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An App Shows You Where to Find Women’s History

Shaunacy Ferro

“Women on the Map” pings you whenever you’re near a site significant to women’s history.

5 Questions: Pretzel Logic

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10 Things to Know When Sneaking into North Korea

David W Brown

Study Shows that Wearing Heels Can Weaken Your Ankles

Sonia Weiser

Citibank is Creating Their Own Digital Currency

Hayley Harding

If bitcoin is outside your comfort zone (or your bank account), there may soon be a new option available to you: Citibank recently announced plans to create its own digital currency.

This Guy Made a Wearable Batman Suit Out of Tree Bark

Rebecca OConnell

Fight environmental crime in this cool suit.

Baby Mice Exposed to Cat Urine are Less Afraid of Cats

Sonia Weiser

New research found that if a baby mouse is exposed to cat urine, it won't run away from the scent when it's older.

Even Robots Struggle to Throw a Consistent Knuckleball

Hannah Keyser

In an effort to better understand the mechanics of what makes a knuckleball move, students at the University of Toronto built a machine that attempts to mimic R.A. Dickey.

Honey Bees Get STDs Too

Shaunacy Ferro

This is the first evidence of a sexually transmitted disease in a social insect.

Snoopy Takes Flight Thanks to Cool Quadcopter

Hayley Harding

Everyone's favorite flying ace is soaring once again, thanks to a promotion for Comic Con.

The Art of Schrodinger’s Cat

Miss Cellania

Non-physicists, including artists, look at Schrodinger's Cat without the quantum mechanics. In other words, in a way we can understand.

Face Danger (in Theory) at this Risk Theme Park

Sonia Weiser

A design for an unusual amusement park in South Korea would put the public in simulated harm's way.

An Orchestra Made Entirely From Vegetables

Hayley Harding

The First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra (called Das erste Wiener Gemüseorchester in their native German) is an Austrian group that makes the instruments they use out of fresh vegetables.

Photographer Creates Touristy Photos From "Mars"

Rebecca OConnell

Wish you were here (on Mars)!

11 Comedic Films With Memorable Unscripted Moments

Colin Patrick

The greatest comedic moments aren’t always scripted.