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The Social Security Number, A Biography: Part 2

Matt Soniak

Social Security office in Baltimore, Maryland.

How Do Tongue Twisters Twist The Tongue?

Matt Soniak

Try and say “she sells sea shells by the sea shore” three times very fast.

Brain Game: Upsilon Yours

If it's all Greek to you, you'll have a hand up solving today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Killer TV

Miss Cellania

Science Proves Those Dumb Interview Questions We All Hate Were Stupid All Along.

The Late Movies: Fun with Books

Andréa Fernandes

It's no secret that here at mental_floss we love books. We don't just love reading books, though -- we love seeing what other fun things people do with books.

Slow, but Scary, Killer Snails

Matt Soniak

Wikimedia Commons The killers in some classic slasher movies are notoriously slow.

We're Hosting an Online Trivia Contest With Pat Kiernan on October 25th!

Erin McCarthy

Super Duper Photographic You already know that we’re teaming up with TrivWorks and NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan for The Ultimate Halloween Pop Culture Night on October 29 in New York.

The Missing Links: The Political Leanings of TV Characters

Colin Patrick

6 Flight Attendants Gone Wild

Amanda Green

They're authoritative, courteous, and could win an Olympic gold in Complimentary Beverage Pouring. But flight attendants have baggage, too.

25 Scenes from New York Comic Con 2012


Last week, more than 100,000 nerds gathered at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City to celebrate all things geek in comics, movies, anime, books, and TV.

The Social Security Number, A Biography: Part 1

Matt Soniak

Wikimedia Commons My grandfather on my mother’s side is named Joseph. His son is also named Joseph. Not Joseph Junior. Not Joseph II. Just Joseph.

Felix Baumgartner Makes Record-Breaking Jump From The Edge Of Space

Erin McCarthy

Felix Baumgartner prepares to make a 96,000 foot test jump.

Brain Game: Math Square #142

Here's a brand new mentalfloss.com Brain Game Monday Math Square challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Truth is Stranger

Miss Cellania

Felix Baumgartner Completes 24-Mile Freefall Space Jump.

Creating The Walking Dead's Creepy Zombies

Erin McCarthy

Gene Page/AMC Forget the humans—the most compelling characters on The Walking Dead, which has its third season premiere tonight at 9pm on AMC, are obviously the zombies.