Wild, Wild Hearses

Mangesh Hattikudur

For those of you interested in the exciting world of hearse production (I'm assuming that's a large portion of our audience), Japanese limo maker Lequois is planning to roll out a line of hy

The Quick 10: 10 ATM Statements

Stacy Conradt

On June 27, 1967, the world experienced a wonderful and dangerous thing: the first automated teller machine.

Where Are They Now? NBA Draft Busts

Ethan Trex

At Thursday night's NBA Draft, teams will try to reload with the best available young talent.

How Brain Damage Reveals Brain Function

Chris Higgins

Vilayanur Ramachandran studies the brain. You may have seen a profile of him in last month's New Yorker...if you haven't get thee to a library and check it out!

Behind the Scenes at the Ballpark

Kara Kovalchik

Summer is officially here, and that means the baseball season is in full swing.

9 Unique Ambient Advertisements

Mario Marsicano

As I researched a recent article on innovative outdoor advertising, I came across quite a few examples of ads placed in unique settings.

The Art of Fake Gifting

Ransom Riggs

As teenagers, my friends and I were notorious for giving one another fake gifts on birthdays.

5 Bizarre Real Estate Investments

Greg Sabin

So, you're a little hesitant about investing in the stock market.

Brain Game: A Blank Look

There are many words that you could place in each blank to make different terms.

Morning Cup of Links: Chinese Popeye

Miss Cellania

A collection of photos of one family in eastern Kentucky. And the few that were chosen for a magazine slide show. No sensationalism here, nosiree! * The Terrible Thing of Alpha Nine!

The Late Movies: Ed McMahon

Mario Marsicano

As you probably know, everybody's favorite sidekick passed away today at the age of 86.

Nixon's Stance on Abortion

Mangesh Hattikudur

Whether you love him or hate him, Richard Nixon is easily one of the most complex and fascinating characters we seem to tackle.

The Quick 10: 10 Guys Who Have Rocked a Toupee

Stacy Conradt

Phil Spector shocked the world last week - not when he was found guilty of murder, but when he appeared in his prison photo without his wig.

Let's Hear It for Libraries

Chris Higgins

Ray Bradbury is trying to save his local library.

Surprising Facts About 15 Bestselling Authors

Ethan Trex

Heading to the beach this summer? You can't lounge around on the sand without a book, so it's time to hit the bestseller list for a paperback that can get a little wet and sandy.