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Inside the LEGO Master Builders' Massive Model Shop

Alvin Ward

What would you do with three million LEGO bricks?

10 Rich Facts About 'Brewster's Millions'

Roger Cormier

John Candy worried that Richard Pryor hated him. With good reason.

What Really Happens When You Swallow Your Gum?

Kate Horowitz

A new video from the American Chemical Society breaks down the science of a substance that we can't break down.

Tactile Art Helps a Visually Impaired Man Feel His Portrait

Michele Debczak

The importance of art you can touch.

Find Out How 50 Peculiar State Laws Came To Be

Caitlin Schneider

Why is it illegal to get a fish drunk in Ohio?

5 Things That Make English Difficult for Foreigners to Learn

Nicola Prentis

Surprisingly, there's little overlap between the mistakes foreigners make and the struggles native speakers have.

Nervous Flyers Can Overcome Their Fears on a Hollywood Airplane Set

Anna Green

FearlessFlight teaches the mechanics of flight to help those struggling with aviophobia.

Thousands of Hand-Cast Crayons Form Colorful Works of Art

Andrew LaSane

Artist Christian Faur carefully arranges crayons to build complex portraits.

5 Questions: "Bug" Out

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Up Your Nostalgic Fashion Game With Gold-Plated LEGO Bags

Rebecca OConnell

Everything is awesome with gold LEGO bricks.

12 Splendid Portraits of Immigrants Arriving at Ellis Island

Arika Okrent

Millions of immigrants came in through Ellis Island from the day it opened in 1892 to the day it closed in 1954.

Morning Cup of Links: Pregnancy After 45

Miss Cellania

Links to start your day the right way!

The 4 Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Future Quest,' 'Unfollow,' and more.

Famous Late Bloomers Who Achieved Career Success

Kirstin Fawcett

You're not too old to do great things.

17 Smart Products for Better Beach Trips

Alvin Ward

Stock up on the right gear to maximize your fun while playing in the waves this season.