Brain Game: No, it's not "Part II"

I may have mentioned that I spent some time a few weeks back perusing the IMDb's many lists of motion picture superlatives, examining both the best and the worst of the world of cinema.

Morning Cup of Links: Monkey Math

Miss Cellania

7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable. It's all about social connections, and they just aren't the same online. * An Urban explorer finds an abandoned caravan in the woods.

Songs for the New Depression

Ransom Riggs

As some of you already know, I'm a longtime Tom Waits fan.

The Quick 9: 9 Bad Parents

Stacy Conradt

No one ever said being a parent was easy, but these parents aren't even trying.

Why Are St. Bernards Always Depicted With Barrels Around Their Necks?

Matt Soniak


Why Certain British Women Don't Wear Coats

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Evidently, a major stereotype among people of the British Isles is how young ladies from the Northeast part of the country are seemingly impervious to the cold.

11 Ivy League-Educated Major League Baseball Players

Scott Allen

Baseball has often been described as the thinking man's game. Yogi Berra once said that America's national pastime was 90 percent mental, and the other half physical.

Lunchtime Quiz: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ethan Trex

Sergio Leone's 1966 spaghetti Western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ruthlessly depicts the brutality of the West as it tells the story of three self-interested gunfighters searching for $200,000

I (heart) Oscar

David K. Israel

Because we're building up to the Oscars this week (did you miss our first two movie quizzes?), here's a little spoof I wrote that you might enjoy from our pals over at The Morning News&

Magazine Sneak Peek: Darwin Debunked?

Mangesh & Jason

Sam Kean is a favorite of ours on staff. We geeked out on his pieces explaining Carbon Trading and covering a Natural Nuclear Reactor in Oklo, Nigeria.

Textropolis: Awesome Word Game for iPhone

Chris Higgins

I have a real treat today for fans of word games. It's Textropolis ($2.99, iPhone/iPod Touch), and it's by far my favorite word game on the iPhone.

Brain Game: 55. It's the Law.

"Nifty vanity plate," said Officer Jane Curtis, approaching the driver's side of a red sports car that she'd just pulled over.

Vending Machine Victuals

Ransom Riggs

Following up on yesterday's post about absurdly caloric foods you can make for yourself at home, today I wanted to explore food that comes from vending machines.

Morning Cup of Links: Trucking the Alps

Miss Cellania

Traditional media is in trouble, if not dying out already.

The Trendsetter: Tsuguharu Foujita

Andréa Fernandes

"Three Ballerinas" is representative of the work of Japanese-French artist Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968), the only Japanese artist to be considered a member of the "School of Paris.&qu