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Did Disney Steal the Idea for Epcot?

Stacy Conradt

The family of Robert M. Jaffray, an Air Force veteran, claims he's the one responsible for the "World Showcase."

There's a New Harry Potter Movie Coming! (But It's Not About THAT Harry Potter)

Erin McCarthy

In a bizarre bit of news hitting just as the Boy Who Lived turns 35, we’re getting another Harry Potter movie—just not the Harry Potter movie most of us were were hoping for.

The Lengths Vodka Marketing Has Gone to Make the Spirit Mainstream

Clair McLafferty

Since 1967, it’s been the best-selling white spirit in the U.S. But despite its prevalence, vodka took a while to catch on.

Own a Piece of Television History With 'Mad Men' Auction

Caitlin Schneider

Fourteen hundred of the super stylish items used or worn by Don, Joan, Peggy and the rest of the Mad Men cast are up for sale at auction.

8 Glossy Facts About Nail Polish

Sarah Grossbart

You've mastered the half-moon and know exactly what shades are on trend (greige? Marsala?). Still, there's plenty more to learn about the polish you swipe on your fingers and toes.

The Missing Links: The Gigantic Facebook WiFi Drone

Colin Patrick

Electric Stimulation Lets Paralyzed Men Move Their Legs Again

Shaunacy Ferro

A study of five paralyzed men finds that non-invasive electrode treatments can increase leg movements.

There's a New F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story You Can Read

Shaunacy Ferro

The previously unpublished story from the author's archives appears in the current issue of The Strand.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

The oddest news stories of the past week.

Pod City: 19 Illuminating Science Podcasts

Whitney Matheson

Smart, funny, and audible—our selection of science podcasts for you.

Franklin Joined the Peanuts Gang 47 Years Ago Today

Jennifer M Wood

How a schoolteacher helped Charles Schulz create the Peanuts’ first African-American character

The 'Up' House Escapes Demolition Once Again

Rebecca OConnell

It looks like the small Seattle home that resembles the house from the Pixar movie Up has evaded demolition once again thanks to an undecided non-profit.

15 Biggie-Size Facts You Might Not Know About Wendy's

Stacy Conradt

Wendy's is more than just burgers and Frostys.

Incredible Timelapses of Flowering Cacti

Shaunacy Ferro

Greg Krehel captures the beauty of fast-blooming beauty of echinopsis cacti.

How Shakespeare Changed America’s Wildlife

Paul Anthony Jones