Here's to you: Mrs. Webb

David K. Israel

Most of you probably know that Charles Webb wrote a novel in 1963 called The Graduate, which was turned into the film by Mike Nichols in 1967.

All the Presidents... President's... Presidents'... meh, whatever.


Wait, what day is it again? From The New Yorker: According to some of the calendars and appointment books floating around this office, Monday, February 19th, is Presidents' Day.

POP QUIZ: Find out whether you're fit for the Oval Office!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Sure, your mom and pop probably told you that you can be anything you want when you grow up... A lawyer? no problem! An astronaut? Certainly! The President of the United States of America?

Toilet Humor

Jason English

You know the weekend's looming when people start emailing around their favorite bathroom signage. More after the jump, courtesy of the Flickr community and my friend

What our stickers say about us

Ransom Riggs

I'm starting to think that a community's bumper stickers, considered as a whole, can be uncannily revealing.

The Audubon Nature of a Few Great Cities...



Three Things I Didn't Know About The Vice Presidency

Jason English

"¢ Between July 10, 1850, and March 3, 1857, the Office of Vice President was vacant for all but forty-five days. "¢ The 12-year-old who taught Vice President Dan Quayle how to spell &quo

I'll Have What Her Majesty's Having (famous folk and their drinks of choice)

Mangesh Hattikudur

The sad truth is, we can't choose a brand of jeans unless a celebrity endorses them. Just can't do it.

Computer-Generated Zeppelin

Chris Higgins

(Warning, severely geeky content follows.) Programmer Steven Frank, creator of Spamusement and Basketball 2, has done it again.

Dust off those thinking caps

Okay, all you word-puzzle-heads: here's a tough one. These twelve entries are given in a particular order.

Happy 50th, cargo cult

Ransom Riggs

One of the world's last surviving cargo cults is celebrating its 50h birthday on the Vanuatu island of Tanna, and aside from the notorious Heaven's Gate suicide confederacy, we think the Jo

Weekend Word Wrap: On Music

David K. Israel

I thought I'd end the week's ON MUSIC posts by combining one last one with my usual Friday feature.

Mares eat oats & does eat oats & little lambs...


   Wear insanely cute spandex tubes...Especially good for keeping them "tight-hided" and dirt-free until show time. Being born is hard enough, but if you're a lamb growing up on

The All-Time Best-Selling Video Games

Jason English

In the past, we've discussed the best-selling albums and top rated TV shows. Today the topic is the most successful video games. 1. Super Mario Bros.

World's most dangerous road?

Ransom Riggs

Thanks to Neatorama for the link, which we found so inspiringly frightening, we had to show our readers. The road shown here is the Guoliang Tunnel in Taihang mountains (China).