Monkey, Noooo!


Monkey, Noooo!


Bed Books


Bed Books


9 Wonderful Local Characters

Miss Cellania

No matter where they are, people are proud of their town's characters. There was a great response to the two previous posts How to Be a Local Character and 7 Fascinating Local Characters.

Brain Game: Down in Mexico

O I don't believe we've ever offered a cryptogram in the Brain Game, and it's about time. Here's one that represents an intriguing quote from a Quentin Tarantino film.

Morning Cup of Links: Space Shuttle Danger

Miss Cellania

It was hard to find links that I could trust to be genuine over the last 24 hours.

5 Travel Destinations for Super-Adventurous Tourists

Ethan Trex

There's no shortage of destinations for adventure travelers. Intrepid souls can cliff dive, rock climb, or trek across the desert. That's not enough for some folks' wanderlust, though.

The New -Ism Finalists

David K. Israel

Thanks to everyone who entered our Coin-Your-Own -Ism contest. Now it's up to you all to pick the winning "“ism. Below are our 10 favorites, as coined by you, our loyal readers.

The 5pm Quiz: Men Who Experimented With Beards

David K. Israel

Each of the famous fellas in this quiz wore something resembling a beard at one time or another in their lives. Let's see how well you know them. Take the Quiz: Men Who Experimented With

10 Serious Things That Happened on April 1

Stacy Conradt

The list of crazy April Fools' Day stunts has been well-covered across the Internet, so I thought today we'd flip it a little.

How to Clean Your Indoor Air Using Houseplants

Chris Higgins

Researcher Kamal Meattle lives in New Delhi -- and breathing the air landed him in the doctor's office with diminished lung capacity.

(3) Louis Pasteur vs. (2) William Shakespeare

Tournament of Genius

The Breakdown Shakespeare's catalog of poems and plays is unrivaled, and with his tight plots, beautiful wordplay, and ribald puns, there's really something for everyone in the Bard's

Expedia Flights to Mars?

Mangesh Hattikudur

Our friend Mu is always sending us travel tips. I'm going to guess this offer is fake,

3 Runaway Animals Causing Grief in England

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

No fewer than three different news reports concerned farm animals giving their owners the slip this past weekend: 1. Slaughterhouse Cow Makes a Dash for

8 Sports-Related April Fools' Day Hoaxes

Scott Allen

Last February, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers devised a plan to fool teammate Kyle Kendrick into thinking that he had been traded to Japan for a player named Kobayashi.

Gag Me with a Gag: Practical Jokes

Kara Kovalchik

In 1609, Galileo invented the telescope. Five minutes later, someone invented the shoe-polish-on-the-eyepiece gag.

(6) Pythagoras vs. (2) Plato

Tournament of Genius

The Breakdown Someone's getting his chiton ripped up in this matchup. These two ancient Greek heavyweights both have a lot going for them.

Brain Game: Fool Wars

Here's a screen capture from the opening of Fool Wars.