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18 Gene Names that Cover the Gamut, From Movies to Pop Culture to Cartoons

Meghan Radford

Some might believe that scientists stay holed up in their laboratories wearing white coats, mixing chemicals, and hanging out with lab animals, but the truth is that we do get out occasionally.

How Happy Are Clams?

Erica Hersh

Wikimedia Commons"Happy as a clam" is one of those expressions that makes you wonder: Does this phrase come from an actual measurement of the happiness of

How Do 3D Glasses Work?

Andrew Koltonow

Stereoscopy—the illusion of depth created by showing a separate image to each eye—is at least as old as photography itself.

What Makes Something an Antique?

Julia Krueger

Every time you watch Antiques Roadshow, you probably wonder: Just how do we know what items are antiques?The rule of thumb used by most antique dealers is that anything about 100 years or older is an

5 Reasons Michael Faraday Is as Cool as Tesla

Sarah Frazier

Wikimedia Commons The Internet is obsessed with Nikola Tesla, with good reason. But I would argue that one of his predecessors, Michael Faraday, is just as worthy of all that attention.

Before Mad: The History of Educational Comics

Royce Wilmot

Images Courtesy of Comic-Covers.com Mad Magazine, the subversive satire-laced magazine best known as the home of Alfred E.

19 Confounding Discrepancies Between American English and British English

Kathleen Elise

Don’t freak out if your flatmate says he will be sure to knock you up in the morning.

Where Did Hard Hats Come From?

Laura Steadham Smith

Historically, dockworkers covered their hats with tar and let that harden to offer some protection against falling objects.

Welcome To College Weekend!

Erin McCarthy

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a call for pitches from college students who wanted to write for mental_floss—and we were flooded with excellent ideas.

Beyond the Frankenstorm: Saturn’s Swirling Megastorm Is Larger Than Earth

The Week

The colored swirls indicate the tail end of Saturn's massive storm that occurred sometime between 2010 and 2011.

The Missing Links: Your Stuff Is Probably Haunted

Colin Patrick

So That’s Why the Doll’s Head Spins All of the Way Around Are your toys haunted? * What A Beautiful Day For A Mr.

Jim Thorpe: The Man, The Myth, the Small Pennsylvania Town

Matt Soniak

If I say the name Jim Thorpe, most of you will probably think of the Native American baseball player/football player/Olympian.

Inside Monsanto's House of the Future, 1957

Chris Higgins

In 1957, Monsanto demonstrated its vision for future housing, emphasizing one word: plastics.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Gravestone Decorations Have Neighbors' Names A woman in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, set out temporary gravestones as Halloween decorations.

Pigs, Sharks, And Snowmobiles: Kari Byron Talks Hosting Large Dangerous Rocket Ships

Erin McCarthy

Science Channel As co-host of MythBusters, Kari Byron deals with explosions, rocket sleds and general chaos all the time.