7 Fascinating Local Characters

Miss Cellania

In response to the post How to Be a Local Character, mental_floss readers contributed many names of characters who found fame in cities across the country and around the world.

Brain Game: Quick Change Artist

Meet Hal. He's a successful commercial artist. He's also the guy at work who never seems to have change for a dollar for the vending machine.

What 8 Classic TV Shows Were Almost Called

Kara Kovalchik

Just like films, TV shows often go through several name changes from original concept to pilot script to pitch meeting to "We think it would be more marketable if you called it"¦.." He

Morning Cup of Links: Killing Peeps

Miss Cellania

Who Really Discovered the North Pole? Was it Robert E. Peary in 1909 or Dr. Frederick A. Cook in 1908? * 100 Ways to Kill a Peep.

(2) William Shakespeare vs. (7) General MacArthur

Tournament of Genius

(2) William Shakespeare You may remember Shakespeare as arguably the greatest and most influential author. That should about do it. What, you want more?

Historical Libraries Closing Nationwide

Chris Higgins

My local historical society (Oregon Historical Society) has fallen on hard times lately, and recently closed its research library, temporarily permanently laying off most of its librarians (update: 15

The Gateway Arch (And Why It's Not Fascist)

David Clark

This week, David Clark is our tour guide as we take a closer look at some of America's greatest monuments.

The 5pm Quiz: Celebrity Birth Names

David K. Israel

In the case of these 10 celebrities, the name you know them by is NOT the name they were born with. Will the real Bono please stand up?! Pick the birth name that is closest to correct.

The Quick 10: 10 Famous Spare Parts (or missing parts)

Stacy Conradt

I'm disturbingly interested in medical oddities (I know I'm not the only one out there, flossers), and the fact that these belong to people we know make them even more interesting.

(3) Louis Pasteur vs. (6) Walt Disney

Tournament of Genius

(3) Louis Pasteur Pasteur was microbiology's one-man wrecking crew.

Quirky Job Fairs and Other Unconventional Places to Find Work

Scott Allen

Hunting for a job is rarely fun, but it can be especially miserable during an economic crisis.

(4) Beethoven vs. (5) James Joyce

Tournament of Genius

(4) Ludwig van Beethoven We'll yield the floor to the Encyclopedia Britannica on this one: "Widely regarded as the greatest composer who ever lived, Ludwig van Beethoven dominates a period

Pollution-Sniffing Robofish to Scour Thames

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

They're a lot like Robocop "“ except instead of patrolling the mean streets of Detroit in a fictional future, they could be patrolling the mean waters of the Thames.

(1) Sir Isaac Newton vs. (9) Steve Jobs

Tournament of Genius

(1) Sir Isaac Newton It may be a myth that Newton discovered the law of gravity when an apple bonked him on the noggin, but it's tough to argue with the guy's genius credentials.

Dietribes: I Have a Tooth to Pick With You

Allison Keene

"¢ The Washington Post had this to say about the toothpick, which I really think says it all: "A satirist once described a fictitious journal, titled 'History's Splendid Splinter,&