Angels of Death: 6 More Medical Murderers

Miss Cellania

In this third installment of Angels of Death, we'll take a look at several serial medical murderers you may have never heard of.

Brain Game: I Heart Huxtables

At the Huxtable household, Valentine's Day is a special day.

Poems from Beneath the Mire

Ransom Riggs

We don't write much about poetry here at the floss, which is something I'm considering changing, since it's so easy to post, talk about and enjoy.

Morning Cup of Links: 50-foot Snake

Miss Cellania

Titanoboa cerrejonensis was a prehistoric snake that grew up to 15 meters long and could swallow crocodiles whole! Luckily, it would never be able to hide on a plane.

9 Pixar References in Other Pixar Movies

Stacy Conradt

In every Pixar film, you'll find at least one reference to another Pixar movie, but usually there are a whole lot more.

Atop the World's Tallest Trees

Chris Higgins

Richard Preston is best known for his book The Hot Zone, a thriller about the Ebola virus.

Calling All T-Shirt Designers (And Announcing a 15%-off Sale)

Mangesh & Jason

If you've ever had a great idea for a mental_floss shirt, now's your chance to profit from it. We're once again accepting t-shirt slogans.

Why Do Onions Make You Cry?

Matt Soniak

The onion has been traced back as far as the Bronze Age and was worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians (and eaten by the Israelites during their bondage in Egypt).

What Our Friends (of the Floss) Are Up To

Jason English

Every now and again, we post a quick round-up of what our friends (as determined by their inclusion in our 'Friends of the Floss' list on our homepage) are doing.

Take Your Best $hot: 4 Average Joe Millionaires

Scott Allen

Every night, unsuspecting basketball fans at arenas throughout the country are given a shot "“ or shots "“ at the adulation of thousands and promotional prizes ranging from gift certificates

5 Jaw-dropping Interviews

Ransom Riggs

Often little more than a rote exercise for celebrities on tightly-managed publicity tours, interviews can be the endless talking heads that make people think all documentaries are snooze-fests or fill

Creatively Speaking: Shai Reshef

David K. Israel

A new university is opening its doors this April, and guess what?

Brain Game: "I see smart people."

Thanks for giving today's Brain Game a shot. It's great to see you again! A few years ago, the American Film Institute published a list of the top 100 film quotes of all-time.

Morning Cup of Links: Four-Legged Proto-Whales

Miss Cellania

Fossils of a pregnant four-legged semi-aquatic ancestor of the whale lead scientists to believe they gave birth on land.

The Man Who Ran Away With The Circus: John Steuart Curry

Andréa Fernandes

At the request of reader Meredith Tusha, today's "Feel Art Again" features John Steuart Curry (1897-1946) and his mural "Tragic Prelude." 1.