5 Other Kinds of Sniffing Dogs

Ethan Trex

Yesterday a story surfaced about authorities finding $3 million in cash on a bus bound for Mexico. How did they find such a large sum of money hiding on the bus? With a cash-sniffing dog.

8 Alternative Periodic Tables

Miss Cellania

You are no doubt familiar with the Periodic Table of Elements.

Brain Game: As Easy as ABCD (Again)

What comes after Math Monday? Text Tuesday? Okay, then. Following are three words, each of which are missing four letters.

Morning Cup of Links: Mystery Tattoos

Miss Cellania

Iraqi Refugee Stories. One in five Iraqis are now without a permanent home, but individual stories are more meaningful than numbers. (via Metafilter) * What's So Hot About Chili Peppers?

Calling All Dog Owners

Jason English

Ethan and I were just talking about doing a simple name-that-dog-breed quiz. We could go the stock image route, but that's neither fun nor free. Want to help us out?

What Happened to the Honeybees

Chris Higgins

Today, Scientific American brings us some answers to the question what happened to the honeybees?

The Quick 10: 10 Notable Elevators

Stacy Conradt

Today marks the anniversary of the first installation of something that those of us who work in many-floored office buildings take for granted until it craps out "“ the elevator.

'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' Runners-Up

Mangesh & Jason

On Friday, we announced that Scott Slocum of Essex, Maryland, had won the grand prize in our 'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' sweepstakes.

American Monuments: The Statue of Liberty

David Clark

This week, David Clark will be our tour guide as we take a closer look at some of America's greatest monuments.

Lamb Spared the Axe Because of Ridiculous Proportions

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

I recently moved to England, and animal husbandry is big news in this country "“ literally, in the case of this story.

Leonardo Da Vinci Defeats Burt Reynolds in Special Election

Tournament of Genius

In what would have been the biggest upset in Tournament of Genius history, Burt Reynolds held a commanding 73%-27% lead over Leonardo Da Vinci last night.


Miss Cellania

When I first saw the Xtensor, I thought it was some kind of gaming interface, like a Wii accessory on steroids, or a high-tech concept that would enable remote surgery or the playing of virtual musica

Brain Game: Math Monday II (or is it III?)

Math Monday makes its return. This puzzle is worth some effort, because even when you figure out what the answer should be, you have to figure out what the answer is. I hope you find it challenging.

What is that New-Mac smell?

David K. Israel

Wait, isn't that a typo? Didn't you mean that "new-car smell?" No typo. I'm not a huge fan of the new car-smell.

Morning Cup of Links: The Real Slumdog Millionaire

Miss Cellania

The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power.