wrapped up its fifth and final season.

7 Famous Athletes Who Now Sell Food

Ethan Trex

Any old professional athlete can toss in a few hundred thousand dollars and become a partner in a restaurant bearing his name. But for some jocks, that's not enough.

Creepy Stuff You've Found While Snooping (on others and yourself)

Jason English

Last week we had a record number of Happy Hour guests (82). One of these Fridays, we'll break into the triple digits. 1.

The Weird Week ending April 11th

Miss Cellania

Navel Ring Caught in Nose A 22-year-old woman in Warwick Farm, NSW, Australia called emergency services after she fell out of bed and her belly button ring became caught in her nose.

A Dose of Riddlin'

Short and sweet: be the first to solve our riddle and win a free T-shirt of your choice from the mental_floss store: With noggin in oven It has letters seven But contains eleven And takes yo

Why Indiana Jones Was Right to be Scared of Snakes

Jason Plautz

I, like most everyone else, am really looking forward to May 22, when the new Indiana Jones movie hits screens. Indy is the perfect hero, except for that one flaw: his fear of snakes.

April 11th, 2008

Miss Cellania

Cognitive dissonance and the Monty Hall Problem. Is there a fatal flaw behind door number one? * Coffins to die for.

NOVA: Cracking the Maya Code

Chris Higgins

This week's NOVA has a great story: Cracking the Maya Code explains how Mayan glyphs were deciphered -- a truly difficult problem with a satisfying solution.