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'Star Wars' Fan Builds a Millennium Falcon-Inspired Theater for His Kids

Kirstin Fawcett

The ceiling contains a built-in frame to support a tablet.

Yosemite Falls Has Been Revived By the Drought-Ending Winter

Michele Debczak

The falls are the fullest they've been in years.

Don't Miss Out on Wednesday's Great Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

8 U.S. City Names That Might Have Been

Paul Anthony Jones

Let's be glad the name "Pig's Eye, Minnesota" didn't stick.

Lady Pigeons’ Hormones Show the Value of Studying Both Sexes

Kate Horowitz

A new study refutes the longstanding scientific assumption that studying female physiology is a waste of time.

15 Big Facts About 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'

Roger Cormier

The 2002 surprise hit is still the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all-time.

The Artist Who Helped Bring Super Mario to Life

Mental Floss UK

A veteran of animation lent a hand in creating Nintendo's vibrant world.

How the Wild Cat Became a Beloved Family Pet

Michele Debczak

Cats and humans have a long history together.

8 Photographs Taken Along the Underground Railroad

Photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales reveals some of the scenes that would have confronted escaped slaves as they journeyed north.

Need a Toothpick? Use a Narwhal Horn

Rebecca OConnell

Narwhal horns were once worth more than gold. Now they're toothpicks.

Tooth Decay May Have Turned Tsavo Lions into Man-Eaters

Kate Horowitz

Humans were “so much easier to catch” than zebras or wildebeests.

Morning Cup of Links: Filmmaking in the Rainforest

Miss Cellania

Thanks for checking out today's links!

The Man Who Tunneled Through a Mountain Just to Help His Neighbors

Mental Floss Studios

One person really can make a difference, but sometimes it takes 22 years of grueling work.

5 Questions: "Bon"nets

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

California Moves to Turn Freeway Traffic Into Electricity

Shaunacy Ferro

Gridlock could be turned into something useful.