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Meet the Chicken Getting a $2500 Prosthetic Leg

Jake Rossen

Cecily the Chicken is headed for the (operating) table.

Listen to "Ode to Joy" Played Through Russian Nesting Dolls

Caitlin Schneider

You've never heard Beethoven quite like this before.

No Fuelin', We're Poolin': Share a Ride Into the Past with this '70s Carpool PSA

Nick Greene

"No Fuelin', We're Poolin'" sought to extol the benefits of carpooling.

These Lamps Demonstrate How Lamps Work

Shaunacy Ferro

Form follows function.

15 Fun Facts About ‘Babe’

Jennifer M Wood

That'll do.

3D Print a Machine That Spits Out 14,000 Bubbles Per Minute

Rebecca OConnell

The only thing better than bubbles is more bubbles (according to most children).

Now You Can Eat Crackers Made of Giant Isopods

Erin McCarthy

Not sure what to get the adventurous foodie who’s tried everything from bugs to rotted shark meat? Kazutaka Hasegawa has an idea for you: Crackers made from Bathynomus giganteus—a.k.a.

Why Supercomputer Watson Wants Your Medical Records

Caitlin Schneider

By scanning health records, IBM and CVS hope to stop emergency room visits before they happen.

8 Curious Civil War-Era Recipes We Still Eat Today

Jennifer Billock

Think of it as some of the original farm-to-table cuisine.

Stanford Unveils Its New Solar-Powered Car

Rebecca OConnell

The car may look silly, but it's built for speed.

Celebrating a 390-Year-Old Bonsai Tree That Survived the Hiroshima Bombing

Yelena Melnichenko

39 years after its arrival at the facility, and on the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, the tree is being honored.

This App Will Teach You Rhythm

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s also providing researchers with data on how people learn musical skills.

11 Tributes to Cecil the Lion

Miss Cellania

Cecil is gone, but his image lives on in art and other tributes.

The Missing Links: Mark Hamill Signs Great Autographs

Colin Patrick

10 Inventors Who Came to Regret Their Creations

Mental Floss UK

Just because someone's invented something, it doesn't mean that they're happy with the end result.