Brain Game: Even Faster!

Today's Brain Game is a poem wot I writ myself. I know, don't quit my day job.

'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' Sweepstakes Update

Mangesh & Jason

We'd like to say thanks to the thousands of people who entered the mental_floss/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' sweepstakes. The contest is now closed.

(8) Bill Gates vs. (9) Steve Jobs

Tournament of Genius

(8) Bill Gates Is there anything new to say about Gates? Microsoft co-founder. Owner of a $58 billion fortune. Groundbreakingly generous philanthropist.

(1) Sir Isaac Newton vs. (16) Gottfried Leibniz

Tournament of Genius

(1) Sir Isaac Newton It may be a myth that Newton discovered the law of gravity when an apple bonked him on the noggin, but it's tough to argue with the guy's genius credentials.

Morning Cup of Links: St. Patrick's Day

Miss Cellania

What to Drink on St. Patrick's Day. Make your arrangements for getting home before you try the Irish Car Bomb. * How the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Be Amazing: Survive the Witness Protection Program

Be Amazing

Whether you're looking to start your own religion, swallow a sword, quit smoking, find Atlantis, buy the Moon, sink a battleship, perform your own surgeries, or become a ninja, our new book Be Am

The Integratron

Chris Higgins

I've recently been informed of something awesome: The Integratron.

The 5pm Quiz: Eyeball the Island

We've plucked ten islands off the world map (not to scale, of course). Can you match all ten to their names? Just type the corresponding numbers in the blanks in the right column. Good luck!

It's College Weekend Time! (Plus The Quick 10: The Best of College Weekend)

Stacy Conradt

It's been a while, but it's finally time for another College Weekend!

Happy St. Urho's Day!

Sydney Beveridge

On the day before St. Patrick's Day, celebrate St.

Play-In Game: Paris Hilton vs. Edward McSweegan

Tournament of Genius

Paris Hilton Most heiresses would be content to sit back in obscurity with their millions, but Hilton has turned herself into a media cottage industry despite her utter lack of any sort of talent tha

Lucky Group of the Week

Every other week, we'll offer a special discount to a different group of flossers.

Announcing the Tournament of Genius

Mangesh & Jason

[Click the photo for a larger view] The Tournament of Genius Over the next few weeks, we'll be having a little March Madness of our own here at

No Small Tales: 70th Birthday

David K. Israel

When I teach my fiction classes, I always tell my students: Write what you know. Of course, I didn't make this up; it's a cliché by this point, but one that makes sense.

Kid Finder

Miss Cellania

We sometimes joke that women have an inbuilt object-locating organ that men don't have so we know where everything is, and men can just ask instead of looking for an item themselves.