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Why Don't Octopuses Get Stuck to Themselves?

Matt Soniak The Week

Life can't be easy for octopuses. Sure, they're universally loved for changing color, opening jars from the inside, and predicting the winners of World Cup games.

Morning Cup of Links: The New 9/11 Museum

Miss Cellania

5 Questions: Soup's On

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Who Is Rubik of Rubik's Cube Fame?

Nick Greene

In 1974, Ernő Rubik was working as a professor of architecture and design in Budapest.

3 Animals on the Baseball Field

Hannah Keyser

Back in the 1880s, one clever Phillies fan enlisted carrier pigeons to keep his colleagues at work updated with the latest scores. But other critters haven’t always been that welcome at the ballpark.

Vote on Which New Twitter Word to Put in the Dictionary

Arika Okrent

The editors at Collins English Dictionary need your help.

The Missing Links: A Soviet Ghost Town in the Arctic Circle

Colin Patrick

Paid Maternity Leave Around the World

Jason English

According to the International Labour Organization, only three countries don't offer paid maternity leave: Oman, Papua New Guinea, and the U.S.

Strange States: Massachusetts' Hannah Duston Memorial

Rob Lammle

What's a Black Mass, and Why Was One Banned From Harvard's Campus?

Kevin Lincoln

Lunchtime Lecture: How to Rebuild the World

Chris Higgins

Why Did 'M*A*S*H' Have A Laugh Track?

Nick Greene

Take a Survey, Maybe Win Something!

If you like winning stuff and taking surveys, today's your lucky day.

5 Questions: Oh Very "Young"

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24 Sure Signs You’re an 1890s Kid

Mark Mancini

If you can remember these fashion fads, recess trends, and dubious medical practices, you were definitely an 1890s kid.