Wife fattening


Wife fattening


Folding bikes


Folding bikes


Brain Game: By the Neck

A certain group of readers will have no problem with today's Brain Game; and I'm sure they'll make themselves known.

Morning Cup of Links: Deadly Substances

Miss Cellania

Where Did All the Flowers Come From? Figuring out the evolution of flowers may be a matter of analyzing how the DNA of modern flowers works. * Kate Pong gives birth to quintuplets.

The Late Movies: Printer Smashing

Mario Marsicano

Did anyone see Extract this weekend? I'm going this week, and if it's even a quarter as good as Office Space, I'll be happy.

Fire Ants Build Lifeboat Out of Ants to Save the Queen

Chris Higgins

Here's your daily dose of science video: in this BBC production, "A flood hits a fire ant colony in the Amazon jungle.

The Quick 10: Unusual Flavors of 10 Familiar Candies

Stacy Conradt

Here's something you may not know about me: I'm a sucker for limited-edition candy.

Our Weekend in Review: Decatur Book Festival & Dragon*Con

Terri Dann

It was a busy Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, and the mental_floss staff was smack in the middle of the action.

6 Lost Treasures Just Waiting To Be Found

Rob Lammle

Last month we told you about people who stumbled upon their fortune.

Your New (School) Year's Resolution

Jason English

I don't remember if I made a New Year's resolution back in January, but if I did I certainly haven't kept it—my abs remain, shall we say, ill-defined, I have 32,170 messages i

Strange Geographies: A Utopian Ghost Town in the California Desert

Ransom Riggs

Llano del Rio is one of the most distinctive ghost towns in the United States.

9 Spiders and the Stars They Were Named For

Miss Cellania

When I read that a new spider species was named Heteropoda davidbowie in honor of David Bowie, it reminded me of several other celebrities whose names were enshrined in taxonomy because there are so m

Brain Game: Jim's Big Walk

Today's Brain Game combines a logic puzzle with some knowledge of baseball.

Morning Cup of Links: Modern Gypsies

Miss Cellania

Roxy Freeman never went to school until she was 22 and decided to go to college.

A Brief History of the Jerry Lewis Telethon

Kara Kovalchik

There's probably a special place in Hell reserved for those of us who watch Jerry Lewis's annual Labor Day Telethon strictly for laughs.

Happy Labor Day!

Kara Kovalchik

"What does labor want?

Symbolism and the $1 Bill

Ethan Trex

Crack open your wallet, pull out everyone's favorite portrait of George Washington, and be prepared to learn about some odd symbolism that probably seemed perfectly normal in the 18th century.