Brain Game

I Can See!

Brain Game

I Can See!

The Dieting Dachshund

The Dieting Dachshund

The Pugs of Westeros

The Pugs of Westeros


The Missing Links: The Books We Abandon

Colin Patrick

How to Clean a 94-Foot Blue Whale Model

Erin McCarthy Christian Jensen

14 Hilarious Automatic Text and Tweet Generators With a Flair for Poetry and Language Play

Arika Okrent

We now have the processing power, and mountains of language data, to automate all kinds of useful language tasks, from translation to reading messy handwriting.

The Sweetest Man In History Writes to Beckett Baseball Card Monthly in 1987

Nick Greene

Because the Internet can be such a cold and mean place, I think it's necessary to remind ourselves every now and then that people have feelings.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

This week's new comics include a comic about exploring the afterlife with Ernest Hemingway and an office place comedy with funny animals.

Rescuing Lost Items on Subway Tracks

Chris Higgins

Trained professionals do this. Not you.

20 Misconceptions About Sex

Alvin Ward

Dr. Aaron Carroll debunks some common myths about sex.

7 Barons Behind Famous Beers

Ethan Trex

A number of the American brewing industry's pioneers led fairly colorful lives before and after getting their surnames emblazoned on cans and tap handles.

10 Bizarre Food-Related Kickstarters (That Aren't Potato Salad)

Erin McCarthy

People will crowdfund anything these days.

Why Don't the Drinks in Outdoor Vending Machines Freeze?

Matt Soniak

Reader Christopher from North Carolina wrote in to ask, “How do outdoor vending machines keep beverages from freezing in cold weather?”

Pelagornis sandersi, the Largest Flying Sea Bird

Jessica Hullinger

Move over, Big Bird. There’s a new feathered giant in town, and this one can actually fly.

5 People Who Were in the Wrong Place, at the Wrong Time—Multiple Times

Emma del Valle

15 Things You May Not Have Known About 'The Shawshank Redemption'

Sean Hutchinson

You know Red and Andy, but did you know 'Shawshank' was probably the smartest dollar director Frank Darabont ever spent?

7 American Crime and Punishment Museums

Miss Cellania

18 Things We Learned from Buzz Aldrin's Reddit AMA

Erin McCarthy

Today, the second man to walk on the Moon did a Reddit AMA. Here are a few things we learned.