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Morning Cup of Links


15 Actors Who Refuse to Watch Their Own Movies

Rebecca Pahle

Turns out seeing yourself projected on a 40-foot-tall screen can be kind of awkward.

15 Places You Can Visit to Celebrate the Life and Work of William Shakespeare

Rebecca Pahle

Wherefore art thou Bill?

15 Swinging Facts About Léon Foucault (and His Pendulum)

Dan Falk

7. He was chummy with Napoleon III.

15 Facts About Elections Around the World

Presented by GEICO.

Get in the Halloween Spirit With a 1970s Kids’ Book on Ghosts

Caitlin Schneider

For anyone who's ever "shivered at shadowy figures in the dark, heard strange sounds in the night, or felt the 'presence' of something mysterious."

15 Cookies from Around the World to Try This Cookie Month

Presented by GEICO.

15 Strategic Reserves of Unusual Products

Meg Van Huygen

While many countries keep stockpiles of the obvious things, like petroleum or gold, you might be surprised to hear what others have been collecting in their federal reserves—and why.

Get the Weekend's Best Amazon Deals While You Can

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, October 15.

15 Twisted Facts About Rubik's Cube

Jake Rossen

The yellow squares were once considered a serious health risk.

15 Incredible Moments in the History of Facial Hair

Presented by GEICO.

15 of the Longest-Running Scientific Studies in History

Austin Thompson

Some experiments require time. Lots of time.

A Brief History of Pencil-Making

Shaunacy Ferro

Henry David Thoreau changed writing forever, and not just by hanging out by Walden Pond.

15 Reasons to Consider a Rescue Dog

Presented by GEICO.

Watch Blue Man Group's Tiny Desk Concert

Chris Higgins

This trio of blue men truly rock.

15 Examples of the Most Dramatic Metamorphoses from Youth to Adult

Erica Cirino

There are many animals besides butterflies that undergo dramatic transformations from youth to adult.