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9 Nervy Facts About the Vagus Nerve

Jordan Rosenfeld

Fear Not! Poppable Bubble Wrap Isn't Going Anywhere

Rebecca OConnell

Don't freak out just yet—Bubble Wrap is still safe.

The Missing Links: Colbert on Cable Access

Colin Patrick

An Infographic Tells You What Vegetables to Grow

Sonia Weiser

Trivia Questions in 15 Different Categories

Take the quiz!

Massive Digital Map Tracks Metaphors in Four Million Pieces of Lexical Data

Hannah Keyser

A digital map tracks metaphors from over 4 million pieces of lexical data.

8 Ways Childbirth Used to Be Even More Labor Intensive

AJ Jacobs the mag

Childbirth is no picnic. But at least it no longer involves chickens and weasels.

Free Diving Photographer Captures Beautiful Underwater Shots

Rebecca OConnell

The 27-year-old has since been taking amazing photographs of the many majestic creatures that roam the sea.

Ride Through Portland in Style With This T. Rex Bike

Rebecca OConnell

This '50s Flowchart Reveals Disney's Strategy for Corporate Domination

Shaunacy Ferro

Franchises, franchises, franchises!

8 Collections Featuring Hair as Art and Souvenir

Bess Lovejoy

Humans have been using hair to create jewelry and artwork for thousands of years. Here's where you can see some of it on display.

Pick the Missing Word From the 1995 Movie Title

A Wider Gene Pool Has Made Humanity Taller (and Smarter)

Shaunacy Ferro

Children whose parents are more closely related tend to be shorter and have lower educational attainment, according to a genetic study.

Grave Sightings: James Garfield

Stacy Conradt

Though he was in office less than a year, Garfield's grave is one of the most elaborate presidential monuments ever built.

Australia's Bubble Gum Pink Lake

Dan Lewis

This salty lake in Australia is naturally pretty in pink.