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How Do Crows Count?

Shaunacy Ferro

Crows lack the parts of the brain that we use to count—but they know 2+2 too. How do they do it?

5 Pieces of Advice From Frank Lloyd Wright

Shaunacy Ferro

The Most Popular Book Set in Each State

Alvin Ward

Can you guess your state's book?

The Missing Links: The First Inductees to the Video Game Hall of Fame Are...

Colin Patrick

Century-Old Classroom Chalkboards Unearthed in Oklahoma City

Erika Berlin

Oklahoma City public school finds century-old chalkboards—complete with lessons and drawings of Pilgrims—hidden since 1917.

When the Women's World Cup Swapped Host Countries Because of SARS

Nick Greene

15 New Uses for Old VHS Tapes

Jake Rossen

1980s media never dies.

Proportional Map of the World's Largest Languages

Arika Okrent

Some Reptiles Stay Warm with Help from Birds

Matt Soniak

A Tasty Guide to Caviar and Roe

Foster Kamer the mag

Caviar has a reputation for being hoity-toity. But fish eggs weren’t always a delicacy, and there’s nothing inherently unapproachable about them.

10 Fancy Facts About Poodles

Rebecca OConnell

There’s a lot you might not know about France’s national dog.

Scientists Can Now Inject Electronics into the Brain With a Needle

Jessica Hullinger

These tiny, needle-injected electronics will monitor brain activity.

30 General Trivia Questions

Almost useless trivia!

China's Solution for Academic Cheating? Drones

Alvin Ward

How One Line of Text Nearly Killed 'Toy Story 2'

Simon Brew

It was saved by something akin to blind luck.