Man in the box


Man in the box


4 Women Who Rocked Physics

Casey Johnston

When asked to name women who have significantly contributed to science, most people shrug and say, "Marie Curie?" In fact, women have added to our scientific repertoire capabilities no less

Literal Music Videos

Ransom Riggs

Everyone knows music videos are a little silly: candles, dry ice and miles of white silk in the romantic ones; incomprehensible plotting in the serious ones; dancing girls that appear out of nowhere.

4 Stories about 4 musicians who married their cousins

David K. Israel

We've written before about famous folk who married their cousins.

Morning Cup of Links: Hospital Food Around the World

Mario Marsicano

In a poll of the top 200 artists of the 20th century, I would've thought Jackson Pollack would be higher than seven. * It's been 15 minutes, so a new iPhone must be out.

Brain Game: Change Will Do You Good

Today's Brain Game deals with plain U.S. currency and coin; nothing fancy, and there are no tricks involved.

Where Are They Now? High School Kids Immortalized By Sports Illustrated

Scott Allen

Bryce Harper made news last week when the 16-year-old from Las Vegas became the first high school baseball player to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 20 years.

The Late Movies: Wedding Proposals and Toasts Gone Wrong

Ransom Riggs

People ask other people to marry them every day.

Masterpieces: Mies van der Rohe's Seagram Building

the mag

By Eric FurmanUpon seeing the Seagram Building for the first time, you might say it simply looks like a lot of other office buildings.

A Monday Quiz Recap

Mangesh & Jason

We know, we know... we're trying to get on the ball with this "technical difficulties" thing.

Calvinball, Quidditch and other fictional sports you can play

Chris Higgins

Authors love to make up games for their fictional worlds -- but these games are typically unplayable in the real world.

10 Gorgeous Pilgrimage Sites You Need to See

Mangesh & Jason

By Steve Wiegand 1)

5 Minor TV Characters who Hijacked the Show

Kara Kovalchik

Ed note: we're having a few technical difficulties here, so we're highlighting a few best-of posts starting with this terrific one from Kara.

Mid-Morning Cup of Links (every bit as strong!)

Mario Marsicano

With Miss C. out of office this week, it took us just a little longer to get these up. Hopefully, they're enough to get your morning going. * Smile's Monday!

The Surprisingly Humble Origins of Prom

Matt Soniak

Ah, prom. From the illicit temptation of underage drinking to the simple beauty of an over-corsaged wrist, the high school formal is an American tradition.

Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

Ransom Riggs

Indie rock aficionados have probably heard of the band Eels, and its eclectically talented, publicity-shy frontman, Mark Oliver Everett, AKA "Mr.