(6) The Wright Brothers vs. (11) Henry Ford

Tournament of Genius

(6) The Wright Brothers It's tough to envision the modern world without airplanes, but without a pair of printers-turned-bicycle-makers-turned-glider-builders, ocean liner travel might still be

'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' Sweepstakes: The Winner Is...

Mangesh & Jason

Over 5,000 entries later, we're very excited to announce that Scott Slocum of Essex, Maryland, is the big winner of the 'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' sweepstakes!

Machines that Almost Fall Over

Chris Higgins

Artist Michael Kontopoulos brings us today's weird web video: Machines that Almost Fall Over. Kontopoulos calls it: "A system of sculptures that is constantly on the brink of collapse.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Leave It To Beaver!

Kara Kovalchik

Gee, Ms.

10 Questions from Liberty University Exams

Special Guest Star

We're excited to have author, journalist, and Brown University senior (he's still a senior!) Kevin Roose blogging with us this week.

(7) Nikola Tesla vs. (10) Alexander Graham Bell

Tournament of Genius

(7) Nikola Tesla Not since Benjamin Franklin has one man's name been so inextricably linked to electricity.

Yam Wielding Grannies, Plastic Bugs, and Cilantro Ice Cream

Special Guest Star

This guest post is from North Carolina author and sculptor Joel Haas, who is traveling in Taiwan and taking plenty of pictures.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Driving Lesson Nearly Causes Air Disaster A Cebu Pacific Air flight had to pull up suddenly while attempting to land at Legazpi City, Philippines, when the pilot saw a van on the runway!

(2) Thomas Edison vs. (15) Richard James

Tournament of Genius

(2) Thomas Edison The sheer scope of Edison's inventiveness is staggering. The Wizard of Menlo Park held a record 1,093 patents when he died in 1931.

(3) Michelangelo vs. (14) Adolphus Busch

Tournament of Genius

(3) Michelangelo When he was alive, people thought Michelangelo was the best artist in the world. Since his death in 1564, that esteem hasn't faded much.

Brain Game: The Elite Eight

I live in Michigan, and people often have to ask what the two-letter postal abbreviation is for our state. It's a pain sometimes, but living in Michigan is beneficial in other ways, such as bein

Morning Cup of Links: Welcome, Spring!

Miss Cellania

Vernal Equinox 2009: Facts on the First Day of Spring.

The Capital's Court Painter: Greta Kempton

Andréa Fernandes

This Sunday will mark the 106th (or 108th, according to some sources) birthday of Greta Kempton (1903-1991).

(6) John Maynard Keynes vs. (11) Adam Smith

Tournament of Genius

(6) John Maynard Keynes When laissez-faire economists fell flat on their face in the late 1920s, there was an opening for a brilliant mind to prompt a sea change in economic thinking.

(7) Hypatia vs. (10) Marilyn vos Savant

Tournament of Genius

(7) Hypatia Think sexism kept women out of math until fairly recently? Think again.