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9 Novelty Dances You've Probably Never Heard Of

Roger Cormier

Examples of the times when we only wanted to move certain ways for a very brief period of time.

How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

Hannah Keyser


The Andrometer: An 18th-Century Measuring Stick for Success in Life

Arika Okrent

"It will enable you to measure every man’s merit."

What Was Coke II?

Nick Greene

How to Find the Best Waves on Any Beach

If you want to catch the big waves consistently, you need to dig into the science that makes them grow.

A 3D Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater"

Chris Higgins

The Alternate Endings of 28 Famous Movies

Stacy Conradt

Some of our favorite films could have turned out entirely different.

5 Questions: Infantile

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

5 Weird-But-Fun Ways to Use Google Glass

John Brandon

When someone wears Google Glass, people notice. The techie glasses show wearers a Head-Up Display (or HUD—the head is not plural) with information about your surroundings like a map.

WWI Centennial: Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia

Erik Sass

21 Designs for The Great Tower of London That Never Was

Hannah Keyser

The 15 Weirdest Wikipedia Pages Edited From Congressional IP Addresses

Nick Greene

Your government at work!

5 of the Scariest Streets in the World

the mag

Five routes that put the New Jersey Turnpike to shame.

Brain Game: Math Square #226

Sandy Wood

Strange States: Missouri’s Hair-Raising Hair Museum

Rob Lammle

This week we’re headed to the home of Mark Twain, Harry Truman, and Jesse James—the Show-Me State, Missouri.