Regicidal Maniacs

Jason English

Many people believe the John Hinckley verdict showed our judicial system at its most impartial. Others feel the verdict was the product of an anti-Reagan jury.

Contest winners: Your song, but butter (er, better)


Last week's contest, in which we challenged you to tweak and improve the lyrics of your favorite songs, had a surprising but delightful side effect: a boatload of new mondegreens.

Another stick on the wall

Ransom Riggs

Imagine every nasty, chewed-up wad of gum you've ever had the misfortune of discovering on the bottom of your shoe or the underside of a desk, times 10,000, magically transposed to one

Week in Review: That's sooooo cliche.


Rather than shoehorn my review into poetic form this week, I decided to take a cue from David and go with cliches. There's always another fish in the sea, especially if you're an oranguta

Straight to Blu-ray?

Jason English

Just as you're putting the finishing touches on your DVD collection, another format war is heating up.

Snakes on a... yeah, the joke's already getting old


Nonetheless, in honor of the event we've all been waiting for -- Snakes on a Plane comes out today!

Ape is enough

Ransom Riggs

So long as we're blogging about apes using the internet, I feel duty-bound to remember the web's own simian Neil Armstrong: Koko, the first gorilla to walk in cyberspace, making nerd history

Weekend Word Wrap: Spoonerisms

David K. Israel

One of the comments we got in our Weekend Word Wrap on malapropisms was from a reader named Leslie who semi-suggested we tackle the subject of spoonerisms, as well. But before we get to Revered Spo

One of the many reasons I pretend to be vegetarian...

Mangesh Hattikudur

... although, I am kind of curious what crispy sea horse kebabs taste like. I've also posted some other cool images from TheCellar after the

The Sound Leading the Blind

Mangesh Hattikudur

Scientists at Georgia Tech have come up with a pretty intriguing way to help blind people "see." Using a wearable laptop, 2 GPS receivers, a head and body compass, a gyroscope-based tracker

The Hair Apparent

Mangesh Hattikudur

If Bette Middler, Carrot Top and Hagar the Horrible all seem to be grinning a lot more than the Average Joe, it might be due to the theory that they've been getting more action in the sack.

50 Greatest Indie Films of All Time

Will Pearson

#49 Run Lola Run #37 Being John Malcovich #26 Lost In Translation #15 Blood Simple #8 The Usual Suspects See if you agree with Empire's list of the 50 Greatest Independent Films.

Salieri "the gizzard" at 256

David K. Israel

While the whole world has been busy this year celebrating Mozart's 250th birthday, poor Antonio Salieri, who turns 256 today, remains forever in Amadeus's shadow. Mozart, of course, has b

Watercooler Ammo: It came from Maine


What is that thing?

Last chance to enter the contest!


Not that we're hurting for contestants. As of this writing, we've got 170 entries and counting in our "your favorite lyrics, but better" contest.