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These Kids Just Don't Appreciate Teddy Ruxpin

Erin McCarthy

How Airbus Makes Airplanes

Chris Higgins

Making the wings involves using a lot of high-tech tape.

A Historical Look At Why You Shouldn't Drunkenly Handle Snakes

Hannah Keyser

Protect Your Cat With a Suit of Armor

Alvin Ward

5 Questions: "Nothing" to See Here

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The Hotel Made of Salt

Chris Higgins

You can stay in a hotel made almost entirely of salt. Salt chairs, salt beds, salt tables, salt walls. Just watch out for the rainy season.

Why Do Rivers Curve?

Chris Higgins

30 Behind the Scenes Facts About Blockbusters

Alvin Ward

John Green gives you a peek behind the scenes of some of your favorite movies.

How to Prepare a Coelacanth

Erin McCarthy

10 Mousey Facts About Mussaurus

Mark Mancini

Scientists know little about what growing up in the age of dinosaurs was like, but Mussaurus can help us better explore this intriguing subject.

The City Without Water

Alvin Ward

The Missing Links: The $100,000 Nintendo Game

Colin Patrick

11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Paul Revere

Name the Countries That Border China

A Month by Month Guide To The Anglo-Saxon Calendar

Paul Anthony Jones

From the month of cakes to the month of blood sacrifices