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Turn Your iPad Into a Typewriter With This Bluetooth Keyboard

Rudie Obias

All the nostalgia, none of the Wite-Out.

On This Day in 1963, Julia Child Debuted 'The French Chef'

Chris Higgins

"Bon appétit!" -Julia Child, presenting Boeuf Bourguignon

9 Victorian Hobbies That Seem Weird Today

Michele Debczak

From graveyard picnics to kitten taxidermy.

How to Get the Biggest Reimbursement for a Canceled Flight

Michele Debczak

Use these tips to get back the money you're owed.

12 Historic Westminster Best in Show Winners

Miss Cellania

The award has a long and interesting history.

Is This the World's Most Elaborate Dollhouse?

Mental Floss Studios

From the world's tiniest Bible to working electricity and running water, this $500,000 mini-mansion that belonged to silent film actress Colleen Moore could be the most detailed dollhouse ever c

Open Your Front Door With a Key Shaped Like He-Man's Sword

Jake Rossen

It won't turn you into a bodybuilder in a loincloth, but it will let you open a lock.

12 Brilliant IKEA Hacks for Your Kitchen

Abbey Stone

You can hack your way to Pinterest-worthy design in a weekend with a few IKEA basics and a little elbow grease.

Indonesian City Considers Erecting a Giant Statue of a Vampiric Ghost

Kirstin Fawcett

Officials think the spooky attraction would be good for tourism.

Palestinian Barber Styles Clients' Hair Using a Blowtorch

Kirstin Fawcett

Flat irons are for wimps.

What Is an Ambivert?

Kate Horowitz

You, probably.

How Our Eyes See Everything Upside Down

Mental Floss UK

So why doesn’t the world look that way?

30 Little-Used Loanwords To Add Some Je Ne Sais Quoi To Your Vocabulary

Paul Anthony Jones

Sir Richard Francis Burton's Attempt to Learn Monkey Language

Tom Metcalfe

The famed explorer reportedly trained himself to identify up to 60 monkey “words."

Artist Sets Guinness World Record for Tallest Sand Castle

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s a few inches shy of 49 feet.