Speak no evil


Speak no evil


The Quick 10: 10 Niagara Falls Daredevils

Stacy Conradt

On June 30, 1859, a French acrobat added something new to the already-dangerous trend of performing crazy stunts at Niagara Falls: he crossed its gorge on a tightrope.

5 Streaks of Futility (And How They Finally Ended)

Ethan Trex

When Yankees closer Mariano Rivera came up to bat against the Mets last night, even the legendary reliever's teammates were smiling and snickering.

Fun with Nukes: Unusual Explosions

Ransom Riggs

Maybe it's the apocalyptic mood everyone seems to be in lately -- just look at how many of this summer's blockbusters feature the End of Everything -- or North Korea's increasingly bell

mental_floss at the movies

Jason English

A back issue of mental_floss magazine is featured (or at least visible) in a movie in theaters now. Did you see it? Want to try your hand at guessing?

RIP Billy Mays

Kara Kovalchik

Last year, Kara Kovalchik wrote about Infomercial Superstars (and Where They Came From). Here's her section on Billy Mays, who will be missed: Billy Mays Cleans Up His

The Paragolfer

Miss Cellania

The Paragolfer is a motorized wheelchair that assists a paraplegic to stand up and play golf. It was developed with the input of paralyzed golfers.

Brain Game: Tim's Teams

Tim likes pro baseball, but there are six teams that he likes quite a bit more than all the others. The following list depicts five of those teams.

Armchair Field Trip: Stearns Wharf

David K. Israel

I just got back from a week in Ojai, CA, a destination worthy of its own post.

Morning Cup of Links: Dancing Inmates

Miss Cellania

Author and illustrator Maira Kalman took a trip to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

The Grandmother of Canadian Native Art: Daphne Odjig

Andréa Fernandes

Back at the end of May, I promised to cover 13 artists from 13 different countries in the 13 "Feel Art Again" posts for the month of June.

Why Does Bottled Water Have an Expiration Date?

Matt Soniak

Our very own Jason English is wondering why his Poland Spring has a "drink by" date on when clean water in a clean, sealed bottle really shouldn't spoil.

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

If this traffic cone monster was paired with that "Zombies ahead" sign, it might be one of the greatest roadside attractions I could imagine.

The Weekly Recap

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you missed: Top 5 Stories Originally Posted This

Fan of How Did You Know?

David K. Israel

Go ahead and make it official, and join more than 260 hunters who already have. WHY?

11 Magazines This Magazine Likes

Jason English

If you're only going to subscribe to one magazine, we obviously think it should be ours.