Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

First, a chance for you to save a few bucks:  If you're of Irish descent (or have any ties, however tenuous, with anything Irish) feel free to take advantage of a 10 percent discount on almost e

(4) Aristotle vs. (13) Evel Knievel

Tournament of Genius

(4) Aristotle Aristotle's academic lineage alone is enough to get him into the tournament. He was Plato's brightest pupil and tutored a young Alexander the Great.

(5) Marie Curie vs. (12) Linus Pauling

Tournament of Genius

(5) Marie Curie Science's undisputed first lady has a C.V. that may never come along again. Along with her husband Pierre, she discovered the chemical elements polonium and radium.

Growing Tomatoes

Miss Cellania

For each of the last 15 years, I've grown between 50 and 100 tomato plants from seed, which gives me a year's supply of tomatoes, tomato juice, tomato sauce, and salsa.

Brain Game: Bingo for Five

They called themselves the Cinnamon Women, for reasons better left private. Anna, Cora, Erma, Ida and Myra were long-time friends who loved to play bridge.

Morning Cup of Links: Sitcom Maps

Miss Cellania

Research Says Happiness is Contagious. Finally, an epidemic we can all get behind! * The Evolution of the Suitcase.

(1) Albert Einstein vs. (16) Edward McSweegan

Tournament of Genius

(1) Albert Einstein Does the man even need an introduction? Nobel Prize winner. Relativity theorizer. Brownian motion explainer. Legitimizer of crazy-haired thinkers everywhere.

(8) Shigeru Miyamoto vs. (9) Alfred Hitchcock

Tournament of Genius

(8) Shigeru Miyamoto When it comes to video game pioneers, no one can quibble with Miyamoto's credentials.

(4) Mark Twain vs. (13) Yogi Berra

Tournament of Genius

(4) Mark Twain Scores of writers have spent their whole lives trying to pen The Great American Novel. Twain may have done it several times.

The Quick 10: 10 Facts About Harry Houdini

Stacy Conradt

Had Houdini not succumbed to the ill effects of well-placed sucker punch, he would have been 135 this month. OK, even Houdini couldn't have pulled that one off.

The 5pm Quiz: Eliot, Dylan, Allen or Lincoln?

Brett Savage

T.S. Eliot, Bob Dylan, Woody Allen and Abraham Lincoln managed to succeed where lesser people have failed by maximizing their ability to connect and communicate with their audience.

(7) Stephen Colbert vs. (10) J.K. Rowling

Tournament of Genius

(7) Stephen Colbert America's favorite ultraconservative political commentator may appear on a comedy network, but he's seriously a genius.

(5) Samuel Morse vs. (12) Jonas Salk

Tournament of Genius

(5) Samuel Morse When you hear the name Samuel Morse, you probably think of him as the inventor of Morse code and the developer of the electric telegraph. But he was more than just an inventor.

(3) Blaise Pascal vs. (14) Robert Venturi

Tournament of Genius

(3) Blaise Pascal If it's possible to be considered a genius and still be underrated, Pascal pulls off the trick.

(6) Pythagoras vs. (11) Albert Schweitzer

Tournament of Genius

(6) Pythagoras "A-squared plus B-squared equals C-squared!" You can't even read his name without the equation running through your head, can you?