Fun with the Vox Pop

Ransom Riggs

What's a vox pop?

Brain Game: Come Back!

Mr. & Mrs. Bandacol were good parents, with five children - all boys. By a happy coincidence, you can tell the age of each of the Bandacol boys by their names.

Morning Cup of Links: Amazing Dunks

Miss Cellania

If your brain and your body were separated but still working, which one would be YOU? Since neither can function without the other, the theoretical question is set up with a hi-tech sci-fi story.

The Number of the Day: 5053

Jason English

Consumer Product Safety Commission Document #5053 banned all lawn darts from sale in the United States, effective December 19, 1988.

The Late Movies: Actors In Foreign Commercials

Mark Arminio

One of my favorite movies is Lost In Translation. In that film, Bill Murray plays an actor who is being paid big money in Japan to do an advertising campaign.

How Did You Know? "“ Day 3 Level 3/Bonus Round

David K. Israel

YES! You can play this challenge/contest without knowing a thing about the weekly hunt! It's sort of a one-off - a stand-alone if you will.

The Quick 10: 10 Completely Fake News Stories

Stacy Conradt

You have to love the Weekly World News.

Be Awesome (For A Small Fee)

Colin Patrick

Cancel the psychologist and take back all of those self-help books, because the new website AwesomenessReminders has your self-esteem boost covered.

Mouthing Off About Flossing

Ransom Riggs

I mean dental flossing, not mental flossing.

Neatorama presents: HDYK? "“ {day 3}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt! Co-puzzle Master Josh Halbur and I are happy to bring you the next How Did You Know?

4 Famous People Convicted of Perjury

Ethan Trex

Baseball fans got a mild surprise last week when news broke that former pitcher Roger Clemens was being indicted for perjury for allegedly lying during a 2008 Congressional hearing on performance-enha

A Color Movie from 1922

Chris Higgins

The first full-length color movie (Becky Sharp) was released in 1935. But thirteen years earlier, Kodak made a short film test, photographing actresses vamping for the camera -- in color.

The Number of the Day: 7

Will Treece

A study of OkCupid profiles found that using a flash to take a picture makes one look about 7 years older Related Link: 7 Incredibly Specific Dating Sites, by David K.

An Introduction to Cherpumple

Jill Harness

It's a pie. No it's a cake. No, it's cherpumple. "What is cherpumple?" you ask. Well, to put it simply, it's like the turducken of the dessert world.

9 Silly Venn Diagrams

Miss Cellania

Venn diagrams give a visual representation of sets and their logical relations and overlaps. The actual logic behind these nine diagrams varies according to the humor intended. 1. Animals Playing