Morning Cup of Links: NASA Cleans the Loo

Miss Cellania

DNA analysis of thousands of species is helping scientists to redraw the evolutionary tree. It promises to be a very dense, bushy tree when full grown. * The Top 18 Most Addictive Drugs On Earth.

Going Mainstream & Other Odds/Ends

Jason English

Stacy Conradt's story on Muppet origins is currently sitting atop CNN's Most Emailed list. Congrats to Stacy, and a warm welcome to all you first-time visitors who came from CNN.

The True Master: Johan Jongkind

Andréa Fernandes

Yesterday was the 118th anniversary of the death of Johan Barthold Jongkind (1819-1891).

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

David Clark

The early Church Fathers, St.

The Quick 10: 10 Commercials Celebrities Made Pre-Stardom

Stacy Conradt

1. Chris O'Donnell was in a McDonald's commercial. He played a worker getting Michael Jordan his breakfast. Somehow, I think this is less embarrassing than his role as Robin. 2.

5 Great Depression Success Stories

Ethan Trex

The news about the economy continues to be glum, which makes you wonder if any industry or business could possibly be doing well in such a crummy financial climate.

'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' Sweepstakes

Mangesh & Jason

Win A Rockin' Weekend in Cleveland for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and mental_floss magazine want to send you and a guest to "A Rockin&#

No Small Tales - "Made in U.S.A."

David K. Israel

No Small Tales continues today with a heartbreaking story by author Chellis Ying. Set on the small island of Saipan, part of a U.S.

6 Surprising Facts about "Rats with Wings"

Special Guest Star

This week we're lucky to have guest blogger Courtney Humphries blogging with us.

6 Really Weird Worms

Miss Cellania

Worms are pretty odd compared to creatures we are more familiar with. Within that already weird group, some worms are weirder than others. Giant Blue

Playing with Your Food: Fast Food Videogames

Ransom Riggs

There are many strange subgenres in the increasingly vast world of videogames. One of the strangest -- and oldest -- has to be the fast food video game.

Brain Game: As I was going to St. Ives

I was 27 when I got married, and it's probably a good thing that I waited. I often wonder how anyone younger than that manages to pull it off successfully, but many do.

Morning Cup of Links: Zeus' Birthplace

Miss Cellania

The Ten Most Interesting Jack The Ripper Suspects. It reads like a list of the most eccentric people of the era. (via Gorilla Mask) * Scientists think they have found the birthplace of Zeus.

4 Medical & Emotional Conditions Named for Mythological Characters

Martha Brozyna

The English language is rich with words and phrases derived from other languages, such as Anglo-Saxon and Latin.  Many terms also come from Greek and Roman mythology.

The Quick 10: Gossip About the Grammys

Stacy Conradt

So who watched the Grammys last night? Were you underwhelmed? I kind of was.