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15 Ways to Avoid Saying 'Death'

Mark Peters

We'll say anything to avoid the d-word.

New Online Geeky Game Show: 'Um, Actually'

Chris Higgins

The show in which geeks make extremely minor corrections prefaced with the phrase "Um, actually...."

Why Do We Get Tip-of-the-Tongue Syndrome?

Jessica Hullinger

Did you know the phenomenon has a name?

Why Do Bikes Stay Upright On Their Own?

Chris Higgins

How come bikes don't just topple over? Tip: It's not your ultra-muscular power. It's physics.

Pick the Borders of Germany Without Getting One Wrong

Mary Roach Talks Space Poop on 'Bullseye with Jesse Thorn'

Chris Higgins

On NASA's Fecal Containment System: "Basically it’s a Shop-Vac."

The First Song Played On Mars

Dan Lewis

One small sound for man; one giant song for mankind.

16 Dizzying Facts About 'Labyrinth'

Roger Cormier

Jim Henson's deeply personal tale of a teenage girl losing her baby brother to a Goblin King wasn't a hit when it was first released.

How Bob Ross Became an ASMR YouTube Star

Caitlin Schneider

Viewers have broken down the factors that cause Bob Ross to hit all the right ASMR buttons.

9 Niche Blogs for Your Perusal

Miss Cellania

Why Bob Ross Permed His Hair (Even Though He Hated It)

Caitlin Schneider

The story of how television personality and painter Bob Ross ended up with a lifelong perm.

Because Bird Poop: How the U.S. Acquired Its Territories That Aren't States

Erik Sass

A far-flung maritime empire built on guano, chemical weapons, coal, and just because: these are the stories of the U.S. territories.

8 of the Weirdest Things People Have Brewed Beer With

Mark Mancini Jill Harness

Would you drink beer brewed with bull testicles or beard yeast?

Watch These Fireworks Displays from Home

Chris Higgins

Can't make it to a fireworks show tonight? Watch one from London, Japan, or Endor (sort of).

The Hidden Reference to The Beatles in Old Macs

Dan Lewis

One Apple engineer decided to let it beep.