A Brief History of Shaving

Ethan Trex

Most of us pick up a razor at least every couple of days, and although shaving's a little tedious, it's not too much of a hassle. It hasn't always been quite so easy, though.

Join Our Fantasy Football League (Plus a Quiz)

Jason English

Some members of the mental_floss staff have gotten together to form a fantasy football league. If you'd like to play along with us, we have two spots available for readers.

Look What the Dog Swallowed!

Miss Cellania

It's been said that dogs will eat anything, whether it tastes good or not, and regardless of whether it is edible. Some dogs not only eat weird things, but they eat as much of it as they can.

Brain Game: Who's Buying Lunch?

Today's Brain Game is a 5x5x5 logic puzzle with a little twist - one of the sets of matches aren't provided in advance; you'll have to figure them out yourself.

Strange Geographies: OIL! in L.A.

Ransom Riggs

Most people aren't surprised to hear that Los Angeles is one of the top oil-consuming areas in the country.

Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

The Tuesday Turnip is back! We gave it a BIG break to give the Internet time to catch up with us, which it has, which means all new interesting searches on Tuesdays!

Morning Cup of Links: N00b Love

Miss Cellania

My Father, The Inglourious Basterd. The real story that inspired Quentin Tarantino's violent Nazi movie is even better than the Hollywood version. * The Ballad of G.I. Joe.

The Late Movies: Inappropriate Music

Ransom Riggs

I'm just here to keep everyone abreast of the latest weird YouTube fads; a service I'm more than happy to provide, since they crop up on an almost-daily basis, and I find them unreasonably e

New TV Alert: Science Channel & Popular Science Team Up for "Future Of..."

Chris Higgins

Starting tonight at 9pm (ET/PT) and on Mondays hereafter, a new science show hits The Science Channel -- it's called Popular Science's Future Of....

The 5pm Quiz: Name All 50 State Capitals

Jason English

Here's a good way to kill ten minutes. How well do you know your state capitals? Can you name all 50?

Soil Contains Elixir of Youth

Meghan Holohan

Ponce de Leon famously scoured Florida searching for the fountain of youth, but he was just one of hundreds throughout history looking for magical waters to create enduring youth.

More on Abbey Road

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

As Kara mentioned this morning, Saturday marked the 40th anniversary of the taking of the iconic photo that graced the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road album and it was celebrated with all the cr

Revisiting 8 Sesame Street Rumors

Joe Hennes

Are Bert & Ernie lovers? Is Cookie Monster becoming 'Veggie Monster'? Here's a look at 8 nagging Sesame Street rumors and whether there's any truth behind them. 1.

Happy Anniversary, Abbey Road!

Kara Kovalchik

The cover of the final Beatles studio album has become so iconic that thousands of entities have incorporated it for their own use (including the second issue of mental_floss). The original photogr

5 Things You Don't Know About IKEA (But Should!)

Special Guest Star

by Mac