Morning Cup of Links: Predator X

Miss Cellania

The fossil of a 147 million-year-old pliosaur named Predator X has been found in Norway. He was as big as a T. Rex and even more fearsome.

(2) Plato vs. (7) Stephen Colbert

Tournament of Genius

(2) Plato Plato's record is another one that needs very little introduction. Student of Socrates. Mentor of Aristotle. Allegorist of caves. Writer of dialogues. Father of Platonic realism.

Living On Through Their Art

Andréa Fernandes

Today is World Tuberculosis Day, designed to raise public awareness of the disease, which still claims the lives of about 1.6 million people each year.

(3) Blaise Pascal vs. (6) Pythagoras

Tournament of Genius

(3) Blaise Pascal If it's possible to be considered a genius and still be underrated, Pascal pulls off the trick.

(4) Mark Twain vs. (12) Jonas Salk

Tournament of Genius

(4) Mark Twain Scores of writers have spent their whole lives trying to pen The Great American Novel. Twain may have done it several times.

The Quick 10: Celebs Who Went to High School Together

Stacy Conradt

It's kind of stunning how many celebrities actually went to high school together "“ when you start looking at the list of people who attended prestigious prep schools and performing arts aca

The 5pm Quiz(zes): Name x in y Minutes

Jason English

Blending Stupendousness With Elegance: The Washington Monument

David Clark

This week, David Clark will be our tour guide as we take a closer look at some of America's greatest monuments.

Round Two Begins! (1) Albert Einstein vs. (8) Shigeru Miyamoto

Tournament of Genius

As we enter the second round of the Tournament of Genius, 32 geniuses remain (well, 33 if you count the second Wright brother). Voting will remain open through Sunday.

Documentaries I Like: Cosmos

Chris Higgins

Update: Cosmos Available Online, Free I'm reposting this article (originally from September 2007) because the entire Cosmos TV series is now streaming at Hulu for free. Enjoy!

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

If you're a girl who likes programming, who are your role models? Too few and far between, says UK-based freelance software consultant and tech blogger, Suw Charman-Anderson.

The NEW & IMPROVED How Did You Know? {day 1}

David K. Israel

Play for your chance to WIN a $100 shopping spree in our store! We're back with a totally redesigned, and retooled Trivia Hunt! Over the last 14 months, How Did You Know?

5 Other Kinds of Sniffing Dogs

Ethan Trex

Yesterday a story surfaced about authorities finding $3 million in cash on a bus bound for Mexico. How did they find such a large sum of money hiding on the bus? With a cash-sniffing dog.

8 Alternative Periodic Tables

Miss Cellania

You are no doubt familiar with the Periodic Table of Elements.

Brain Game: As Easy as ABCD (Again)

What comes after Math Monday? Text Tuesday? Okay, then. Following are three words, each of which are missing four letters.