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Is It True That T. Rex Could Only See Things That Were Moving?

Matt Soniak

I rewatched Jurassic Park a few weeks ago and, from the story to the special effects, it still holds up.

The 100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Frozen in Time

The Week

Researchers have found an ancient piece of amber that shows a spider preying on a wasp caught in its

CONTEST: Create Your Own Superhero, Win Stuff!

Erin McCarthy

New York Comic Con is happening this week, and Halloween is coming up—so it seems like as good a time as any to give you some superhero goodies that you can put to use on October 31st.

Brain Game: Redrum

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Wednesday Wordplay challenge is an early Halloween word ladder to get us in that "spooky" mood.

Morning Cup of Links: Scary Stuff

Miss Cellania

12 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cast Of The Walking Dead. A few scraps to get you through the last few days until the series returns on Sunday. * 13 Brilliant Pumpkin-Carving Hacks.

Marie Curie's Sex Scandal and the Duel It Inspired

the mag

Marie Curie is well known as the first genius to have snagged two Nobel Prizes.

The Late Movies: John O'Hurley Before (and After) J. Peterman

Erica Palan

It's been 14 years since Seinfeld went off the air (really!), but every time I see actor John O'Hurley, I think of him as J.

Repairing the Washington Monument, 124 Years After It Opened

Erin McCarthy

The road to the public opening of the Washington Monument on October 9, 1888, was a long one: Though a design had been chosen in 1836, ground wasn’t broken until 1848, because of haggling over that de

The Missing Links: Where Is the Mountain-Climbing Tim Taylor?

Colin Patrick

VP Must Stand For Very Patronizing. Or Voracious Pugilism. A few notable moments from Vice Presidential debates throughout the years. * Sacred Home Land For Sale. Very Spacious.

10 Clever and Creative Costumes for Halloween

Miss Cellania

Every year, people amaze me not only with their ideas, but with their talent and dedication at bringing the best costumes to life for Halloween (and other occasions).

Inventor of the LED Discusses LEDs

Chris Higgins

Fifty years ago today, on October 9, 1962, physicist Nick Holonyak demonstrated the first "visible" LED (in other words, one that emitted non-infrared light).

9 Ways People Used Radium Before We Understood the Risks

Adrienne Crezo

Radium was discovered by Marie Curie and her husband Pierre in 1898.

What if Money Were No Object?

Chris Higgins

While this question may seem trite, it is truly valuable if we actually consider it: what would you like to do every day, if money were no object?

Why Do We Crave Chocolate?

Erin McCarthy

If you’re like most people, you simply can’t pass up the opportunity to partake in a piece of chocolate (or five). Some have even said that chocolate melting on the tongue is better than a kiss.

Brain Game: Marks the Spot

In a few days, we'll introduce an exciting presidential event here at mentalfloss.com. In the meantime, enjoy today's POTUS-related Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge: Which two U.S.