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Brain Game: Weird!

Here's a new mentalfloss.com Brain Game Think Thursday challenge. Good luck! Which of these presidential first names don't belong with the other three, and why?

Morning Cup of Links: Wikipedia Withdrawal

Miss Cellania

50 Brilliant Fan-Made Remixes, Mash-Ups, and Supercuts That Will Be Strictly Prohibited Under SOPA.

The Most Amusing Images from the SOPA Strike

Miss Cellania

On January 18th, websites across the internet went on strike to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the related Protect IP Act (PIPA).

Stephen Colbert Explains the Difference Between PACs and Super PACs

Colin Patrick

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Many of the people following the GOP primary race may be wondering about the difference between a Political Action Committe

The Final Years of Curly (of Three Stooges Fame)

Eddie Deezen

In 1932, Jerome Howard (soon to be universally known as "Curly") joined the Three Stooges comedy team.

Jim Henson's Lost Epic: "Tale of Sand"

Chris Higgins

In his early years, Jim Henson wrote a screenplay called Tale of Sand that was never produced.

Why is Wikipedia Down?

Chris Higgins

If you're in the US you speak English and you visit Wikipedia today, you'll see a glimpse of the page you were trying to access, then you'll see the blackout message above.

11 Album Covers With Dead Band Members Removed

David K. Israel

Tumbled across an interesting blog that is nothing more than a collection of album covers with the dead band members photoshopped out. Lots more over on the blog, but below are my favorites.

Lectures for a New Year: Temple Grandin on Autism

Chris Higgins

This is a TED classic: Temple Grandin explaining what it's like to be autistic, shortly after the release of a movie based on her book Thinking in Pictures.

Brain Game: Short Spell #6

Music isn't a typical Wednesday Wordplay subject, but we like to keep you on your toes here at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Blackout Time

Miss Cellania

Will Wikipedia's one-day blackout sink SOPA?

When Did Americans Lose Their British Accents?

Matt Soniak

Readers Nick and Riela have both written to ask how and when English colonists in America lost their British accents and how American accents came about.

Callin' Oates

David K. Israel

In dire need of some "Maneater" or maybe just bored out of your skull? Try dialing: Callin' Oates 719-26-OATES (719-266-2837)!

A First-Person Elevator Simulator (FINALLY)

Chris Higgins

What's the best setting for drama, awkwardness, and first-person online video games? Yes, an elevator.

Do Presidential Candidates Always Release Their Tax Returns? (Also: A Photo of Mitt Romney Holding Dino Flintstone)

Haley Sweetland Edwards

Unrelated image of Mitt Romney holding Dino Flintstone via Rick Friedman/Corbis During the GOP debate last night in South Carolina, Mitt Romney was asked yet again if he intended to make his tax re