Brain Game

The Big Drawback

Brain Game

The Big Drawback

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7 Best Friends Who Shared Incredible Secrets

Sponsored by Garfunkel and Oates

7 Best Friends Who Shared Incredible Secrets


15 Scientific Ways to Relax for National Relaxation Day

Today is National Relaxation Day, so you have a great excuse to take it easy. Here’s how science can help you have the most laid-back day of the year.

Morning Cup of Links: Dressing for Shark Week

Miss Cellania

15 Awesome 19th Century Street Gang Names

Arika Okrent

15 Excellent Bits of Carnival Slang to Add to Your Vocabulary

Nick Greene

Even if you’ve never worked on a midway, you can still pepper your speech with delightfully authentic carnival jargon.

The Unexpectedly Delightful Origins of 15 Common Words

Even some of the most mundane words can have delightful back stories.

15 Fascinating Explanations for How Things Found Their Colors

You know pencils are yellow, and nothing points to a classy entrance like a red carpet. But do you know how these items got their iconic colors? Here are their back stories.

20 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'Friends'

Daniel Bettridge

Next month marks 20 years since the debut of 'Friends.' Here are some now-famous faces who appeared in small roles on the show.

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 'Valkyrie'

Sean Hutchinson

You already knew that if you had to pick one action start to assassinate the Nazi high command, Tom Cruise is the easy choice. But you may not have know some of the amazing details about Valkyrie.

11 Wild and Crazy Sandwich Mashups

Miss Cellania

Incredible Photos of the World's Scariest Hike

Robin Esrock the mag

The world's scariest hike is more than an internet meme—it's a 7,000-foot-high cliffside trail in China that will take your breath away.

The Missing Links: The Future of Food

Colin Patrick

What It's Like to Work On a Skyscraper's Antenna

Nick Greene

How Highway Underpasses are Saving Panthers in Florida

Melissa Gaskill

As of June 25, 2014, at least 12 endangered Florida panthers had been killed by vehicles. In 2013, the toll was 15 and in 2012, 18.

"The Hobbit," Soviet Made-for-TV Edition

Chris Higgins

10 Props that Have Been Used in More than One Movie

Rudie Obias

When they need to cut costs, producers will occasionally re-use and recycle props that were used in other films. Here are 10 that keep turning up in movie after movie