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17 Smart Products for Better Beach Trips

Alvin Ward

Stock up on the right gear to maximize your fun while playing in the waves this season.

Long-Exposure Photography Turns Famous Films Into Moody Abstract Art

Shaunacy Ferro

'Citizen Kane' looks like a haunted chalkboard.

7 Things You Haven't Included on Your Resume But Should

Presented by Allstate.

Abandoned 'Wizard of Oz' Theme Park to Offer Guided Tours

Kirstin Fawcett

The eerie attraction is closed to the public for most of the year.

Witness the Life of a Sega Video Game Tester (in 1996)

Rudie Obias

The mid-1990s were a fascinating time for the video game industry.

New Clothing Company Makes Helping Endangered Animals Its Mission

Anna Green

Saving endangered animals around the world, one preppy polo shirt at a time.

Researchers Engineer Corn That Grows 50 Percent More Kernels

Michele Debczak

They used a natural mutation to breed the super corn.

This Calculator Will Help You Convert Your Apartment Into a Ball Pit

Rebecca OConnell

Know exactly how many playpen balls you need before investing.

How to Stop Fighting About Money With Your Partner

Kate Rockwood

Money is the main reason couples fight—but all that financial bickering may be because we’re not talking about money enough.

There’s an ‘Arrested Development’ Easter Egg in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Jennifer M Wood

It's as Ann as the nose on Plain's face.

Marilyn Monroe’s Possessions Are Going Up for Auction

Anna Green

The letters, costumes, and artwork of Marilyn Monroe will be sold in honor of what would have been the movie star’s 90th birthday.

Korea’s 'Mermaids' Defy the Dangerous Sea to Earn a Living

Joan MacDonald

The women divers on this Korean island have braved the odds for centuries.

Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Are No Joke, Says USPS

Kate Horowitz

A new report shows that 6500 of the agency's employees were attacked in 2015 alone.

A Giant, Floating Wind Farm Is Coming to the Scottish Coast

Michele Debczak

The Hywind wind farm will be the largest of its kind.

7 Facts About Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Jordan Rosenfeld

These cells are being studied and developed in numerous labs around the world to create human tissue and potentially treat a variety of human diseases and illnesses.