Angels of Death: 7 More Medical Murderers

Miss Cellania

In part one of Angels of Death, you saw the stories of eight medical professionals who killed their patients. That's just scratching the surface of the many cases of medical murders.

The Long & Winding Road to SB XLIII

This Sunday, many of us will be glued to the television to enjoy the most important pro football game of the year.

What Does I.Q. Really Test?

Chris Higgins

Back in 2007, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a terrific article for The New Yorker on the history of I.Q.

How to Survive Being Homeless

Ransom Riggs

I live in Los Angeles, confronted by homelessness daily.

Smearing Cream Cheese On Newborns & Other Stories About Famous Multiples

Kara Kovalchik

On January 26, a woman in Bellflower, California, gave birth to octuplets "“ six boys and two girls. This bunch of babies is only the second set of live-born octuplets in the U.S.

How Did You Know? - {day 3}

David K. Israel

We're back with another 5-day trivia hunt! Again, the rules: Every remaining day this week, I'll be presenting a specific challenge.

Newspaper & Magazine Origins

In the Beginning

Here's a look at the early days of some popular newspapers and magazines. We'll save the story of the humble dormitory origins of mental_floss for another time. The New York

Brain Game: Time for My Close-Up

I was at the drug store buying toothpaste yesterday, and the variety available just astounded me. I remember when there were basically three choices: mint paste, red gel, or green gel.

Our Next Book Giveaway: FBI 100 Years: An Unofficial History

Jason English

[On Monday, I asked for your best photos with celebrities, and I've been obsessively checking the inbox ever since.

A Brief History of Dubious Dieting

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Most of the world seems to think that America invented obesity sometime in the last century, but the truth is, fat has always been a part of life (witness Hatshepsut, one of the great ancient Egyptian

The Goose, The Gulf War, and The Jedi: Super Bowl Memories from Tampa Bay

Scott Allen

If Sunday's Super Bowl is like most of the previous 42, it will be forgettable unless you consider the Terrible Towel a fashion accessory or are one of the few and, at long last, proud Cardinals

The Quick 10: 10 Diamond-Encrusted Things You Don't Need

Stacy Conradt

I would think that in this economy, the proliferation of everyday items festooned with diamonds would grind to a halt. But I'm wrong, and here are 10 pieces of evidence that prove it. 1.

The Bacon Explosion

Chris Higgins

Today's cultural milestone: The Bacon Explosion, a piece in the New York Times about the proliferation of food blogging on the internet.

"Immortal" Jellyfish Ages Backwards

Ransom Riggs

No, this isn't a Benjamin Button publicity stunt -- this is more akin to scary science-fiction.

Dietribes: The Sandwich

Allison Keene

Since we've covered the origins of various sandwiches in other Dietribes, this week we're looking at some straight up sandwich facts and figures, some of which may astound and amaze!