How Random are Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets?

Chris Higgins

I'm not a lottery player -- I don't like throwing my money down a statistical hole in the ground -- but I'll admit that on occasion I have been the recipient of a scratch-off lottery ti

The Guy Who Invented Corn Flakes Was A Strange, Strange Man

Ransom Riggs

Did you know that Facebook is going to start using your posts as advertisements, to show up on your friends' sidebars?

The Proliferation of a Virtual Species: You'll Like This Alot

Miss Cellania

Allie Brosh created the lovable creature we know as the alot, in order to cope with the very common mistake of making "a lot" into one word.But there is one grammatical mistake that I partic

Predicting the Future (or at Least Predicting Where Naked People Are)

Meghan Holohan

In his article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Daryl Bem recalls a scene from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass between Alice and the White Queen.

Happy Birthday, Jerry Spinelli!

Erica Palan

Beloved children’s author Jerry Spinelli turns 70 today. The man behind middle-school classics — including Maniac Magee — is beloved for his representations of young adult life.

Brain Game: The Missing Cyclops

Tuesday Test Time is here once again.

Profiles in Scourges: Pablo Escobar

Erik Sass

In the 1980s, Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel was spending $2,500 a month on rubber bands just to hold all their cash.

Morning Cup of Links: The Zombie Tabernacle Choir

Miss Cellania

The difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England, explained in a hurry.

The Late Movies: What the Heck's An Internet?

Ransom Riggs

It wasn't so many years ago, you'll remember, that the Internet was just a twinkle in Al Gore's eye.

The Quick 10: 10 Facts About Pittsburgh (or is it Pittsburg?)

Stacy Conradt

As I mentioned last week, the actual Super Bowl game isn't really my thing.

James Randi's Witty, Surprising TED Talk

Chris Higgins

"I have a very peculiar background, attitude, and approach to the real world, because I am a conjurer." So begins James Randi's 2007 TED Talk, a few minutes before he takes a lethal do

Betting an Original Renoir on the Super Bowl

Colin Patrick

Many of the estimated 110 million viewers of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV are likely to have some sort of bet on the game.

What's a Backronym?

Ransom Riggs

It's like an acronym, except the words are chosen to fit the letters rather than the other way around.

The 411 on Rescue 911

Rob Lammle

“This program contains true stories of rescues. All of the 9-1-1 calls you will hear are real. Whenever possible, the actual people involved have helped us reconstruct the events as they happened.”

The World's Most Famous Rivers

Jill Harness

Between the Danube's role in establishing early Eastern European cities and the Ganges' role in shepherding the souls of the dead to paradise, rivers across the world have played a critical