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Stormy weather


2009 Internship Update

Jason English

So many great candidates, so few spots. We had another late night of deliberations and I think we're getting close to consensus.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Lonely Pig in Quarantine Due to fear of swine flu, Afghanistan has quarantined its pig. Yes, the nation's only pig, normally on display with other exotic wildlife at the Kabul Zoo.

Weird Wedding Laws Still on the Books

Jenn Grabenstetter

A few of us are off to weddings this weekend. To get in the mood, we decided to re-run Jenn Thompson's piece on weird wedding laws from last

Brain Game: Thanks, Mom

Congratulations to Gregg, who offered the horizontally-symmetrical word DECIDED and was randomly chosen as the winner of yesterday's MOM is WOW Contest.

Morning Cup of Links: Speaking Klingon

Miss Cellania

Travel by boat is more ancient than you thought, if you ever thought about it.

Quimby the Mouse

Chris Higgins

Quimby is a loner. And a mouse. His only friend is the (cartoonishly) decapitated head of an unnamed lady mouse, who accompanies him on various adventures.

Note to a special _floss reader

David K. Israel

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from a loyal floss reader in the San Francisco area asking for some advice. Whoever you are, I accidentally deleted that e-mail, and apologize.

The Late Movies: Songs from the Original Trekkies

Mario Marsicano

I think there's some sort of science fiction movie opening tomorrow. To celebrate, let's check out some videos of the original Trekkies.

The 5pm Quiz: Serial Killer, Celebrity Stalker or Washington Lobbyist?

Jason Plautz

There are three types of people in this quiz. Some are obsessed with celebrities, some kill people and some try to sway politicians.

The Quick 10: 10 Nuggets About McDonald's

Stacy Conradt

It was 69 years ago this month that a couple of brothers in San Bernardino, California, decided to set up a quick-service restaurant selling barbeque to travelers.

4 Wildly Illegal College Recruiting Scandals

Ethan Trex

As cinematic classics go, it's hard to beat the Shaquille O'Neal vehicle Blue Chips. (Okay, fine, it's exceedingly easy to beat it.

Introducing: Nadia Sirota (and the chance to win a free album!)

David K. Israel

Ed. note: If you missed our first post earlier this week on New Amsterdam Records, be sure to check it out here.

Lunchtime Quiz: Baseball Brainteasers

Jason Plautz

Baseball's rules can be quite quirky and difficult to figure out.

2 New Shirts & A Party Tonight!

Mangesh & Jason

Two quick things: 1) If you LOVE witty garments that cover both your torso AND part of your arms, you're in

Invasion of the Zombie Animals

Miss Cellania

Mother Nature is not usually kind. There are creatures, usually tiny creatures, that will take over a member of another species.